Glazer: Whitlock Muffs Michael Vick Interview on 610 Sports

As Greg Hall reported, 610 Sports host Nick Wright had Jason Whitlock on as a guest this week..

Most of the talk was about the Chiefs. And towards the end, Jason made a point of how the Chiefs hire based on FAMILY VALUES. He said he was impressed that the Chiefs front office looks for quality people on and off the field. Jason felt this was working for the Chiefs and would continue to in the future.

Near the end of the interview Whitlock got on the subject of Eagles quarterback  Michael Vick.

We all know Vick got into deep trouble for funding and operating an illegal DOG FIGHTING business.

So after saying how much he felt the Chiefs needed good guys on and off the field, Whitlock went deep to express how important Vick’s turnaround was. That Vick deserved a second chance.

One wonders if Jason would’ve backed a white player in a similar situation?

What floors me on the Vick story is this;  Wright and even the Governor of Pennsylvania both think Vick paid a high price. Both said Vick did HARD TIME IN LEAVENWORTH PENITENTIARY. That he did 18 months in the Big House.

That’s wrong. Vick did ALL HIS TIME in the camp at Leavenworth. That’s not the same.

The camp at Leavenworth has no walls; it’s much easier time. There’s little to no violence, no threats, no cells – you live in a dorm. I know, I’ve been there. I did time in two camps and three Prisons and trust me, the camps are far less dangerous. In fact, a fight is a big deal at the camps. There are almost no stabbings or deaths ever in any camps.

So the fact is that Vick did not do any hard time.

I’ve wanted to go on Nick’s show about this. I was in LA when Vick crushed Washington on Monday Night Football. It was after that game that Vick was hailed as the comeback kid and a great quarterback. I was even on that bandwagon. I was on his side until I read an LA Times story the next day.

There have been several interviews with people who ended up owning surviving Vick dogs. Oh my God! Vick personally tortured these animals. One man said Vick took a knife (switchblade) and poked the eye out of the female dog he now owned. Then a few days later he cut out the other eye. What did this have to do with dogfighting? 

The dog, blind of course, now has both eyes now sewn shut.

The man said, "I will forgive Michael Vick when my dog does."  Amen.

Another lady told the LA Times that her pet dog had his teeth pulled out by Vick each day – one at a time over a two week period. She said she was told he found that to be fun, entertainment. I don’t have words for those stories. And there were many more like them. In the end a psychiatrist was quoted saying, "If this guy wasn’t a pro athlete he would be a serial killer or murder people for fun and profit."

Damn.  So no I am not a Michael Vick fan.

I love pets, cats and dogs. I own one of each.

Wright had a show last week on this subject because a TV schmo said he felt Vick should have been executed for his actions. Most callers thought that was way too cruel a fate for Vick. 

I’ve gotta tell you, if I saw Vick doing that to a little dog and had a weapon, I’d probably drop his ass.

That said, Vick’s a great ballplayer. And Whitlock did say he was not sure if Vick could change.

When I look into Vick’s eyes I see a killer, not a reformed person. I know you’re saying, "But Glazer you did time, you were a criminal. How can you judge Vick?" 

True that. But because of my experience I can judge him. I didn’t torture anyone. In my case I was at war with others who engaged me and my crew with violence. It wasn’t right, but I did hard time.

You get the picture.

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16 Responses to Glazer: Whitlock Muffs Michael Vick Interview on 610 Sports

  1. TigerVIP says:

    Take that photo off of the site. That is painful to look at and quite frankly in poor taste.

  2. Kerouac says:

    aft the RAVENS have abused nee disposed of them Sunday…

  3. I smell a rat says:

    you stole and sold dope….Now you sell bullshit
    How many human lives are you responsible for destroying? You claim to have just robbed the bad guys. Yet those houses you invaded probably had children in them at times. You put dope on the streets. Who got it in their hands after that is anyone’s guess. Quit trying to sell yourself as some Robin Hood. I did time too, more than you , much of it behind walls and razor wire. People change. People grow up. Not so in your case, or even in most, but it happens. Vick saw his first dog fight at 7. Whats your excuse? You came from a fairly affluent background. You may have some of these ball huggers thinking you really are The Man. You make these wild claims about how you were recruited as an agent for Vern Miller. Never happened. You might have been a confidential informant, but a felon cannot now, nor ever be a law enforcement officer. Just saying something doesn’t make it fact. As for Mike Vick. The thing you and so many others miss about the Vick story is that if he can turn it around, then some black kid from the street who is all fucked up and on the wrong path can turn it around as well. They can look at a guy like Vick and see someone who is making an effort to change. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. Time will tell. Anyone with a lick of sense knows that what Vick did was horrible. Your shock value picture and attempt at a high moral ground, all the while glamorizing your own crimes is laughable at best and just another in your long line of trying to convince everyone how great of a guy you really where back in those days. You weren’t a great guy then, and you are a douche bag today. Every crime, Vicks, mine, yours, leaves an impact on innocent victims in some form or another. You were nothing more than a white version of the urban thugs of today. They fuck each other over, but they also get innocent people caught in the crossfire, figuratively and literally. Thats why they call them crimes. The day that you stop glossing over shit, drop the hollywood act, and are completely honest about your past, then your words might carry a little weight. For now you are just some clown stinking up the joint and smelling his own farts.

  4. theKCeye says:

    What he said…
    I second “I smell a rat”. 100%.

  5. Craig says:

    Yeah, it’s ugly
    But this photo of one of Vick’s dogs is exactly what this story is about.

    PS: For any blithering idiot who wants to go on and on about me, it’s a well-documented fact that I was a special agent with the Kansas attorney general’s before I was convicted of any felony. That was a front page Kansas City Star and many other news stories at that time. The rest is your imagination.

    I’m a very public person. If you or anyone else has something like this you want to say to me I’m available. But I know you won’t, because unlike me, you are a coward.

  6. Brit says:

    Honestly I take great offense to the picture of the mauled dog in this story. You should be ashamed. It is disgusting and of poor taste. Take it down.

  7. I smell a rat says:

    I dare you to knock this off my shoulder
    And here we go with the “Im going to beat you up” routine. Guess what dip shit, you are the author and I use that term loosely. When you post a repugnant photo and go on some morality tangent you are open to criticism. When you respond by calling people out and implying that anyone who doesn’t post their actual name address and dick size over the internet they are somehow a coward, you have just managed to alienate 99 percent of your readers. If you can’t take the heat without getting your panties in a bunch, maybe you should just stick to impressing 20 something coke head strippers and let someone else give the morality lessons. Your insecurity bleeds through every single word you write. Last time I did in fact post my real name when I criticized you. Your response, you didnt believe it was my real name, oh, and you called me out. You aren’t still in high school, that tough guy shit is pretty stale. Besides I’m just another coward commenter, right? So do another bump, bag another chlamydia infected stripper, and don’t let me get under your skin.

  8. Cliffy says:

    I know this …
    Glazer is about the most thin-skinned “public person” I’ve ever witnessed.

    I enjoyed your feeble comeback to “Rat”. Please try again because I really enjoy seeing you get slam-dunked.

    Display some integrity, Hearne. Get rid of the damned photo. (Oh, that’s right, Glazer is a paying customer.)

  9. chuck says:

    Fuck Mike Vick and the horse he rode in on.
    Oops, he wouldn’t ride in on a horse, he would be on a dog sled with emaciated, scarred, whipped, blind dogs pulling his thug ass.

    The idea that Vic is rehabilitated, epiphany in tow, freshly home from Damascus is patently fucking absurd.

    There is no doubt that he is eminantly more coachable now (the efficacy of dramatic and consistant negative reinforcement), but a straight line reference from a pefect spiral to a perfect citizen is a correlation unproven and doubtful.

    IMO, Glaze’s instincts are dead on (BTW, I have had a few friends spend quality time in Leavenworth, indeed my Uncle Ray was a shrink there for his entire working carreer, and the camp is a walk in teh park compared to real “Lockup”. In addition, I think the state prisons are tougher than the Fed. Worked with wardens at Lansing, Jeff City etc, and I thought they were much more dangerous when I was there.) . Mike Vick’s serial killer habits, in conjunction wiht his abhorant anti-social behaviour, received through poor parenting, bad neighborhoods, glorification of a Rapper Sub Culture, whatever, imo, are intact. Its just an opinion, but I am betting without a public agenda to promote, in the dead of night, with money and your life riding on it, you would agree.

    That MTV/BET/HipHop Holocaust Urban Sub Culture (There I think I got it all…) of death, that turns out legions of uneducated, misinformed, violent, entitled, criminals will every now and again, turn out an exceptional athlete.

    Americans, in the face of the unambiguated evidence to the contrary, think that sports is war, and athletes are soldiers who love god and country, especially if they are a successful. That mistaken translation, of not only loyalty, but courage, is evident on police blotters all across the fruited plain. Mike Vick, and his friends, are dangerous sick fucks, and the idea that there is a sea change in their personality, or in the urban zeitgeist, is not only laughable, its pernicious.

    Me, I think I will side with Glaze on this one, and if I see someone sticking kitty in the microwave, or blinding someone’s dog, I will do the same thing Glaze would do.

    Keep something in mind, this ain’t the Golden Gloves.

  10. Kerouac says:

    they keep gnashing their teeth & wringing their hands and complaining about how bad it looks… but they can’t manage / refuse to avert their gaze and move along… nothing to see here.


    And proprietary ones they imagine themselves at that.

    CG, your football acumen may be nil as concerns the validity of kcindy, but I salute you for not caving in to the censorship attempts of the purity raped faction.

    Carry on!

  11. Gerald Bostock says:

    time served
    Whether Michael Vick is rehabilitated is something only he knows and is a moot point for football fans. What we know is that he served his time (I leave it to the ex-cons like Glazer to rate the “hardness” of the time served), and has now returned to the profession he held before his conviction. If he doesn’t commit more crimes, it doesn’t matter whether he is “rehabilitated” or just exercising better impulse control. I don’t care what his true thoughts are as long as he acts in an appropriate, non-criminal way.

  12. Kerouac says:

    “kcindy aft being abused / beatdown by the RAVENS” is clearly tops, but a few others present themselves:

    “A Nightmare on Arrowhead Drive”
    “Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ice Chopper!”
    “Oh yeah? Well you should see what the LOSER looks like.”
    “I’m Popeye the Sailor Man …”
    “All the girls at closing time / a kcindy cheerleader, without soft lighting”
    “Do you know me? Most people don’t. That’s why I carry… “

  13. thelogabides says:

    I agree with Glaze on this one.
    You appreciate more what a sick thug MV is. Who the fuck cuts a dogs eyes out?, even if you can throw a perfect pass. I’m a total carnivore and not some PETA dick,but this is evil and just a rehersal for bigger game. Rehabilitation sheeet, give me a break

  14. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Whining about this dog photo? Really?
    Feel free to click that little red X in the top right corner of your computer screen if that picture is too scary for you.

  15. Cliffy says:

    Screw you, Merle …
    Even the sleaziest of sleazy journals would not put that pic on the cover or front page. Put it inside.

  16. mermaid says:

    This makes me sick…
    That picture is terrible yet is a good reminder how awful this guy is. Where is the proof he dug eyes out? I had never heard that. Where is this documented? The guy is scary. And what does this have to do with Craig’s life people? Jealousy will turn you into a green eyed monster or so I have heard. Anyway Craig good story and people need to know how easy his time was. Mermaid;)

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