OTC: Is K-State’s Swoon Pullen Wildcats Toward NIT?


“This is my last go around. I’m not going to the NIT. I won’t play basketball in the NIT. I’m saying that now. If we lose and we have to go to the NIT, I will not play.”
Jacob Pullen, when asked if playing in the NIT is creeping into his once third-ranked Wildcats’ thoughts now that his club is 0-2 and soon to be out of the top 25, 610 AM
GH: Pullen’s comments came shortly after K-State’s home loss to Colorado. It would not be a stretch to say emotion played a role in his head-jerking words. But Pullen is the senior leader on this team…or should be. To say he’ll quit on his team and school if they don’t make the NCAA sounds ridiculous to me. Especially since his off-court actions (and those of fellow senior Curtis Kelly) have contributed greatly to the team’s poor play.
“I would rather he said, ‘We’re not going to the NIT.’”
Josh Klingler, 610 AM
GH: But that’s not what Pullen said. I’ve heard a couple different spins on Pullen’s words but the only one that rings true is Pullen’s adamant stance that he’s not playing in the NIT. Spin it how you want but that is about as far from a team player and leader as you can get. Especially one who just came off an NCAA suspension.
“CU beats top-25 team on road for first time in 14 years.”
Headline in Denver Post
“Colorado was just the better ball club in the second half.”
Wyatt Thompson, Wildcats’ radio play-by-play voice, 810 AM
GH: K-State jumped out to an 11-point lead against the Buffs in Manhattan but could not retake the lead once Colorado took off. Kansas State is in crisis mode and it’s only two games into Big 12 play.
“Certainly it’s not the team we thought it was going to be.”
Jason King, college basketball columnist for YahooSports.com, on K-State hoops, 610 AM
GH: Hard to imagine another team that has crashed from such heights so quickly. From the SI cover in November to talk of the NIT in mid-January. And a look at KSU’s next five games is not promising. Texas Tech at home should be a win but then it’s at Mizzou, at A&M, Baylor at home and then at Kansas. Unless Frank Martin can find out what ails his team, Pullen’s NIT quotes will be front and center again in March.
“My team can’t sustain effort and it can’t sustain focus.”
Frank Martin, in his postgame comments following the loss to Colorado, 810 AM
GH: Whose fault is that? Martin has hammered his team all season for lacking leadership, maturity, focus and all the other buzz words coaches use to motivate. But ultimately, isn’t that why Martin gets the big bucks – to teach his team to focus and sustain effort?
“At the end of the day, I’m not like most people in society – I don’t blame kids. It’s my job. It’s my coaching job.”
Frank Martin, 810 AM
GH: I like Martin. He’s a different kind of guy who goes about his business in a weird but entertaining way. But he is also kidding himself if he thinks he is some kind of friend to his players and doing what’s best for them with his crazyman/everyman routine. His sideline antics and postgame interviews show that he most assuredly blames his kids – for almost everything that happens on the court. His knock on “most people in society” is really choice. Yeah Frank, us other bozos are really the problem. We should all act like you.
“I wouldn’t mind Kansas State missing the NCAA Tournament. Not because of the players. Not because of the fans. But because of the coach. Because Frank Martin’s style does not deserve to be applauded. That is not emotion, that is rage. And you can’t have it for every time out. It’s silly. You can’t treat people like that. You have to pick and choose your spots. I can’t root for someone like that.”
Shan Shariff, on Martin’s constant mad man approach to coaching his players, 610 AM
“Is there a single NBA player on K-State’s roster? I know they have some nice players but sometimes you just have to have some talent.”
Jason King, college basketball columnist for YahooSports.com, on K-State hoops, 610 AM
GH: Martin himself said he thought his team was a legitimate top-five team in the preseason. Was he just flat wrong? Were we all?  
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9 Responses to OTC: Is K-State’s Swoon Pullen Wildcats Toward NIT?

  1. dp says:

    Martin’s At Fault
    I said the same thing pretty much yesterday, the guy can motivate and recruit, but is flat out a mediocre to poor in-game coach. Makes no adjustments during a game. Last night, they are up 9 at the end of the first half, looking good. Frank puts the starters on the bench for no apparent reason…and has Ojele, Southwell, Irving, Henriquez-Roberts and Asprilla in the game. Look, what do you know, CU goes on a 9-0 run to end the half and the game is tied at half. Frank makes no 2nd half adjustment on CU reserve guard Knutson who finishes with 20 on 6 threes. I’m hoping they can get to 8-8 and get in the NCAAs….if you can’t beat CU at home, who are you going to beat Frank?

  2. Rainbow Man says:

    Famous Elite 8 People From Our Past
    Quin Snyder
    Larry Eustachy
    Frank Martin?

    Final Four coaches don’t get fired… Happens to Elite 8 coaches all of the time

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Final Four coaches don’t get fired?
    Kelvin Sampson says hello.

    (he’s was dead man walking at OU when he took his leave)

  4. Cliffy says:

    Unfortunately, I’ve seen this before …
    Mizzou’s ’03-’04 team started the season ranked in the Top 10 and wound up losing in the first round of the NIT. It became painfully obvious that season that Quin just couldn’t coach.

  5. Johnny Utah says:

    typical coach
    a coach, blaming his team, says he’s taking responsibility.

    how do you know a coach is lying? his lips are moving.

  6. Rainbow Man says:

    Martin will be flushed
    Martin will flush himself or get flushed within three years. The team is a huge disappointment. They can’t recover this year. They are not very good. Definitely not top 25.

  7. Stevo says:

    If I could, I would
    I called this…possibly the most overrated team in college basketball history. A coach who can’t develop a bowel movement. A “leader” who’s quitting in December. I just love to watch KSU’ers crown themselves the best ever, especially when a real coach quietly goes about his business and has the best record of any coach in college basketball since he got here. Take a lesson.

  8. dp says:

    Stevo is so smart
    I mean, he called this. Stevo knows all.

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