JAZZ TIME: Leawood’s Got It Going On

I know what you’re thinking: Jazz in Leawood– you mean Kenny G playing "White Christmas" over the muzak at  Chico’s in Town Center? Well, drop by West Chase Grill at 119th and Roe most any night this month. There’s music out there, man.

Chef/owner John Westerhaus has always put out a tasty spread. His lobster spring rolls are serious appetizer heaven; and he knows his way around scallops and sea bass. But it’s not a fish place by any means– steaks and chops reign supreme at West Chase, along with the tastiest (and most wallet friendly) Kobe Beef burger around (add the bleu cheese for a paltry three quarters of a buck– it’s worth it). Great wines– and at least 20 by the glass– and a mixologist who knows his stuff, and you’ve got one of JoCo’s happiest eateries.

And now you can add jazz to that receipe for some warm fun on a sub-zero night. Lonnie McFadden’s on stage every Wednesday in January. I caught KC’s favorite triple threat (vocals, trumpet and those nimble tap dancing feet) this week and the vibe was great. It’s not straight ahead jazz– in fact, it’s more like an R&B/pops set than what you’d expect from Lonnie at the Blue Room or the Phoenix. But the place sounds good and the crowd was definitely into it, despite the 12 degrees outside. Oh, and you can dance there, too.

Up and coming, West Chase plays host this month to some of KC’s best names in jazz. Joe Cartwright leads a duo Sunday nights, while keyboard ace Greg Meise joins the proceedings on other evenings. Sax star Kerry Strayer is on the schedule, too; check listings at 913-663-5400. While you’re on the phone, make a reservation.  

Oh, and pretend it isn’t Leawood.

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5 Responses to JAZZ TIME: Leawood’s Got It Going On

  1. Robertoe says:

    nice pic
    So you grab and post a Beena/ Jardines pic to promote Leawood Jazz? Ha! Love Lonnie’s high energy shows. Just dont have anymore than 1 drink while you are there or the .08 LeawoodCop Nazis will be all over ya especially if you have MO plates and or u park near the club. Double indemnity if you are black with MO plates! No probable cause needed!

  2. Stokes says:

    “Leawood Cop Nazis”
    Right on Robertoe. Have been to Paddy O’s many times and always dread the drive back to KCMO with my MO plates. You have to ride the brakes down the hills, then make sure you don’t swerve a little while you watch the spedometer to make sure you aren’t going faster than 35. It’s not worth going that way for a few drinks. The MO front plate gives you away as you approach as well.

  3. kansas karl says:

    Stopping one drunk speeder is one thing
    Let’s talk a bit about the KCMO police shutting down east bound 435 just before the state line after a monday night chiefs game, thousands harrassed and 12 drunks, all on the way to Kansas…….

  4. Robertoe says:

    435 check points or tollbooths = aok
    Thats all cool Karl. Jackson Co Mo paid for Arrowhead. We’re just sending the message we don’t want Johnson County flee-to-the-suburbs-types using our stadiums on a free ride.

  5. harley says:

    I got the answer for all you drunks!
    get AAA roadside assistance…$59 a year…had too many drinks call them
    and tell them your car won’t start…they’ll tow you home and you wake up the
    next day with you car in the driveway.

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