Starbeams: Placentabook, Klinger & Britney – Oh My!

The nursing student who posed with a photo of a human placenta on FACEBOOK has been allowed to finish her degree.  Doyle Byrnes, who’s graduating in May at JCCC is thrilled with the ruling from a federal judge. It still it was in poor taste. I only post photos of human placentas on PLACENTABOOK.

Jamie Farr, better known as KLINGER, is back at the New Theater Restaurant January 19th.  Why don’t they go ahead and change the New Theater Restaurant to the FORMER M*A*S*H STAR THEATER?

Britney Spears new single "Hold it Against Me" was released Tuesday.  And thanks to my computer monitor I CAN hold it against you Britney!

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  1. chuck says:

    Whoa, I don’t know
    Hope theres not a tough crowd in the house today, those were pretty rough.

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