STARBEAMS: KC affordable to live in; fewer snow removal complaints

Kansas City ranks #13 on the new list of most affordable cities. Omaha is the most affordable place. Apparently, Forbes is trying to come out with a new city list 52 WEEKS OF THE YEAR.

Kansas City’s Black and Veatch engineering firm has won a bid to build a power plant in Afghanistan. Kandahar and Helmand are years behind developed nations as most residents are just now learning the Electric Slide.


A 94-year-old man in India is on record for being the oldest NEW FATHER. The man says he and his 52-year-old wife get busy THREE TIMES a day, but may scale back a little bit to focus on their child.

And I thought I was a beast for going at it TWICE a day! W.O.W.


Kansas City, Missouri is doing better in the snow removal department – fewer people are calling in to request snow removal than in previous years.

The city attributes fewer complaint calls to preparation and getting an unlisted number.

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