Today: A Daily Dose of What Passes for News in Kansas City

Better late than never…

As promised, starting today KC Confidential launches a daily, observational look at news, views and things going on in or about Kansas City. It’ll be fast, lean – and when need be – a bit mean. You may learn something, you may not. No promises to keep or break.

That said, I’ll strive to make it entertaining so the boo birds and haters have something worthy of trampling upon.  How’s that?

Now let’s get on with it…

Caught KCC film and travel guru Jack Poessiger’s movie of the year for 2010 last night. You know, TRUE GRIT. Having seen the original, I was hesitant to burn $50 at AMC’s Fork & Screen in Olathe but I gambled and can tell you Jack was right on target.

Also on target in the movie is former Kansas City songstress Iris DeMent whose soulful soprano strains in the closing credits is unmistakable to anyone who’s heard her. A check of DeMent’s catalogue reveals she’s had but one album since 1996 and recently hit age 50. DeMent got her start as a singer – one might argue – at The Point in midtown KCMO.



Three days after the fact, New York Times writer Kayleen Schaefer‘s story about "eyelash enhancers" trudged its way into the pages of our local newspaper today. Again, better late than never.

"Like hemlines and cocktails, facial features go in and out of fashion, and right now, eyelashes are where it’s at," Schaefer writes.

That hotties like Kim Kardashian are "leading the charge for looonger eyelashes" may yet be  news to some locals, but it certainly is not to any follower of live jazz here. That’s because smoking hot Jardine‘s owner Beena Brandsgard has been strapping them on for years.

You want eyelashes, Beena’s got ’em. In spades.




Who says you can’t have it both ways?

In today’s Kansas City Star, you can.

"The Chiefs have started winning again, but attendance hasn’t gotten much better," laments a front page story, capped by a photo of a section of empty seats at Arrowhead above the word loyalty. "KC fans aren’t won over – yet" the headline shouts.

I get it, fans have had it – they’ve moved on.

Oh, but wait!

A front page teaser for Jason Whitlock’s local replacement part, Sam Mellinger advises readers not to "fault fans for empty seats."

Journalistic schizophrenia, anyone?

"Fan’s Passion Remains Full," stammers an even bigger, bolder headline on the sports section front page. "Empty seats this season at Arrowhead are no sign that interest in Chiefs is waning."

Sheesh! Can you guys get it together? And I thought Flip-flop-lock was the king of contradictory statements.



Speaking of sports…

Word that hearings are set for a pair former KU ticket scandal types, reminds me of Kansas University’s tres recent hiring a new athletics director to replace golden boy-turned-bad boy Lew Perkins. LP was effectively ousted from the post.

"Perkins legacy is the ticket scandal and taking the bonus money," says one Lawrence businessman with ties to higher ups in KU athletics. "And that he made (former KU chancellor) Robert Hemenway his butt boy. I mean, Perkins ran the university."

But back to that new AD…

Illinois State’s Sheahon Zenger may be the new fall guy for KU football, but the buzz around Lawrence in recent months has been about the local dude who wanted, but didn’t get the AD job.

That would be former KU football great John Hadl.

Hadl made it perfectly clear to KU chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little  that he wanted the AD job. And reportedly, she made it equally clear it wasn’t available to him, friends of Hadl say.

"I’m going to make a run at it,": Hadl told one last fall.

"He went to the chancellor and told her, ‘I want this job; I deserve this job – I’ve dedicated my whole life to getting this job,’ " said another prior to Zengeris selection. "Hadl wants that job so badly and the chancellor is probably gonna screw him and not give him a chance at it. And he’s not happy about it. And a lot of people are not happy about it."

That’s all history now. Guess now we’ll see how Hadl takes it.

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6 Responses to Today: A Daily Dose of What Passes for News in Kansas City

  1. Tony says:

    Why Hearne Should Stay Away From Sports Reporting…
    Hearne—It’s not Zengeris, it’s ZENGER.

  2. chuck says:

    True Grit
    Great Flick.

  3. Cliffy says:

    Zengeris? “Sheesh! Can you guys get it together?”
    Take your own advice, Hearne.

    I wondered who was singing the closer in True Grit. Sounded a little like Dolly Parton but I knew that couldn’t be true. Interesting local tie.

    How old is Hadl?

  4. Gerald Bostock says:

    70 years young
    Jon Hadl is 70, soon to be 71 years old. He couldn’t run much as an NFL quarterback in his 30s, so I don’t think he would be a pretty sight making a run for A.D. at age 70.
    But if age is no consideration, why not Max Falkenstein. He’s only 86.

  5. Gavin says:

    Hadl Was Never Going to Get That Job
    I hadn’t heard that Hadl wanted it, but I’m not entirely surprised. What is surprising is that he actually thought he could get it. I like Hadl and I think that his last ten or so years have been good ones for him and KU but his involvement with a pay-for-play scandal was an immediate bar to his ever having a chance at that job. It was quite awhile ago, but if memory serves, KU was forced to separate itself from Hadl for awhile as he was involved in a scheme to give money to players. He’s kept his nose scrupulously clean since he was allowed to come back, but it was pretty obvious that, first and foremost, the new AD needed to be born a choirboy and never have done anything to tarnish that reputation.

    I just hope he stays with KU as he has done a lot of good.

    Hearne, I’m a bit surprised that you didn’t mention any of this.

  6. chuck says:

    Have Mr. Miller look into the Port Authority mess.

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