Tony: Tips For Enduring A Local Snow Day

There’s less than seven inches of snow on the ground and this city has come to a virtual standstill.

The mainstream media is reporting NOTHING but the snowfall with footage of the rare snowplow making its way through Kansas City streets.

Because readers of this Web site aren’t children, I don’t think we need be concerned with the best places for sledding tomorrow – Suicide Hill in Brookside to be certain.

In fact, there’s a much more cynical way to look at this recent snowfall.

Again, for the adults: It should be somewhat comforting to know that there’s such a big fuss over a measly six inch snowfall. More importantly, this local white out is yet another way to demonstrate everything wrong this Kansas City Proper.

Notice the snow removal disparity. Suburan streets were quickly cleaned and the suburbs did a much better job of responding to the weather than KCMO counterparts. Neighborhood streets inside the City Limits are still a mess. There are a lot of people to blame for this travesty but the fact that it happend so close to an election means the incumbent Mayor and City Council people should hope for a quick warm up.

Let’s not forget about the economic disparity. Snowbound suburbanites kept themselves entertained with X-boxes and Playstations while I was actually forced to crack a book today.

Finally, the snow filled streets might keep local violence and murder at a minimum BUT we know there will be a thawing eventually and those who didn’t commit a crime while they were confined to warm houses will eventually turn up on local streets.

So, while this winter wonderland might look nice, it’s just another reminder of so much Kansas City disparity when it comes to basic services and quality of life.

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  1. CastorTroy says:

    Does this clown ever have anything positive to say?

  2. Eel says:

    Got it! Thnaks a lot again for helping me out!

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