Starbeams: Mountain Lion Demise and Sullenberger New Years!

A  115 pound male mountain lion was spotted and shot in Ray County last Sunday night. Officials believe the lion had wandered east looking for some female action when he was shot.His other eight lives were taken in Wyandotte County.

The Sport Show will take place at Bartle Hall in two weeks but the 2011Boat Show has been cancelled because boats aren’t selling well. There is some good news for Bartle Hall. Holiday Mart is moving from Overland Park to downtown this October.

Just for the record, Holiday Mart is a great place to wander into if you’re looking for some female action.


Thousands of birds fell from the sky in Arkansas this past New Years eve and died. No one had any idea how this could  have happened. Now, scientists say they were killed by blunt force trauma. The birds were apparently startled the fireworks being shot at midnight and they flew into each other in the dark.

Or else they committed suicide when they realized they were in Arkansas.

Did you know that an ordinance bans Kansas City residents from dumping Christmas trees in area landfills?

But …the ordinance says nothing about dumping your tree on the side of 71 highway. WHEW!
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