Tony: Clay Chastain Is A Real Outsider Politico

It’s far too cliché to simply wish that Clay Chastain go away.

Think about this: Not even the current (and outgoing) Mayor could win a light rail election. But Clay did. And then it was overturned because the plan supposedly wasn’t feasible.

Like it or not he was instrumental in the development or at least the inspiration to get Union Station going. And in the current political and economic climate, his name recognition is a lot better than more mainstream Kansas City Democrats.

Still, without status in either political party and pockets not deep enough to make a serious election effort. Chastain remains an outsider and now the City Attorney says he can’t even run as a write-in candidate.

Clay’s response is typical, he’s making stern warnings about his rights and basically threatening a losing battle with City Hall. It’s another losing battle but in principle he makes a good point.

The City’s Charter is sloppy and full of holes.

Clay’s candidacy is showing us that ANYBODY could run for Mayor despite the fact that a Saturday Morning Cartoon character has more chance at winning than a write-in.

Still, this is the era of the protest vote and for people tired of the status quo, Clay is the ultimate outsider with a background in local issues. Even from afar. Also, in a crowded field, EVERY vote counts.

So, Clay is more important than mainstream media gives him credit for and this publicity stunt might just be another important reminder of the haphazard state of local Democracy.
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2 Responses to Tony: Clay Chastain Is A Real Outsider Politico

  1. Mark X says:

    …. He’s a wack job ..
    … and therefore, perfect for Kansas City. They deserve each other.

  2. Mike Lewellyn says:

    ………this publicity stunt might just be another
    …….important reminder of the haphazard state of local Democracy.

    WRONG. It is a reminder of the haphazard state of the local Democrats. They who kept the charter so loose and so full of holes so they could retain power over all these many decades. Looks like it has done KC really well. First class schools (Democrat school board), first class roads (Democrat city workers unions) First class tax rates (Democrat way of making the rich businesses pay their fair share).

    I think I will move to Chicago where the Democrats at least know how to do it right.

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