Glazer: Looking Back at ’93 Chiefs Through Crimson Colored Glasses

Once upon a time there was a big buzz on the Chiefs

There sure was 18 years ago. I got bundled up, even though we had a suite at Arrowhead, I knew at times my pal actor Sonny Landham and I would be sitting outside and watching the game. So on January 8th at 11:30 AM the Joe Montana, Marcus Allen led Chiefs took the field for what would be one of only TWO ever playoff wins at our home stadium.

Yeah we won a game over Oakland in 1991, a wild card game. Marcus Allen fumbled on what may have been the winning drive for the Raiders. He was fired for that, thank God, he came to KC a season later.

Allen would go on to be the overall most valuable player in modern Chiefs history, after the Len Dawson era.

Yes I know about Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith, but Allen was the home run hitter for the 90’s Chiefs.

Sonny was in KC and he had just done a couple movies including Lock-Up with Sly Stallone. He was hiring NFL players to be in his own film Billy Lone Bear and he offered small parts to Derrick and Neil. He even put me in the movie as a lawyer. We shot it in Canada a few months later.

So the least I could do was take him to the playoff game.

It was bitter cold, around 15 degrees. The suite was packed. Everyone was excited about the Chiefs. We even did a pep rally in Westport with Mayor Cleaver, the Chiefs cheerleaders, the Chiefs band, Randy Miller and myself hosting.

That was Friday night and the beginning of pep rallies in Westport for the popular Chiefs.

We had about 25 players on stage that night, boy it was an ice bowl that Friday in Westport, still it drew 5,000 fans. Later we did Red Fridays that had crowds of more than 15,000 when the Chiefs were hot. I had everyone from Bob Cat Golthweight to Pauly Shore on stage over the years – even a Playboy Playmate of the Year one time. Fun times. By 1998 the crowds dropped to under 4,000 as the Chiefs began to fall apart. We did our last one in ’99 with only about 2,000 people on hand. Maybe one day those will happen again. I big time, hope so because they were crazy fun.

It was a back and forth game. Odd you never hear talk about what was one of the greatest Chiefs games ever. And we WON. It was very un-KC like. Seems our teams never get the big break at the end of important games. Aside from this one and, oh yeah, that 1985 Royals Game 6 call at first! The World Series.

With just a little over a minute left in the game, the Steelers had to punt back to the Chiefs. We were down 24-17. The Chiefs would have to go the field from around our 20 to score a touchdown to tie. And we didn’t really have enough time to do it. Plus it was so cold the balls were being dropped that Joe was throwing long.

It was not looking good.

Then the big break came. Tight end Keith Cash on special teams, broke through and blocked the punt. Oh my gosh, we had the ball deep in Steeler territory around their 20 yard line. We had super star Joe Montana. And on what would be the last play of the game in regulation time, Joe hit Tim Barnett in the corner of the end zone for the tie.

Twenty-four ALL. WOW!

Here’s the crazy thing, when Joe was interviewed after the game, he said, "I thought it was third down, you mean it was fourth down?"  Yes it was. He hit the touchdown pass on fourth down.

Nick Lowery kicked the winning field goal from about 33 yards out in OT to win the game.

The Chiefs went on to Houston and beat Warren Moon. Cash had a monster series. He led the team in receiving with 7 catches against the Steelers It was Cash who threw the football at the picture of the Houston coach’s head after a touchdown. He was a stud that year. He went from third sting to "star."

Sadly both Cash (who broke his leg the next year and was later released) and Tim Barnett (he was arrested on a rape charge, released) have been forgotten. And really so has that game. The one and only big win ever in the playoffs at Arrowhead.

The Raider win was not a big deal; we looked average and didn’t advance after that close, boring win. I was at that one as well.

Joe Montana doesn’t ever come to Arrowhead anymore. Mostly cause Carl Peterson fired him in the last year of his three year contract and replaced him with Steve Bono. Joe didn’t like that too much. Remember, he played well the next year in ’94 and we had just an average defense and no receivers for him. Still we made the playoffs again, only to lose to Miami.

And the most popular pro athlete of the decade was Marcus Allen, he was so loved here. Yet Allen never comes to KC either. Kinda strange.

It would be nice to have those glory years once more.

But as history has proven, once that Chiefs jersey comes off, it’s just a short time before its, "Keith who?" 

Sure there will always be a place for Tony G, Len Dawson, Bobby Bell and a few others, but a very few.
We need to cherish the playoff game this Sunday. We have only won two playoff games in Arrowhead. Ever.


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10 Responses to Glazer: Looking Back at ’93 Chiefs Through Crimson Colored Glasses

  1. Kerouac says:

    joe hit his head on the frozen Buffalo turf & like a splitting headache so too his melon, done for the day & season as rest the team… kimble did his best dwayne bowe hand-jive to turn TD into INT, Bills… schottenheimer proved not for the first nor last time why he is the most overrated coach in franchise history – someone the duffer can aspire to (and does according to media reports.)

    KC never won a post season game at old Municipal Stadium – the only one they ever played there they lost, to Miami, last game ever played there.

    Ah memories.

    Otherwise, every game they won or lost before the curse of the post-merger NFL ‘farce’ was on the road: Houston, Buffalo, Los Angeles, Oakland, New York & New Orleans.

    “Sure there will always be a place for Tony G”

    – I remember that guy: Tony Grisby, undrafted rookie free agent running back who outgained/outplayed 1974 #1 draft choice Woody Green all pre-season long – only to be released & never heard from again… he was the original Jessie Haynes & Brian Shay. Alas, Woody was not the second coming of Gale Sayers as some had proclaimed; as Barnett, Woody had his own tribulation Roseburg, Oregon – not to mention on the football field due to injuries, desire or perhaps a combination the two.

    “We have only won two playoff games in Arrowhead. Ever. Damn.”

    – you said, fate will second it once more Sunday…

  2. Mickey says:

    Shocker that Glazer was hanging out with former Porn Star
    Glazer – I must agree with another reader’s posting that your writing has gone miserably down hill. The tales of your fast times as a free-wheeling coke addict are much more entertaining… (That’s not exactly true, because that would imply that your latest entries were at least a little entertaining – and they’re not)
    I’m sure you enjoy taking a trip down memory lane and reminding us – ad nauseum – how cool and successful you think you were and all the wonderful people you used to roll with: but the fact is that it’s transparently self-motivated; and quite frankly, will make me stop reading your articles.
    In closing, please go back to the tales of yesterday that aren’t self glorifications about how great you were.
    Side note – true story – check out Sonny Landham on under the Trivia section – he’s a former 1970’s porn star. Any surprise Glazer and he were buddies? But that’s actually the interesting part of the story!!

  3. robert says:

    Frank Caliendo Loves You Glazer
    Craig its Rob, still out here in SF. I almost never listen to sports talk. Friday they had Frank Caliendo on a radio program out here, he was talkin playoffs, doing John Madden. The interview DJ asked him who his favorite voices were and he named you as one of them. He then did your impression. It was great. He explained how he knew you and said you guys spoke recently, told some funny Stanfords stories. He did pick the Ravens over the Chiefs, sorry. Hope the Chiefs come through. Get me an update on all your projects. Happy New Years. Love your stories on this site.

  4. bschloz says:

    Change is never easy to deal with ….some people like to kling to the past and all they can see are the Hank Stram’s …Lamar Hunts… Otis Taylors…while most people are eager to enjoy an exciting new modern era of football.
    Sure at the end of the game it comes down to blocking and tackling….
    Whats changed in the physicality, speed and technical nuance of the game. Can you imagine have a speaker system in your helmet while trying to figure out where Ray Lewis is.
    In a sense the poet K is right about Chiefs schedule and lack of being tested.
    That is not something that you can order or force it just evloves naturally and today is this teams chance to step up…should be exciting.. I look for a McCluster surprise … look for Arrowhead to matter….
    KC arrives ….20-17 this time the kicker actually wins it for us!!

  5. Kerouac says:


    Kerouac told all ya alls how it was gonna be. You know who you are: chuckie cheese pizza, bs schnoz, rainbow brite, mr, glazedover, harley har har… et al.

    No more tomato cans – coach returneth to pumpkin, wheels fall off the FRAUDCHISE (EXPOSED: 3 ints, 2 or was it 3 fumbles?), charles become LJ running in cement & going nowhere, fast.


    Una vez mas.

    NO MORE TOMATO CANS to kick around.

    The final kcindy line the 2010 frauds:

    0-2 vs winning teams, 2-4 vs .500 teams – oh, and can’t forget that poor DEN team’s beat down of ‘rella – a cumulative 2-7 vs teams with a pulse, any. The rest? tomato cans 8-0.

    Get it now ye gullible fandumb?

    Now, let’s FIRE egoli & hailme and Kerouac can once again root for His team: the team formerly known as the ‘CHIEFS.’

    (PS) Even SEATT advances in post season – heh heh heh. There is your basic (lack of) valdity the modern NFL, just as Kerouac illuminated all season long.

    Now that the pretenders’ have been dismissed, the 8 current NFL teams with an pulse any (tho none could carry the shoes the 1969 Chiefs, Raiders or Vikings as well as 60 other teams since) will bring the farce called ‘modern NFL’ to a fitting conclusion…ho hums resonating.


    : )

  6. bschloz says:

    1 Team
    Just one team ends their season on a Happy Note… feet are just now thawing out.

    K says “Now, let’s FIRE egoli & hailme” that is some funny shit. Sorry dude but Hank Stram passed away. It’s a process and this team is getting better. . I say congrats to Kansas City Chiefs for great season.

    Yes the 2nd half was brutal. Glad all you darksiders got your cover…high five for you.
    Baltimore is a good team that I’d now like to see win it all. I’d say Cassel is where Flacco was 3 years ago.

  7. Kerouac says:

    Liberal use of that red-*** ‘rella salve is a must on a day like this, huh…

    : )

  8. Kerouac says:

    prepare for another duiappointment
    “Baltimore is a good team”

    – compared to what/whom? kcindy? 32 NFL teams and no less than 28 of them are also-rans nee frauds.

    “that I’d now like to see win it all.”

    – if you think the Ravens – far better than kcindy but as much a poser as ‘rella compared the better NFL teams (all 3/4 of them, if that) – can reach the Superbowl keep furiously clicking those heels together, Dorothy…

    “I’d say Cassel is where Flacco was 3 years ago.”

    – I agree – he belongs back in college (on the bench); this time 3 years ago he was still enrolled at Delaware…

  9. Kerouac says:

    what’s even funnier is: the duffer got WHUPPED EVEN WORSE than Herm Edwards in the playoffs.

    It was only a one score game – in INDY – 15-8 before the Colts got a late TD to win by just two scores, 23-8.

    The Ravens DOMINATED – IN kcindy – winning by 3 scores (or by 7 scores if via 2 tds and 3 fgs), 30-7.

    Edwards takes blame from the football IQ bereft for ‘backing in’ (wrong; he ‘won’ his way in), while the duffer ‘earned it’ (heh heh-larious) according to those same idiots, minus the savant tack.

    Like the running ended for David Janssen’s ‘Fugitive’, so too the march the MIRAGE: January 9, 2011 – the day the tomato cans ended…

  10. Kerouac says:

    OR (best 2 out of 3 blogs?)
    By 4 scores (3 tds and a safety) – or – (by 5 scores if via 2 tds and 3 fgs)

    So many numbers, and they’re all BAD for kcindy… sorry, gotta go now. Can’t type correctly when I’m laughing so hard. I’ll have more to say later tonight or tomorrow – count on it!

    : )

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