Hearne: The (Sometimes) Bumpy Road of KCC’s Comments Section

This is the new year, right?

A time to look backwards and ahead for all of us, including the comments section battered me. So let’s get on with it. I’ve got some explaining to do.

Let’s fly right into the heart of the storm. As you may know or suspect, we’ve had our share of issues with this important part of KC Confidential since switching from blog to Web site around Halloween. And clearly, we’ve not made correcting these issues look easy.

But I think we’ve got most of em fixed now and we could use your help on addressing that which remains.

As of yesterday, your (fake?) names appear in bold near the top of your comment. That’s important because while the identities of most of our contributors is anonymous, readers like to know that its Kellysguy or smartman or Chuck or Jojo doing the honors, rather than the far more bland "anonymous."

There are two camps at KCC regarding comments.

Some of us, like Jim Fitzpatrick, contend that making people register and leave real email addresses (to be seen by us only) results in fewer but higher quality comments. Based on the past two months, I’ll agree with Jim on the fewer portion of his theory. One can argue as to the higher quality. But clearly readers – most of whom wouldn’t touch the comments section with their 10 foot poles – enjoy the option of seeing Craig Glazer or Tony or me, even sports god Greg Hall take one up the you-know-what. For the team, you know?

Some people love to bash us and bash us they do. Other like to watch (you know who you are).

So we’ve kept the headlines – gives our tormentors a chance to play journalist by writing their own headers.

One additional comments hurdle remains however. And that’s the fact that some readers have complained the new system will not allow them to comment. Our crack IP team has closed as many loopholes as they’ve been able to find, but some folks still can’t get it to work on their computer.

For them, I offer these words of advice from Tony:

"They’re probably using shitty browsers," Tony says. "They’re probably on Internet Explorer and haven’t upgraded to the latest version. Internet Explorer 6, for example, is a gigantic piece of crap, where the latest versionisn’t too bad. Internet Explorer 6 is the one where everyone started migrating to Firefox.

"And I’m sure if people were using the latest version of Firefox they’d be just fine. But if you’re still running Windows 98 or Windows XP even, you can’t run Internet Explorer’s latest browser."

Got that?

In the meantime, if you’re having problems getting into our comments section, please email me some specifics – which browser and what operating system you’re using – and I’ll see if our guys can do something on our end to remedy the matter. Hit me at hearne@kcconfidential.com.

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9 Responses to Hearne: The (Sometimes) Bumpy Road of KCC’s Comments Section

  1. Joe Lewellen says:

    Bad Links
    Click on News/Views and Lifestyle across the menu bar, the top colored area not the drop down sub menu. We discussed at lunch and I still like the color columinst header identity bannar in color vs. b/w.

  2. Matt says:

    More comments =

  3. Brian says:

    I noticed
    if you click on any of the menu items at the top that have drop downs, (NEWS/VIEWS, LIFESTYLE) you get a HTTP 500 error. I just thought you might like to know.

  4. Robertoe says:

    looking better!
    Thanks for addressing some of these functionality issues. There’s still lots of little things. ie when someone posts a link it should automatically hotlink. Yours doesn’t. This is the kind of thing that would be all programed into a professional platform. You are having to go in and fix every little bug and improvement because its a custom code out. That was not the right approach.

    Take my advice on delegating to Maria or someone of her generation for the IT stuff. If you want to do more than the status quo, you should.

    I’d sure like to see more functionality and interactivity. For example, like and dislike buttons for each comments with the likes rising to the top.

    But this is the problem with the errant path you are on. You claim you have fixed most problems but are you positioned for technological evolution? Can you stay up with the trends and continuously improve? You are trying to reinvent the wheel with each feature when there are commercial platforms for news and forums like this that are constantly evolving with the revenues of hundreds of users instead of just one?.

    You’ve got to think technological evolution and staying up with it. If you launched this format Halloween and we’re just addressing very basic functionality, its not the right approach.

    Fitzpatrick, and nearly everyone else who’s run a news website with a comments section knows you have to have a registration setup with a valid email address and the capacity to ban trolls and ner-do-wells. I can’t believe this is even under discussion. Please cite one other similar quality site that doesn’t do this. YES the quality of comments will go up. Sure they can reregister but you can also ban IP addresses. Yes they can get around this but its far better than no filter at all.

    Unlike most of the negativity here, this is intended as constructive criticism. I’m trying to steer you in the right direction.

    Let me know when you want to start moving ahead on KCCon FB, ‘droid and Iphone apps. http://www.panamericas.net

    Best of luck and success!

  5. Gavin says:

    This is only a test…
    I just changed browsers to see if my problem (which you described pretty well above) would be solved. It appears that switching to Chrome took care of it. I’m back, bitchez.

  6. TigerVIP says:

    Mobile Format
    My biggest complaint is the mobile phone format. It should be much easier to navigate and comment between stories via my iPhone or any smartphone for that matter. Believe it or not, much of the browsing and reading of your site is going to occur through mobile access.

    I.E. See the Stars mobile format vs the full site. Much easier to access and read stories.

    In general I think this new site seems sloppy. It doesn’t even load properly. There is blank grey space to the left and the ads on the right are cut off.

  7. Altevogt says:

    Stuff the buttons idea
    It’s bad enough letting anonymous morons post drivel they don’t have the balls to say using their own names, or even screen names, but allowing people to criticize, or show support for ideas by pressing a button just makes the process even worse. If you can’t formulate a solid argument to either support, or denounce, someone who took the time to sit down and write something, who cares what you think? If a website’s only purpose is to give voice to the cowards and idiots of the world, why bother?

    I’m with Fitz on this. Demand accounts and at least the consistent use of one screen name, if not the use of their actual names.


  8. TigerVI-DOUCHE says:

    Tiger – You’re an idiot
    Hearne doesn’t have the deep pockets the Star does. He needs to spend his money wisely so he doesn’t go broke – like the Star is.
    I think KC Confidential crew has done a great job of providing a forum that is intriguing and entertaining.
    The comments section is the most enjoyable part of this site… So please keep yours to yourself so I don’t have to waste my valuable time reading your inane comments.

  9. Robertoe says:

    Let me get this straight. The KCStar has deep pockets and they are broke. The comments section is the best part so don’t post any. And ur calling someone else an idiot. Got ya. smirk

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