Hearne: Westport Harnesses Strippers, Mounts Threats to Lure Chiefs

Think of it as an R-rated Chiefs rally…

The year was1994 and Westport sparkplug Bill Nigro and his pal Stanford & Sons main man Craig Glazer were out to make a statement. The Chiefs under the watchful eye of general manager Carl Peterson just having scored a home playoff game victory at Arrowhead earlier that year on January 8, Nigro’s birthday.

Wanting a piece of the action, Nigro and Glazer plotted a rally in Westport the Friday before the season opener in September

Over Peterson’s cold, dead body.

The Chiefs’ big chief was down on the party zone because of some high profile player incidents that had gone down there. Westport had promoted that superstar Chiefs quarterback Joe Montana and other players would be on hand for the shindig. But after thinking they had the Chiefs in the bag, Nigro and Glazer heard Peterson had forbade Montana and the players from attending.

That’s when things started to get interesting.

"Craig and I rented two limos, filled them with strippers and sent them down to the Chiefs practice," Nigro says. "And they recruited 13 players, even though they were not supposed to come."

But it took more than mere strippers to lure Montana.

"He wasn’t going to come," Nigro says. "So I called up Coors and told them to come down to Westport and take all of the Coors out of the Beaumont Club. And after that, they could do the same at Torres Pizza.  And after that Stanford & Sons. And after that they could go to Buzzard Beach. I was more bluffing than anything, especially in the case of Buzzard Beach.

"But I was really mad because you had you had already written in the Star that  Montana would be there. We even had the Navy Seals parachute in. And we were on this mission after you called us Outlaw Red Friday and wanted to make sure it was really special."

Sure enough, Montana – who had an ownership interest in the local Coors distributor – showed up.

"I was standing next to him while we were waiting to go onstage," Nigro says. "And I heard him say to these police officers that he wasn’t going to come but then this guy Craig Glazer called and threatened to take all the Coors out of Westport. So Craig took the heat, I got the laughs and Joe Montana showed up."

And that’s the way it went down in the year 1994 – the year of the Chiefs last playoff win – boys and grrrls.

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9 Responses to Hearne: Westport Harnesses Strippers, Mounts Threats to Lure Chiefs

  1. Gavin says:

    That’s when things started to get interesting?
    Could you tell the interesting part? Because learning that football players are motivated by strippers and money isn’t exactly earth-shattering stuff.

  2. harley says:

    and that was the night that joe joe (not me)
    montana got caught by his old lady! Story to come. You see this jo jo knows all..
    and I can tell more stories than old man glazer.
    Like during the grunhard show at the levee when mr. montana showed up
    with _____________________________ (MORE TO COME)

  3. newbaum turk says:

    No need to wait for JoJo. Have Glazer tell his Montana and cocaine stories.

  4. mermaid says:

    OMG this news is so old and washed up. Everyone knows this story and who cares anyway. Is this story just because we are still hating on Carl? BORING!

  5. josh says:

    PeP Rally Rocked
    Mermaid now come on girl, those were Parties! Man were they a drunk fest. Bet you went. Glazer heard Nick Swardson give you love on Dare, even though your boy tried to bait him Nick stood up for you. He is Adam Sandlers main man, but you knew that. P and L was packed for this years play off rally. Chiefs will kill Ravens.

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