OTC: Whitlock Calls Haley A Fraud & Exposes Himself


“(Todd) Haley — not his Kansas City Chiefs — is quite possibly the biggest fraud in football. I say that without malice or pleasure. Personally, I like Todd Haley. It’s true.”
Jason Whitlock, FoxSports.com
GH: There are few things quite like the love Whitlock showers on his subjects. Who else can call an NFL head coach “quite possibly the biggest fraud in football” and yet state he personally likes the guy? You just know that personally, Haley appreciates the nod.
“Unfortunately, he’s a fatally flawed head football coach. He’s insecure, mean-spirited, emotional and irrational.”
Jason Whitlock, FoxSports.com
GH: There are few things more enjoyable about a Whitlock column than his penchant for placing subliminal messages about himself into his copy. We all know he likes to overtly discuss himself in his writings but it’s the between-the-lines comments that makes reading Pork Chop fun. If this comment above doesn’t speak Whitlock to most everyone who has worked closely with the guy, you didn’t/don’t know the man.
“For two years, (Haley) has tried to master a Bill Parcells impersonation. … I say this without malice or pleasure: On an NFL sideline, Haley is an attention whore. An insecure one.”
Jason Whitlock, FoxSports.com
GH: For the past 15 years or so, Whitlock has tried to master a Howard Stern impersonation – and he managed to rise about as far as he could in Kansas City’s media hierarchy. But once he burned his bridges with local radio and his newspaper column lost its punch, he melted down with The Explanation and bolted The Star to writing an online column for FoxSports.com. His new job looks a lot like just another online sports column about the same stuff everyone else in the country is writing about – which makes it very easy to skip. I say this without malice or pleasure. Attention whores like Whitlock get very insecure when people stop paying attention to them.
“Someone in KC tell Nick Wright I’d like to come on air and discuss my column today.”
Jason Whitlock, Monday on Twitter
GH: Translation: No one nationally seems to care about this column I wrote blasting the Chiefs’ front office. Get me on in KC where I can bask in my glory years. His interview with Wright was snooze worthy. Read on.
“There are people in Arizona who say Haley was gonna get fired after that (Super Bowl) season.”
Jason Whitlock, during his interview with Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Yeah, this isn’t an unsubstantiated stretch of a slam of a head coach who Whitlock personally likes. I’m also sure there are people in Missouri and Kansas who said Whitlock was going to get fired before he bolted online to FoxSports.
“Pioli has created an environment that is easy to coach in.”
Jason Whitlock, 610 AM
GH: Wright never challenged Whitlock on this Bizzaro-world comment despite the fact he uttered it at least three times. So how come Weis is leaving if the environment with the Chiefs is “easy to coach in?”
“Personally, I can’t stand Scott Pioli. It’s true. In any environment, Pioli is a low-character, self-absorbed egomaniac in love with the sound of his voice. I call him ‘Egoli.’ I love giving sports figures nicknames.”
Jason Whitlock, FoxSports.com
GH: That description doesn’t sound anything like our low-character, self-absorbed egomaniac in love with the sound of his voice Big Sexy (his self-given nickname), does it?
“My one regret about my leaving KC during this football season was the knowledge Egoli would face little resistance in intimidating, bullying and co-opting the local media. It doesn’t take much more than a wink, a nod and a visit to the GM’s office for local media types to get very weak in the knees.”
Jason Whitlock, FoxSports.com
GH: This one is pure, unvarnished Whitlock. He always tosses demeaning darts at those in the media left to clean up his mess – even his friends. He can’t help himself. In Jason’s skewed mind, no one is any good at anything he once did. They are all spineless weaklings who quake at the mere thought of his fading shadow.
“Todd is constantly trying to prove he wasn’t born sliding into the NFL’s home plate. He was, but no one really cares anymore except Todd Haley. He can’t let it go. Self-made football people who worked from the bottom up (Pioli, Weis) bring out Haley’s insecurity. … It’s my belief that Haley left Weis no choice but to leave. Haley is too insecure to work in a professional manner with confident, competent people for an extended time.”
Jason Whitlock, FoxSports.com
GH: You want to get Whitlock riled up? Tell him his success is a product of his blackness. Much like he accuses Haley of hating being birthed into his NFL job, Whitlock fears being black was his ticket into journalism. Bill Maas laughed at Whitlock on the air years ago and told him he was a Star columnist more because he was black than he was talented. Maas called JoPo a far more talented writer whose position at The Star was hampered because he was a white male. All hell broke loose in the studio that day. Whitlock carries this insecurity with him into every room he treads. Jason’s success is proof he is far more than just an affirmative action hire. But his insecurity constantly harps at him that he will one day be exposed as nothing more than JoPo’s token baggage.
“I don’t care if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl this season. Todd Haley is not an NFL head coach.”
Jason Whitlock, FoxSports.com
GH: Whitlock doesn’t realize that his editors at The Kansas City Star helped him become semi-famous. They would prevent him from writing nonsensical comments like his above personal attack of Haley. You have to wonder how Jason would feel if someone wrote that they didn’t care if Whitlock won a Pulitzer, he is not a columnist. Sounds pretty ridiculous. Not unlike a lot of J-Dub’s words.
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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21 Responses to OTC: Whitlock Calls Haley A Fraud & Exposes Himself

  1. Cliffy says:

    Maybe He’s Right
    Not that I want to get into the business of interpreting Whitlock, but I think Pioli HAS created an environment that is easy for HALEY to coach in by hiring Crenell and Weis.

    I suspect Whitlock might be right about Haley. I still think Haley is not NFL head coach material. Time will tell. If he can keep his head above water next season with a much tougher schedule and without Weis he may have convinced me I’m wrong.

    (Speaking of Bizzaro-world comments … is Adrian Hilburn a “household name” yet? I don’t listen to Limbaugh very often but I have not detected a groundswell of protest from the Tea Party over the “patriotic gesture” controversy.)

  2. Brian says:

    Get off of it Hall.
    Whitlock wrote a great column. THis would be the perfect time to talk about what Jason said. Is Haley HC worthy? In stead you take pot shots at him and ingore what he wrote. Disapointing…because Whitlock wrote a great column.

  3. bschloz says:

    Yeah Haley really sucks this year….did a horrible job….has really bad mentors…I mean who would want to emulate the Pittsburgh Steelers ,NE and Parcell’s….Haley has miserable work ethic he had nothing to do with Cassel , Bowe , Charles, Jones…. That Super Bowl run in AZ was an NFL fluke….. Hey Poet–DID THE CHIEFS PLAY A WEAK SCHEDULE? LOL …REALLY? SERIOUSLY? DID THEY PLAY CUPCAKES?

    Whats wrong with being in the the lucky sperm club….all the power to him …he was born into the game just like Clark Hunt….and 20 zillion other successfull hard hitting businessmen and coaches….you think Rex Ryan had to struggle for a job…Brian Shottsie who gives a fuck…it’s about winning and playing competitive. Chiefs are better Football team….and I’m going to the Game on Sunday HELL YES… win or lose its a great season! GO CHIEFS 20-17 with conviction….New Season 1-0…..Still 3 Step Up K get all you can– easiest bet of the year!

    OMG JOE FLACCO’s new version of Super Bowl Shuffle… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0

  4. AdamKC says:

    Good breakdown..but missing something
    At the end of his call to Nick Wright’s show Whitlock accused Nick of stealing his schtick back when Nick was 23. Saying he called him out, and was trying to do to him what Whitlock had done with Don Fortune, and that now Wright should at least admit that he is trying to do a Whitlock impersonation. Nick Wright seemed to not really even know about the Don Fortune thing. Definitely highlighted Whitlock’s insecurity.

    “jwhit” also showed up yesterday on ChiefsPlanet.com. Posted a link to his article from last January about Haley/Weis, then in the thread about this new column took on ChiefsPlanet posters who were tearing into it. (And yes, jwhit really is confirmed to be the big man himself.)

  5. Rainbow Man says:

    4 pretty much facts
    1. 2008 Haley goes to Super Bowl
    2. 2009 Haley inherits 2 win Team… wins 4
    3. 2010 Haley clinches division before season is over
    4. Haley is a stud who understands how to win

    Rainbow Man

  6. dp says:

    Whitlock is a has been
    The fact that he invited himself on Wright’s show tells you everything you need to know. GH is right about one thing, his article is easy to skip. He was ‘must read’ stuff in KC and now he’s just some blogger on Fox Sports.com. JW was a big fish in a small pond. Now he’s a small fish in a big pond. He knows it and it hurts.

    Why should Haley have to defend the schedule? I don’t think KU beat a ranked team until the Orange Bowl, but J. Brady McHomer still gets to mix that Orange Bowl win every column, doesn’t he. Look, I’m so tired of the haters, it’s the easy thing to do. Sure, we aren’t the Pats or Pitts….but Haley more than doubled the team’s win total this year, better than the even the biggest Chiefs homer would have predicted. Like it or not, any head coach will tell you the buck stops and starts with them.

  7. John says:

    Whitlock is right.
    The NFL playoffs have a knack of weeding out pretenders early in the playoffs. The cupcake schedule made the team better then what they really are. Lets get real, the Chargers and the Raiders are better then KC. You could tell that by the game on Sunday. The Raiders showed how to beat this team. Hit them in the face early and they don’t know what to do. And how ironic…the team that does that better then any team will play the Chiefs on Sunday.

  8. Gerald Bostock says:

    Pioli’s ego
    I read this Whitlock column, and I was especially confused about the Pioli shots. What sin did Pioli commit against the Whitlock Nation to become the relentless target of Jason’s vitriol? It’s almost as if Jason made up the nickname “Egoli” and now has to justify it by continually calling Pioli an egomaniac (without providing any actual evidence of it). Or maybe Jason holds a grudge against all things related to the Patriots because that’s where he made his first big public mistake (Bledsoe is gay) and his salad days as KC’s hot sports columnist began to devolve into self-pity and half-hearted writing.

    Anyway, even though he implies that Pioli is somehow over his head, when Jason turns his attention to trashing Haley, he does so by praising Pioli for creating a winning environment and making the right assistant coaching hires and player signings. So if Pioli has done all these things that have made the Chiefs successful, why is it bad that he displays confidence or even an egotistical streak? Pioli was not born sliding into home, but pulled himself up from the bottom, Whitlock points out–so doesn’t that indicate that he has risen because of merit? Maybe, if after five or seven years, the Chiefs have not been successful, then we can might be able to say that Pioli’s alleged big ego is unwarranted, but it’s too soon to make that judgment now; in any case, Pioli’s ego is certainly not one that requires constant public attention a la Carl Peterson (or have I been missing the weekly episodes of the Scott Pioli Show?). Peterson’s arrogance oozed out of every pore of his body and was clear (and off-putting) to even the most casual fan.

  9. HARLEY says:

    bschloz….best piece on kcc in 2011!
    he said it so well…and with convicition and passion. and for all your worhtless pansies who
    are afraid of a little cold stay at home and shoot off your big fucking mouths after the game.
    I’ll be there…bschloz will be there…WILL ANY OF YOU LOSERS BE THESE ON SUNDAY?
    ASS UP………..

  10. theKCeye says:

    Look in the mirror Greg
    Anyone who’s smart enough to pick up on the subliminal messages in Whitlock’s columns is smart enough to see the irony in you calling Whitlock insecure, Greg. Ok.. he writes for Fox Sports, you write for an amatuer website (or is it a blog?). His words are read by the masses, and, well, yours aren’t.

    And you personally attack the guy for shining a little of the national spotlight on the Todd Haley show out at Arrowhead. Now.. who’s insecure?

    P.S. – Whitlock’s right about Haley.

  11. JimmyD says:

    GH: “he will one day be exposed as nothing more than JoPo%u2019s token baggage.” Looks like Hall is still mad at JW for that $200 KCStar article fifteen years ago. That’s a long time to hold a grudge. Let it go Greg.

    I guess JW’s still mad at Pioli for telling Brian Waters he needs an appointment to see him. Don’t mess with Whitlock’s friends!

  12. Kerouac says:

    play golf / get hurt imagining themselves a real ‘athlete’ (or coach)

    This gem about kcindy’s poser via Whitlock’s Fox Sports column was left out of GH’s expos

  13. Norv Turner says:

    I wish my team had
    made the playoffs like the Chiefs. Instead me and the old lady will watch the
    games eating pizza and ravioli!

  14. Mike Singletary says:

    Will Coach for Food
    Maybe Haley will hire me as his offensive coordinator. I mean…shit the
    guy made the playoffs and I’m collecting unemployment…wow I wish
    I could have won enough games to win my division.

  15. B. A. Homer says:

    “There are few things more enjoyable about a Whitlock column than his penchant for placing subliminal messages about himself into his copy.”

    It’s called “projective identification” and it’s common in people with Whitlock’s personality disorder.

  16. B. A. Homer says:

    “There are few things more enjoyable about a Whitlock column than his penchant for placing subliminal messages about himself into his copy.”

    It’s called “projective identification” and it’s common in people with Whitlock’s personality disorder.

  17. Kerouac says:

    Hush hush sweet (k)cindy, cindy don’t you cry

    Kerouac told all ya alls how it was gonna be. You know who you are: chuckie cheese pizza, bs schnoz, rainbow brite, mr, glazedover, harley har har… et al.

    No more tomato cans – coach returneth to pumpkin, wheels fall off the FRAUDCHISE (EXPOSED: 3 ints, 2 or was it 3 fumbles?), charles become LJ running in cement & going nowhere, fast.


    Una vez mas.

    NO MORE TOMATO CANS to kick around.

    The final kcindy line the 2010 frauds:

    0-2 vs winning teams, 2-4 vs .500 teams – oh, and can’t forget that poor DEN team’s beat down of ‘rella – a cumulative 2-7 vs teams with a pulse, any. The rest? tomato cans 8-0.

    Get it now ye gullible fandumb?

    Now, let’s FIRE egoli & hailme and Kerouac can once again root for His team: the team formerly known as the ‘CHIEFS.’

    (PS) Even SEATT advances in post season – heh heh heh. There is your basic (lack of) valdity the modern NFL, just as Kerouac illuminated all season long.

    Now that the pretenders’ have been dismissed, the 8 current NFL teams with an pulse any (tho none could carry the shoes the 1969 Chiefs, Raiders or Vikings as well as 60 other teams since) will bring the farce called ‘modern NFL’ to a fitting conclusion…ho hums resonating.


    : )

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