OTC: National & Local Media Weigh In On Chiefs’ Playoff Chances


“After watching them (Sunday), I’m concerned.”
Len Dawson, on the Chiefs chances in the playoffs against Baltimore this Sunday at noon, 810 AM
“If you’re the Kansas City team you really have to be concerned because you just got mauled at home (by the Raiders). I mean mauled! They physically beat them up and that sticks with you.”
Howie Long, NFL studio analyst for Fox, Jim Rome
“I think the perception nationally is that the Chiefs are a cute little story.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Not even all that cute to some…more of a charity act. Read on.
“(Baltimore) loves this matchup. The Chiefs cannot run on the Ravens. The Ravens dominate this game. I’m taking Ed Reed over Matt Cassel any day.”
Rodney Harrison, NFL studio analyst, NBC
GH: Rodney hasn’t been too high on the Chiefs all season and the Oakland game gave him (or any other naysayers) and reason to change their minds. As I watched the “highlights” on ESPN Monday from Oakland’s 31-10 win, it was difficult to think positive thoughts about the Chiefs chances against the Ravens. But that’s why the NFL waits a week to play their next game. It gives fans time to forget and dream.
“The quarterback was pulled at one point and then put back in. It really staggers a team.”
Howie Long, Jim Rome
GH: Long doesn’t even refer to Cassel by name. He says “the quarterback,” like he’s a throw-in special teamer. The Chiefs remain on the fringe of the NFL when it comes to national exposure. A win Sunday would be a step forward into the spotlight.
“I understand how something like that (Oakland beating) can happen. There really wasn’t that much to play for. Does it really matter? It’s the NFL.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: As ugly as the Oakland beating was – and it was Nebraska Holiday Bowl ugly – a new Sunday in the NFL means a clean slate and a chance for victory. Strange stuff happens in the playoffs to the favorites every season – and no city knows this better than Kansas City. Maybe it’s time we saw the weirdness happen in our favor.
“I think the guys were ready (to play Oakland). I think they were fired up about the game. … That being said, special teams-wise I thought we did some real good things. There were a number of positives in the game.”
Todd Haley, in his Monday presser, 810 AM
GH: When the head coach stretches the truth to the point where he’s telling us the Oakland beat down contained a “number of positives,” it’s time to turn off the press conference. Haley also must have thought the Pontiac Aztek had some nice lines.
“I feel great! Ready to roll! Pffft, Raiders!”
Matt Cassel, when asked how he felt following the beating he took from Oakland, 810 AM
“Raiders drop Cable.”
Headline in Tuesday’s KC Star
GH: I had to chuckle at this headline, thinking a diehard Chiefs fan inside The Star’s sports desk had something to do with the wording. I was positive when I turn to page B4 of the Sports Daily and saw the headline; “Cable cut loose by Raiders.”
“I know from personal experience how hard it is to go into Kansas City and win a football game.”
Tom Jackson, former Bronco, on playing the Chiefs at Arrowhead in the playoffs, ESPN
“I don’t want to go to Kansas City (for a playoff game if I’m the opposing coach). That’s a good football team.”
Mike Ditka, ESPN
GH: Ditka’s statement was made before the Oakland loss. It will be interesting to hear if his opinion still holds now that the 12-4 Ravens are headed to Arrowhead.
“Kansas City can very easily win this football game, mostly because they’re playing at home. Kansas City is very dangerous. They’re just like a young kid running down the street and into a wall. They’ll do anything again and again. Kansas City can win this football game. They really can.”
Keyshawn Johnson, in an odd but entertaining interview with Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Johnson was effusive in his praise for Haley as a coach and how much he helped him become a Pro-Bowl receiver. He was also shocked to hear Whitlock called Haley a fraud. “Well, I’ve had some issues with Jason Whitlock myself,” he said.  
“My prediction is the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots are going to play in the AFC Championship game.”
Keyshawn Johnson, 810 AM
“(Kansas City) is that little wild-card team, that tricky team that I think can go further than a lot of people think.”
Michael Strahan, Fox
GH: We might be little but we are not a wild-card team. That’s why we have a home game against a more successful foe.
“Is it embarrassing for Kansas City to be hosting this game and not Baltimore? How much do the Chiefs deserve this game at Arrowhead? If you laugh at the Seahawks, don’t you have to chuckle at the Chiefs?”
Shan Shariff, 610 AM
GH: I like the division winners getting the home game even if their record isn’t as good as their wild-card opponent. But please don’t compare the 7-9 Seahawks to the 10-6 Chiefs. The Chiefs have no reason to think they backed into this home playoff game.
“The NFL would tell you that it’s unfair (to have a 7-9 team host a playoff game) but they have no incentive to make a change it because what they would tell you is that it doesn’t happen very often.”
Jim Rome, Jim Rome Show
“I like the Chiefs chances here. Vegas thinks this is gonna be a fight!”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: I am pretty sure Petro consults the Vegas line when he is contemplating laying some cable.
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11 Responses to OTC: National & Local Media Weigh In On Chiefs’ Playoff Chances

  1. Cmac says:

    The Chiefs have rebounded nicely from every bad loss this season. Their chances of winning aren’t great but that’s what I love about the NFL…you just never know.

  2. Kerouac says:

    It’s ‘soup’ now… kcindy will be ‘served’.

    From he who begged 4 different teams in 8 years “just throw me the damn ball” (and shockingly couldn’t convince a 5th), the poor man’s TO:

    “Kansas City can very easily win this football game, mostly because they%u2019re playing at home.”

    – Baltimore can (and will) very easily win this football game, mostly because they’re playing kcindy (the Ravens needed a vacation before the playoffs begin January 15th anyway)…

    “They%u2019re just like a young kid running down the street and into a wall. They%u2019ll do anything again and again.”

    – Al Einstein had a definition for that…

    “(Kansas City) is that little wild-card team%u201D ~ Michael Strahan, Fox

    – even when he slips into his Freud, reality will not be denied…

    “that tricky team that I think can go further than a lot of people think”

    – Mikey also thinks he deserved that NFL record-breaking sack when favre genuflected & assumed the fetal position for him…

    “GH: The Chiefs have no reason to think they backed into this home playoff game.”

    – just the fans who had to suffer them in 2010 do… In 2006, Herm Edwards Chiefs ‘won’ their way into the post season while some contenders ‘backed out’ by losing… yet this season kcindy gets abused in its final game and doesn’t ‘back in’?

    If kcindy was basketball player, they’d be named Tim Duncan…

  3. kchoya says:

    I love me some Tim Duncan
    “If kcindy was basketball player, they’d be named Tim Duncan”

    Four world championships – I’d take that.

  4. bschloz says:

    Lets See
    Baltimore Wins
    Cleve x2
    Cincy x2
    Buff OT
    Pitts Sans Big Ben
    N.O.@ home
    Are the Chiefs suppose to feel guilty? Fuck that noise…98% of Public on Ravens yet line hasn’t budged? Chiefs only catching 150 on ML……hmmmmmmmm…..New Arrowhead gonna be shakin on Sunday!

  5. harley says:

    bschloz is right on….again…
    these limp dick sports guys are nuts. Chiefs have a chance to advance. tough game…
    maybe they get a break or two….but everthing falls on the defenseive backs and if they
    cover the ravens receivers…i said it before…say it agin….the whole defensive story will
    be carr/flowers and company.
    Regardless this time has had one fucking great year…..

  6. newbaum turk says:

    Anybody see Whitlock on Inside the NFL tonight? Warren Sapp was seriously pissed at a joke Whitlock made. It was hilarious. If it had happened in a bar I think Sapp would of kicked his ass.

  7. Rainbow Man says:

    i just can’t handle the negativity
    We clinched early. We have the best running back in the NFL. We have a very good quarterback. We have an aggressive coach who gets results. We have only one home loss this year. This is not a fluke. We have a great team. I think we will make it to the AFC championship game.

  8. chuck says:

    Rainbow Man
    Don’t let Kerowhackoff get to ya.

    He is so pissed after running his mouth like Freddy Mitchell, that his STDiego Chargers C H O K E D in Cincinatti (Yes, for those of you who have moved on, the STDiego Chokers, picked to win it all by some, and certainly a prohibitive favorite to take the AFC West, coughed up a fur ball in Cincinatti, for chrissakes when they needed to win, and Cincinatti, for chrissakes had Owens and Ocho on the bench!).

    He is really, really, wantin to take his ball and go home, but first, he has to hate on the Chiefs to validate pretense of NFL prescience by way of his weekly, pathetic patently inccorect predictions which are a matter of public record on this very blog.

    Kccindy blah blah blah blah—-

    The Chiefs have already had a great season, and his STDiego Chokers are at home.


  9. chuck says:

    Looking at TV Listings, lets see… hmmm….

    Can’t find it.

    Hey everyone, what time are the Chargers playing this weekend?

  10. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Chiefs: Can’t stop the run.

    Chiefs: O-line is under-sized and gets dominated by bigger match-ups (see Raiders last week and Ravens this week)

    Chiefs: Conservative play-calling on 2nd and long consistently creates 3rd and long situations.

    Chiefs: Bowe disappears at crucial points in games.

    Chiefs: Jamal Charles doesn’t get his first carry until the 2nd quarter.

    Chiefs: Javier Arenas has been mediocre at best in creating good field position.

    Chiefs: Charlie Weis factor.

    Chiefs: LBs get beat by TEs repeatedly.

    Chiefs: Playoff curse.

    Chiefs: Made the playoffs one year too early.

    Chiefs: Will not beat Baltimore.

  11. Kerouac says:


    Kerouac told all ya alls how it was gonna be. You know who you are: chuckie cheese pizza, bs schnoz, rainbow brite, mr, glazedover, harley har har… et al.

    No more tomato cans – coach returneth to pumpkin, wheels fall off the FRAUDCHISE (EXPOSED: 3 ints, 2 or was it 3 fumbles?), charles become LJ running in cement & going nowhere, fast.


    Una vez mas.

    NO MORE TOMATO CANS to kick around.

    The final kcindy line the 2010 frauds:

    0-2 vs winning teams, 2-4 vs .500 teams – oh, and can’t forget that poor DEN team’s beat down of ‘rella – a cumulative 2-7 vs teams with a pulse, any. The rest? tomato cans 8-0.

    Get it now ye gullible fandumb?

    Now, let’s FIRE egoli & hailme and Kerouac can once again root for His team: the team formerly known as the ‘CHIEFS.’

    (PS) Even SEATT advances in post season – heh heh heh. There is your basic (lack of) valdity the modern NFL, just as Kerouac illuminated all season long.

    Now that the pretenders’ have been dismissed, the 8 current NFL teams with an pulse any (tho none could carry the shoes the 1969 Chiefs, Raiders or Vikings as well as 60 other teams since) will bring the farce called ‘modern NFL’ to a fitting conclusion…ho hums resonating.


    : )

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