Today: The Social Network & the Journalists.

If you haven’t seen the movie, "The Social Network" yet, the DVD came out this week…

So just do it, OK?

And if you haven’t "friended" me on Facebook yet, better hop to that as well. I’m about three or four shy of the social network’s 5,000 friend max. So any day now we’re probably going to have to find another way to consumate our friendship


I know, I know, it’s cruel but you’ll find another reason to go on living…

Speaking of payoffs, the once-mighty Kansas City Star redesigned its Web site recently many of you may have noticed. I think it looks good. And at the bottom of its home page or whatever, it sports a hip little row of trendy options for news geezers to stay abreast of the changing times.

Twitter, text alerts, mobile – even Facebook, the social network.

But for all it’s still heavy duty clout, the newspaper’s only been able to enlist a paltry 177 Facebook friends.

To put that in persepctive, even the lowly, long defuct Yugo automobile has more than 16,000 Facebookers who say they like it. And to be fair, the Star‘s Facebook page has around 2,500 folks who "like" it. That’s about half of 5,000 by my measure and a whole lot less than 16,000.

More to the point, there is some room for improvement.

Now that the Sociel Network DVD’s out, maybe the Star can snag some a few ins after they find out Facebook exists.
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8 Responses to Today: The Social Network & the Journalists.

  1. kappakid says:

    What’s this about having only 177 friends? As you say, the Star’s Facebook account has more than 2,500 people who like it.

  2. Hearne says:

    You didn’t bother to check the Star Facebook page?
    If you had, you wouldn’t be asking to clarify what is clearly stated. They have only 177 Friends. They do have 2,500 people who “like” it. But that’s paltry for a powerhouse pub that boasts of a million readers a week, It’s less than half – no matter how you cut the cake – my one single dude Facebook page has. And a tiny fraction of the long defunct Yugo car’s Facebook page.

    I’m just saying…

  3. pointless says:

    you have 200 followers on twitter while the Star has nearly 10,000. So what’s your point?

  4. Hearne says:

    In case you haven’t noticed…
    I don’t Tweet. Little thin skinned?

  5. Hearne says:

    Oh and…
    Looks like Yugo doesn’t either. So what’s your point?

  6. TigerVIP says:

    Twitter is far better for a media conglomo. Twitter brings the news to the consumer. I follow a number of KC star writers along with GH. They tweet a link everytime a new article hits. It allows me to follow every newsworthy source and have all if those articles sent directly to me. You should spend less time friending and more time tweeting.

  7. TigerVIP says:

    And btw everytime you post lately it is becoming ever more apparent out of touch you are with the consumers.

  8. Robertoe says:

    Yeah you have a big FB fanbase, but….
    What have you done with it? Very little.

    Look at me! 5,000 friends!

    But its like celebrity and fame. Have you parlayed it into anything unselfishly positive or is it just ego?

    You’ve promoted KCConfidential, and thats fine, but its certainly nothing to brag about or put down others.

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