Hearne: Sports Babe 68 Flees the Scene at 18th & Grand

Just like that, now former Kansas City Star sports editor Holly Lawton has quietly left the paper.

"The new guy came in right after Christmas and Holly stayed for a week," says a source. "So she was here last week but not this."

Lawton – whose Twitter monicker was Sports Babe 68 – was widely believed by Star staffers to have been romantically involved with her boss, Star editor (and former sports section head) Mike Fannin. A belief aired publicly last summer by departing Star sports scribe Jason Whitlock.

"Why did Holly Lawton get the job? The belief among everyone was that Mike and Holly were involved in an inappropriate relationship," Whitlock said last summer on 610 Sports and Time Warner Cable. "Fannin bragged to people about this! I’m not making this up!"

Lawton submitted her resignation in the midst of Whitlock’s week’s long, exit melodrama but pledged to stay on the job until her replacement was hired.

That she would leave behind a healthy paycheck in these uncertain times with no new job in sight further fueled the "innapropriate relationship" fires.

Next up for the Sports Babe: "I don’t think she knows," says a source close to the situation.

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4 Responses to Hearne: Sports Babe 68 Flees the Scene at 18th & Grand

  1. Cliffy says:

    Who is the new guy, Hearne?
    Lawton’s affair is old news.

  2. Kerouac says:

    what passes for ‘babe’ be on par with local ‘football team’ same; cinderella the one, Elsie the other.

  3. Altevogt says:

    Lawsuit in the works?
    One can only wonder whether this will be the source of a lawsuit against The Star. Certainly she has suffered financially and The Star has done nothing about Fannin’s many ethical lapses.

  4. Kerouac says:

    Mr. Hearne aka Grand Poobah
    Fancy meeting you here on your blog/website

    A non sequitur this ‘Star’ subject, and yet:

    “Kansas City”

    – speaking of the home of the Chiefs, have there been any more facts (or even wild rumors) as to why Denny Thum left / got lost / was escorted from the building One Arrowhead Drive? Now that all the ‘excitement’ of another football $ea$on has passed, perhaps some new info has/will come to light.

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