Shauna: How to Avoid Being a Winter Fashion Victim

Ugh, it’s that dreaded time of year again…

Arctic wind chills, the need to wear so many layers that you look like that annoying little kid from A Christmas Story in his snow suit. Ice scrapers and salt. And the oh-so-wonderful snow/slush mixture that just makes everything really filthy and gross.

Hold it! Why do we live here in the winter again?!

A few of weeks ago I went to see a show at The Midland by AMC, stepped out of my car and immediately froze my butt off. 

Not wanting to wear a coat, hat, gloves, etc was a huge factor. But who wants to carry all that and juggle their $8 beer while trying to maneuver through the masses to the stage? 

Calculating wardrobe options to a winter concert can be complicated.

Especially when you’re trying to tie in the "cuteness factor" with the functionality of your outfit.  Here are a few tips that can make it easier to impress the masses with your fashionista genius while bracing for Ol’ Jack Frost!

*Check the weather reports before you leave for the show!
This sounds trivial and "kindergarden" but it’s Numero Uno. Especially here in Oz country! 

*Jeans and layers are your BFF!
Try creating your concert look by layering lots of clothing. A great pair of jeans, a favorite T-shirt, a long sleeve T, and a favorite zip hoodie or sweatshirt is an easy fix. 

Just remember, wearing logos or graphics on any of your layers that demonstrates the band you’re going to see is a lame novice move. 

We all know that you like the band, you’re at the show. Don’t become a walking billboard for the band among their biggest fans!

*Small bags and lots of pockets!
The last thing that you wanna walk into a show with is that dufflebag of a purse or your backpack. Keep it small or non-existent with the use of pockets.  The less that you have to hold, the better!

*Boots, boots and more boots!
Whether they’re short or tall, lace up or pull-on, boots are always a good idea at any winter show. Comfort is key, leave those high heels at home, ladies!

Just remember, keep it easy and simple

You’re going to a show, things happen, drinks spill.  Don’t wear your best and most expensive things.  The easier and more effortless you look at a show, the more eyes will be on you!

Shauna is a buyer for trendy fashion boutique Hobbs in Lawrence

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4 Responses to Shauna: How to Avoid Being a Winter Fashion Victim

  1. Eric says:

    ….. you could just use the coat check at the Midland.

  2. Kerouac says:

    whether you sit center stage, nosebleed section or just want to look like a regular One Arrowhead Drive in your Sunday best, reflecting a team & color-coordinated style that hasn’t changed, i.e., has been in vogue for more than 40 years now.

    No logos, never garish, just classic, understated elegance, whether hunting for a good seat the ‘theater’ applaud from or a ‘theatre the absurd’ football team to be appalled by.

    Here’s a picture of mannequin ‘chuck’ modeling it at last Sunday’s game (this before the purple & white accoutrements Baltimore’s Ravens stole the show and brought down the house): R Turbo.jpg

    “We love rumble seats, Milgram’s meats, rotary phones & farm reports”…

  3. Cliffy says:

    What’s a kindergarden?
    Anything like kindergarten?

  4. Kerouac says:

    Q: “What’s a kindergarden?”
    A: An peaceful place where poor performances elders are buried to shield an impressionable youth from making the same mistakes future their forefathers did, past.

    Conveniently located at either of two big (but filling fast) dumping grounds/echo-filled cathedrals off I-70; look for the nigh on 120,000 empty seats – final eternal respite a mission was in fact ‘impossible’, went unfulfilled/stopped counting aft 40 years.

    Dedicated to the fallen, consecrated to those yet born into a similarly fated long-suffering future (least according to Las Vegas oddsmakers.)

    Do it ‘for the children’… and Hoffa.

    Shauna understands.

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