Glazer: The Rise & Fall of New Year’s Eve in Kansas City

Okay, so New Years Eve is not the big deal it used to be when you were in your teens and twenties.

Remember when all your friends would ask, "So where are you going for New Years?" Or maybe, "Who’s your New Years Eve date?" Not so much anymore.

Of course most people over 30 are married, divorced or both and the club scene is sorry at best.

Not so much going on out there, is there?

I opened both shows at Stanford and Sons Comedy Club at The Legends on New Year’s Eve. Nice crowds, but kinda subdued. There wasn’t a lot of energy for the big 2011.

In fact, around KC, there was almost none. I was headed to the Hyatt Regency for the MIDNIGHT ball drop. My date Whitney, excited to a certain extent, admitted that most of her girlfriends were either not going out or headed to friends’ houses to party.

Not for fear of DUI checks because the cops know that nobody goes out on New Years Eve, so guess what? NO DUI CHECKS (because they can’t make any dough). Besides, it’s a big night for the police to scarf up that OFF DUTY money at private parties and hotels.

I don’t blame them.

Most holidays aren’t that  special anymore, are they? Even the almighty Christmas.

Yes, I was born a half Jew and raised Jewish. I, as you now know, am not a BELIEVER in your God. But, I’ve always loved Christmas and considered it to be an American Holiday. I’ve allways celebrated the day as a good American. Well, as an American anyway.

On the way to the Hyatt for KC’s biggest New Years Eve event, I drove through Kansas City’s main entertainment areas. It was about 10:45 pm and the Plaza looked more like a weeknight – no traffic at all. Kelly‘s had a nice crowd, but not much else was going on in Westport to speak of. The Martini Corner...WINNER, WINNER,CHICKEN DINNER! That area had the most energy of all being pretty busy with nice-looking people at an average age of 28 to 35.

Of course, there was a 1:30 AM brawl down there with a hundred cops and twenty or more young people fighting.

Gee, big suprise: black people and some whites duking it out. At least nobody to my knowledge got killed. Power & Light, was uh, a bit light. Its $5,000 money drop has lost some luster, as the rumor is that it’s not really $5,000, Maybe the super-cold weather cut their crowds down.

The Hyatt, I’ve got to give them a lot of credit. I believe this has been going on down there for like 30 years and it was packed – sold out at around 2,500-3,000 people.

The crowd was well-dressed and well-behaved. Fifty bucks for a ticket, $75 for a ticket in plus food, and I believe $300 to get two into the event with a nice room at either the Hyatt or Crown Center. There was Country music in one area from 106.5 The Wolf, and hard rock, oldies and THE ELDERS on the hotel ballroom floor. Oh yeah, we also had three live comedy shows and each one was packed. Plus, to be expected, there was booze everywhere and tons of security and police.

My date seemed to attract the attention of security and the police when she complained about some loud and drunk party people bugging her at the last food place on our way back to Crown Center. When the police are not busy, oh man, do they ever react. Her complaint brought no less than six cops plus security.

I think they wanted to arrest me, can you believe that? Oh, you can?

Well, at least the Hyatt was on it, my friends.

I saw lots of KC somebodies too. From Gen X radio host Kelly Urich to Entercom honcho Dave Alberts. Plus me. That helped make the New Years Eve folks happy, right?

The event has changed somewhat since I was going here and there in the ’90s. It’s a lot less black tie and more "school clothes." The crowd used to be aged 20 to 40 with the old KY 102, leading the charge. But now, many of the same people are there, only they’re listening to oldies on KCMO FM. But there’s still a large number of 30-ish people having a good time.

So, is that famous line true, "New Years Eve is Amateur Night?"

No, there aren’t enough of them out anymore and the streets are kinda empty. Do you remember rushing to be somewhere by midnight for that big kiss and maybe more? Now its an "Oh yeah" kinda event.

But don’t worry guys, if you didn’t take her out on New Years Eve, there’s always Valentines Day, which is now the number one go-out night of the year. Not so much for the party crowd, but for the date night.

I won’t be missing that one.

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9 Responses to Glazer: The Rise & Fall of New Year’s Eve in Kansas City

  1. harley says:

    I was at the hyatt
    Probably my 8th time there for new years. It has changed….once was “the” event to go to on
    nye…now with so many other bars having events its died down . And its become less formal. girls used
    to get all dressed up for the party with gorgeous outfits and guys wore suits or tuxes…just everything
    today is more casual.
    the photos from power an light showed a huge crowd in the main area…they were packed according to
    my cousin…..probably wall to wall people outside in the lving room area.
    but its still the best place in kc. I spent a new years eve in rio de janiero at the copa beach where
    everyone wears white and goes into the ocean….incredible sight to see 5 million people going
    swimming with their clothes on.
    been to vegas….shot craps with vince vaughn two years ago. Yelled out to him “hey chuckie
    schwartz” while holding the dice for 40 minutesand we became friends and he took us to his
    wild west comedy show the next night.
    Still fun to be home for new years….but the best part is starting the new year with someone
    you love. I could have been in sedalia and as long as i was with my girl it really didnt
    So maybe glazer you’ll setle down next year or in 2011. Driving around looking for action on
    new years eve alone isnt much fun. It really is a great time wherever you are if the company
    is good.

  2. bschloz says:

    Not to be a bearshitter on New Years but its the economy stupid…..Recovery HA
    No Housing –Check
    No Jobs–Check
    No Confidence–Check
    The PTB have chosen to crank up the money press and let it rip for Full Wealth Effect …only problem is noone owns stocks but privileged few.
    Wages are stagnant and everyone is de-leveraging from a 30 year credit binge and a housing bubble that still has about 25% to revert to mean.
    So now we have all commodities breaking out to all time highs….FOOD, Energy,Health Care, Tuition…. UP and OUT……HOUSING and ASSESTS DOWN….everything you own is going down and everything you need is going up. The FED is the Market…..Gov. is now feeding 43 million people in what amounts to modern day food lines. Have a couple of failed Bond Auctions and watch TSHTF…..Gold and Dow will eventually meet the # is irrelevant. $ strength is only relative to Euro.

    Average American gasoline price:
    12/31/2009 – $2.64
    12/31/2010 – 3.07 (there’s your payroll tax cut)

  3. Rainbow Man says:

    6 Pretty Much facts
    1. Economy
    2. DUI fear (real or imagined)
    3. The 20, 30 and 40 something generation is not as selfish as baby boomers… they do not live for this stuff.
    4. Neighborhood parties. 4-5 couple gatherings are big… kids come too… parents get trashed and walk home
    5. Food Network- People are preparing some good grub… & like entertaining
    6. It is creepy to dance in a place where 100 plus people died while dancing.

    Rainbow Man

  4. harley says:

    There are so many rich rich 40 year old divorced gorgeous hotties out there waiting for a
    guy like you. You could work them like a charm and you’d never have to work
    another day in your life……no more nights at he comedy shop…no more rolling thru
    westport…..they would love a guy like you….and you’d never worry about money
    another day while you’re breathing…try it…i did!

  5. jock says:

    Not like it used to be Glazer.
    You are so right on this one Glazer. I couldn’t get my buds to even go out on New Years Eve. They said it would suck. I went to P&L alone. It was slow til about 11 PM, then it got busy for about two hours. Still not what I had hoped for, lots of drunk babes though. Mostly had dates, damnit. Hey looks like your girl in this photo is sick beautiful. I’d take her! Is that the girl in your story? Sorry Maria this one it higher on the scale than you. Maybe younger not sure. Enjoy your posts.

  6. stoops says:

    Craig Glazer I give you the award as man with hottest date at the Hyatt. Love you. Your pal at Entercom.

  7. harley says:

    my buddy recognized the girl in the photo as a stripper. glazer is that true?
    I hope not..and if it is what a bummer
    she goes by the name annette……..and my buddy knows all the strippers in town!

  8. Karl says:

    She is a Nice Lady
    I worked the Hyatt on New Years Eve. I was introduced to Mr. Glazer by Miss Tucker. She is a nice young lady who works with saving pets at the Shelters and owns a cleaning service. I believe she is in her late 20’s. Mr. Glazer seemed like a decent sort, I read his book and being in law enforcement I must say while it was exciting, I can not condon his actions. I don’t know who wrote this terrible comment on this lady, but I know her brother, he too is a police officer. We don’t like this kind of thing sir. Seems you hate Mr. Glazer, thats your business, don’t put that on others, makes you a very bad person. Thank You.

  9. KC Rick says:

    Glazer pic with the Chick…….C R E E P Y!!!!!!!
    LOOKS like a wanted photo for a pedifile!!!!! Anyone else see how CREEPY the photo looks?????? Just waiting to see John Welsh on his show with the same photo!!!!!!!! GET a GRIP Craig!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM OUR DAUGHTERS!!!!!!!!! Here is hoping you are not planning on attending any reunion soon to STALK the daughters or better yet GRANDDAUGHTERS of those you attended school with!

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