New Jack City: ALICE & JACK–New FM Bedfellows?

It’s one thing to send your competitor a Christmas card. Quite another a New Year’s gift.

That’s going the extra mile.

But that’s exactly what happened on the local radio scene. It’s been a week since Wilks Broadcasting’s KCKC-FM dropped its (somewhat) popular STAR 102 adult contemporary format in favor of ALICE 102.

The industry calls the new sound an Active Adult Hit format which has done well in other markets.

Yet probably nobody in K.C. is happier about the switch then the folks at Wilks’ rival Entercom—specifically the gang at KUDL-FM.


Because Wilks in effect has handed the adult contemporary (AC/Soft Rock) format over to KUDL. The betting money being that it should send 98.1’s PPM ratings numbers higher and have its sales reps ‘kuddling up’ to additional sales revenues.

There was probably less New Year’s cheer over at Cumulus Broadcasting where KCJK-FM’s JACK-FM format appears to be ALICE’s new direct competitor. Even though 102.1 will nibble away at other local signals as well, it’s targeting primarily woman ages 25-54 (but with more (musical) reasons for men to tune in as well).

ALICE is more of a variety hits format playing the modern hits of the 70’s through the 2000’s.

They promise less repetition of songs and ‘Playing the Music YOU Want to Hear!’

How, you ask?

By incorporating something Wilks calls Listener Integrated Radio via the station’s website.

In other words letting tell ALICE what to play. Sort of like an FM IPOD.

Will ALICE 102 have live or voice-tracked DJ’s? We’ll find out soon enough.

In the meantime, KUDL’s been given the kiss similar to the one that KCFX-FM, The Fox has been enjoying ever since the demise of 99.7-KY-–namely FORMAT EXCLUSIVITY in the market.
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4 Responses to New Jack City: ALICE & JACK–New FM Bedfellows?

  1. newbaum turk says:

    It doesn’t matter. FM radio is dead. Deregulation has killed it since 3 or 4 corporations own all the stations now. FM sucks and is almost unlistenable. Unimaginative program directors play the same damn songs over and over instead of letting DJ’s do the job they used to do well. If it wasn’t for Johnny Dare I would never switch off my satellite radio.

  2. TheDude says:

    Death of Radio
    Agreed. Scumulus, Wilks, etc have killed the golden goose. Without local personalities, all you have is an IPOD (Wilks is even SAYING it). An IPOD with 15 minutes of commercials and psas an hour. Why would I listen to that crap when i can plug in my Mp3 directly and listen the music I dig, without commercials? It’s a dead medium. Dare is literally, the last man standing in the mess that passes for what used to be KC Radio. Voicetracks, board ops, and “Morning Shows” that consist of the last folks willing to swallow all pride and dignity they had and work for 20 grand a year in a job that used to pay six figures. Good night, and Good luck.

  3. ranchand says:

    Me thinks you speak of radio’s death too soon
    Over 85% of the humans living in this and most metros and rural areas will listen to radio, and they like what they hear. If the millions of dollars of research that the big boys do, showed them something different you would see an over night change. Kansas City used to pay a good salary to lamp lighters. Times have changed, from the moment Drake-Chenault first syndicated FM shows the writing has been on the wall, to make money radio does NOT have to be live. Now if the consumer rose up and demanded live local personalities, then guess what…’s about the money.

    That’s it

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