OTC: Raiders Dominate Chiefs / Weis Bolts To Florida


“Kansas City got humbled at home by the Oakland Raiders.”
Dan Patrick, after the Raiders ended KC’s 7-game unbeaten streak at Arrowhead with a 31-10 thumping, NBC

“If even though we not in the playoffs we pulled the chiefs pants down and spanked they ass today.”
Michael Bush, Raiders’ running back, Twitter
“Would the real AFC West champ please stand up….O yea we did!!!”
Quentin Groves, Oakland Linebacker, Twitter
“Shoutouts to the REAL die hard Chiefs fans who support us no matter what,not just when we win.Y’all know who u are and I luv y’all for that.”
Glenn Dorsey, Twitter
GH: I am sure you do, Glenn. But don’t bag on the fair-weather Chiefs fans. Those are typically the only ones who can afford those cushy suite seats.
“This is a young, immature (Chiefs) team that couldn’t handle success. They probably got caught up in reading all the newspaper clippings. You don’t want to have doubts going into the playoffs – especially when you have to play against the Baltimore Ravens.”
Rodney Harrison, NBC
GH: The Chiefs could hardly have looked worse against the Raiders in front of Marty Schottenheimer, the Chiefs’ alums and a crowd of almost 70K that turned out expecting to be thrilled not chilled. The word fugly was invented for games like this. Read on.
“If you’re the Kansas City Chiefs and you’re trailing by a touchdown here at home, you need to finish this quarter.”
Randy Cross, as the Chiefs trailed 17-10 with 11:30 left in the game, CBS
GH: Cross was in a word, awful. He credited (by name) the Chiefs offensive line for an Oakland touchdown run. He was so bad he was funny. His brain-dead comments sparked quite a Twitter barrage. Read on for one of my favorites.
" ‘The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.’ – Randy Cross”
Mick Shaffer, Twitter
“This is a very, very firm field. It’s almost like an artificial turf.”
Randy Cross, TV analyst, describing Arrowhead’s turf as hard and frozen for the Raiders’ game, CBS
GH: Cross must not have walked onto the field because it was obviously anything but frozen. Many of the lawns in Kansas City are still green and more muddy than hard. Arrowhead’s turf has deserved plenty of criticism over the years but it looks to me like they finally have the field in decent condition for winter play.
“That was terrible.”
Randy Cross, as the Chiefs offensive line collapsed yet again to allow one of the seven sacks by Oakland, CBS
GH: For a second there I thought Cross was voicing a self evaluation of his work.
“The idea isn’t to win divisions. The idea is to win championships.”
Randy Cross, on the Chiefs having locked up the AFC West and a playoff berth, CBS
GH: Thanks for that wisdom, Randy. Now go and don’t bother to return.
“Here’s how I’m going to make it up to you now. I am officially on the Kansas City Chiefs and Matt Cassel bandwagon! I am picking you guys to win every game all the way through the Super Bowl! I don’t care who you’re playing. I don’t care where you’re playing. I’m picking the Chiefs and Matt Cassel the rest of the way!”
Cris Collinsworth, speaking live to Cassel last week after he has ripped his play as the Chiefs’ QB most of the season, Showtime’s Inside the NFL
GH: Cassel put up a 19 quarterback rating against Oakland after Collinsworth jumped aboard the Cassel/Chiefs bandwagon. And we thought Whitlock was a load.
“Whatever the reason why (Weis is leaving for Florida)  — and I don’t know if we’ll ever know that —  there’s ways of doing things and being professional. Making your organization look professional. Not looking disorganized. Whatever the disagreements were, I lay this at Scott Pioli’s lap.”
Richard Baldinger, Metro Sports
GH: Baldinger did not mince words in blaming Pioli for this leak and how it was handled. Haley was caught in what appears to be a blatant lie when he stated on Friday that it was news to him that Weis was being considered for the Florida offensive coordinator job. The rumor grew legs on Twitter and some were in front and others behind. Read on.
“Weis news. A source tells The Program a reason Weis may go to Florida is the chance to work with his son who graduates from HS this year…We learned Weis’ son was set to go to U-T to work under Muschamp in the football office while going to school and now will follow him to Fla.”
The Program & Soren Petro, Saturday afternoon, Twitter
GH: Petro’s tweet was the first I saw that mentioned Weis’ son and his desire to follow him to the college of his choice. Props to Petro and his guys for the solid info that was at least a day ahead of anyone else I read or heard.
“Charlie Weis leaving Chiefs to be Florida head coach.”
@KCStar, Twitter
GH: The Kansas City Star tweet, as Maxwell Smart might say, missed it by that much. Even the headline on the Star’s story had Weis becoming the head coach at Florida instead of the offensive coordinator. Obviously more fuel for those who The Star’s Mark Zieman sees as “attacks on the mainstream (or “lamestream”) media are common. Bloggers and pundits advocate boycotting or even shutting down media companies they don’t agree with.”
“The more I think about Weis-to-Florida, the less sense it makes. Haven’t seen any evidence this year about a feud b/w Haley/Weis. … I’m not sure this isn’t the work of a very good coaches’ agent, and nothing more. Maybe I’m wrong, but the move to UF would be bizarre. … Hearing so many conflicting rumors on weis, it’s crazy. Some involve fla, others with him staying in the nfl. Most involve him leaving kc.”
Kent Babb, Chiefs beat writer for KC Star on Friday, Twitter
GH: Babb was very slow to warm to this rumor of Weis to Florida. Babb’s reluctance and the leap in logic it takes to understand why Weis would go from a prominent NFL job to become a college assistant makes me believe Weis is going because of his son. Little else makes much sense. Not everyone agrees. Read on.
“(Weis) did not want to coach in Kansas City! That’s the bottom line! Let’s just cut to the chase! Why are we wasting time?”
Jack Harry, 810 AM
GH: Mad Jack, as he often does, cited no sources or gave no reasons as to why he believes Haley’s explanation about Weis and his son was inaccurate. I think it sounds like the perfect reason. Weis got a $12-million buyout from Notre Dame last year. He is not a healthy guy. Why not spend some years with your son and help him learn his chosen profession?
“If he wanted to spend more time with his son, he should have picked a different profession.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: This comment struck me as a bit cruel. A father can’t go back and reclaim spent time with his kids. But he can always decide to change his life to make sure he spends what time he has in the future. Why begrudge a guy that option?
“This is a great situation for Charlie and I respect it 100% and we respect it 100%.”
Todd Haley, in his post game presser, addressing Weis’ decision to leave the Chiefs to be the OC for the Florida Gators, Metro Sports
“I think it’s a smart mover (for Weis) at his age if he doesn’t want a shot at a head coaching job.”
Danan Hughes, Metro Sports
GH: I’m not sure if Neil Smith was channeling Danan and his thoughts or what was going on with the former Chief. This is not a smart move for Weis at his age in any way, shape or form. The ONLY thing that makes sense is his desire to be a mentor for his son.
“I am surprised Haley never considered hiring a high school kid to keep Weis.”
Doug Stewart, commenting on Nick Wright’s postgame question to Haley on whether or not the Chiefs had considered hiring Weis son to keep Weis in KC, Twitter
GH: Haley’s response to Wright was telling as to how far Wright needs to go when it comes to becoming whatever it is he thinks he is. Haley laughed at the idea of the Chiefs hiring a high school senior for their coaching staff. While Petro had this story 24 hours earlier, Wright apparently was unaware of not only the son angle but also that Weis’ son is a senior at Pius X High School.
“Someone tell Doug Stuart, yanno the 3rd or 4th guy on that midafternoon sports show, that if he ever went to any events he could ask his (questions).”
Nick Wright, Twitter
GH: Maturity, lack of experience and just plain sports knowledge are problems for Wright – and it appears they will continue to be. Sometimes it’s best to just laugh at your mistakes instead of attacking those who poke fun at them. It also might help if Wright realized that following Chiefs players around town like a puppy is not the same as working a source. It’s more like being a tool.
“In sports talk, WHB slipped from 12th place in November to 14th in the current ratings and its downward ratings trend continued from a 4.7 in October to 4.3 in November to a 3.4 in December. The good news for WHB is that rival talker KCSP-610 AM continues to watch its ratings spiral downward and is now languishing in 20th place in the market. After two straight months with a 2.5 rating the Entercom station logged a dismal rating of 2.2 in November and a new yearly low of 2.0 in December.
John Landsberg, bottomlinecom.com
GH: These numbers do not look good for Wright or his 610 Sports brothers. A 2.0 during the Chiefs run to the playoffs is more than just disturbing. It is very likely one of the reasons we have seen so much experimenting with different talk show lineups and substitute hosts over the past month on 610. The Royals’ season doesn’t start for three months. Can Wright hold on till the Boys in Blue again give his ratings a boost?
“A little more (quick) insight on Weis: Haley had begun to call more plays this year as season went on. Sometimes upward of 12-15 per gm.”
Kent Babb, Twitter
GH: Very interesting if true. 15 plays is a lot of plays to take out of the hands of the offensive coordinator. I can see where that might aid Weis in his decision to follow his son south.
“I think (Weis’ announcement) did affect them a little bit (against Oakland). A young team today, they just didn’t look like they were in sync on offense. That had to be going through some of those young guys’ minds.”
Tony Dungy, NBC
GH: Let’s hope another week can remove what ails the Chiefs. The Ravens are 12-4 and will be here Sunday at noon. Time to forget and move on.
“The Chiefs are in the playoffs. They could turn around make this all go away by playing well next week.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: It would not be the first time this season that the Chiefs managed a complete makeover in seven days.
 “Why don’t you leave this to the boys, sweetcakes.”
Ron Franklin, reportedly to sideline reporter Jeannine
Edwards, SportsbyBrooks.com
GH: Read Brooks’ account of this story at the above link. When Edwards objected to being called sweetcakes, Franklin tried to flatter her with “Okay then, asshole.” When Edwards complained to ESPN management, Franklin was removed from calling the Fiesta Bowl radio broadcast. Not real bright, Ron.
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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16 Responses to OTC: Raiders Dominate Chiefs / Weis Bolts To Florida

  1. newbaum turk says:

    Charlie Weiss
    On the ESPN pre-game show on Dec. 27th (a week ago today), Adam Schefter reported that Weiss would not be back next year and there was not a word said on the airwaves around here about it. Why is that?

  2. Bill Stokes says:

    Florida OC > KC Chiefs OC
    Florida is one of about 10 college football programs (Florida, Alabama, Ohio State, Texas, Nebraska, Auburn, LSU, USC, Georgia, Michigan) that are bigger and better jobs than probably 10 of the NFL teams (KC, STL, Jax, Buff., AZ, TB, Carolina, Cincy, Clev., Det.). More fans, more national exposure. It’s easier to win at these college programs than it is at these pro teams due to recruiting advantages and no salary cap. Weis will have total control of the offense while playing for a national audience 6 or 7 times a year. In KC he has to have all plays go through a punk jerk-off that he thinks he can outcoach. As far as his son goes, I think its more that his son is going to Florida because his dad is going to coach there, even though it was reported the other way around.

  3. The coach says:

    OC in College vs. the NFL
    Anyone who thinks that being an OC at a big time college program is better than being an OC for ANY NFL team is a complete moron and dumbshit. The NFL is the best of the best players in the world while even an elite college program has just 2-3 elite players that will even make an NFL roster. Most are HS prima donnas sleepwalking through college and walk-ons. Get a clue dipshit.

  4. Kerouac says:

    The Very Reverend Kerouac will now lead a post game mourn…

    ‘Dearly disappointed – the three of you – gather here your tears & upon bended knees offer up thine penance once more as we lay to rest fraud, a delusion, your MIRAGE (special dispensations for chuckie cheese lowe, bs schnoz & mr. glazedover).

    As the Iron Butterfly speaketh, so the song of ignis fatuus, nee phantasm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo–d22iumI

    “we pulled the chiefs pants down and spanked they ass today.%u201D ~ Michael Bush, Raiders%u2019 running back, Twitter

    – “WHIP IT NOW – WHIP IT GOOD!” – the RAIDERS did. Red a**ed ‘rella won’t be able to sit down for a week – then next Sunday, the Ravens will do the same to them again.

    Past is prelude . . . RAVENS 999 – kcindy 0

  5. Kerouac says:


    (Al Davis on lead whip)

  6. Kerouac says:

    kcindy in the red underpinnings…

    Final MIRAGE 2010 tote: 0-1 vs a winning team… 2-4 vs mediocre .500 teams… 8-1 vs the winless & sub .500 tomato cans…


  7. bschloz says:

    To Easy…..Riiiggghhht
    Well lets see the Ravens are -3 and 98% of the public are backing the Ravens and their explosive offense. We know what happens to all the sheeple..love this match up in The New Arrowhead….Chiefs 20-17 In a wire job…..NEW SEASON …1-0 with conviction……I SEE RED BABY! Go Ahead K Bet It All.

  8. HARLEY says:

    More crap from amatuer small time reporter HALL!
    You never listen do you hall. Again…maybe you should have stuck at the Platte County
    Gazette with your sports reporting where people could give a shit about the stupid
    ass comments you make. Up there in that hellhole they care more about the prices of
    hogs and chickens then they do about any kind of sports…unless its playing horseshoes.
    1. WHO CARE?: YOU DO….did anyone with any brains or insight think that either of these
    coaches would last long here. Of course not. Anyone with any brains would have seen this
    was merely a short term job for both crennel and weiss. Only you, in your idiocy would think
    otherwise. I pointed out in June that this was true. Maybe you should qoute me as your
    authentic source before any of these other idiots you give credit to.
    So charlie leaves…thats football….coaches leave all the time and teams make changes all
    the time. Had you read my full analysis of the chiefs you would have seen that I pointed out
    that weiss would leave soon….because he’s got opportunities elsewhere and this to him was
    a step down from previous positions (including notre dame).
    2. More stupidity……concerning 610 and wright. YOu know nothing about the arbitron ratings
    so shut the fuck up. Most stations in this market are jumbled winthin a few percents of a point
    of each other. Ratings are playing an even less part in media buys. but you continue to spit out
    b.s. and know nothing. So your indictment of 610 is totally incorrect because they are way up
    in ad dollars right now and they will continue to grow. Again …stick to what you know best..
    hog prices and viagra.
    3.You and the rest of your so called experts are pitiful. The chiefs go from 4 wins to a playoff
    berth and division title. Thats huge. the chiefs need to prove nothing more. what team was able
    to do that…plus land key players on the pro bowl roster…..all in just one year! their accomplshment
    has been incredibel this year. And despite ranting by you and your “swinger” buddy glazer they’ve
    already done an incredible job. Of course they want to win a playoff game at home….but they are
    playing a top echelon team…one of the 4 or 5 best in league…and it will be tough…especially with
    the young players we have who have never played in that type of atmosphere.
    4. Jack “I got my job because my boss keeled oever and died from a heart attack” Harry
    is wrong again. How this guy stays employed is beyong me. He’s the worst sports guy on the
    #4 rated news station in a 4 station race. He’s old and along with old man frank “I can see clearly now”
    boal makes me get sick when either of these guys opens his mouth. Now that Boal had lasik maybe
    he could pick up a stat sheet from the nfl and realize 60% of what he says is wrong garbage.
    5. Randy Cross: you tear down a guy with super bowl rings and really one of the more knowledgeable
    commentators on tv. and you’re stuck with hearne and glazer…wow…big time stuff.
    6. Family….for some people thats important. The head coach at florida walked away from the best
    job to spend time with his family. Maybe weiss found there was something more important than
    coaching football. maybe he realized his family was important…and that maybe after his health
    problems he had decided that money and coaching were not that big to him. Maybee someone
    in sports decided it wasn’t worth it. did you think ab out that? No you didn’t because you always try
    to look on the dark side of every single action anyone takes.
    7. Danny Clunkscale….the worst broadcaster ever. I can’t see how KK takes this guys obnovious
    and demaning behavior. How this guy ever got a job broadcasting i don’t know how.
    Worse ever…and laways is trying to say something controversial when he’s indeed stupid.

    Its been an incredible year fro the chiefs. Vieweership of their games (home games eveN) are reaching
    super bowl numbers. that means huge interest in this team. Hopefully the president will continue his
    majic in bringing back the economy and people will get back to work and the finances of the
    country will recover (although i am predicting a financial collapse worse than in 2008 unless the
    nation moves quickly to fill the gaps in state and local budgets) and more people will have the
    disposable income to go to chiefs games.
    What a great year…and you had to be at arrowhead to experience how great it was.
    Its a very young team …with lieterally a very inexperienced quarterback. but what a great
    story about cassell…despite benchings…not playing…sitting behind some other qb’s…and the
    guy stuck it out…perserverance and hard work…a great storyt….that was a story that has not been
    told….but a great story to tell your kids.
    The emergence of some young players…speed…excitement…and again the home crowd
    has come back. Dorsey is wrong! the fans have suffered thru his laziness and lack of
    prep since he came into the nfl. and now we demand more and better things
    from the guy. A great yearbut…..
    As much as my heart races and believes in this team…its going to be tough game against
    the ravens. The chiefs are still a work in progress and a team building for the future.
    I cant go against my heart…although i know the odds are great they lose their playoff
    game. so for this one time…i go with my heart and not my head.
    How great would it be for the chiefs to win a playoff game at home! INcredible!!
    So to all you naysayers who have slammed this team from day one….I say go
    f*ck yourself.
    To the 75,000 fans at arrowhead I say wow…its been a great ride…maybe the ride

  9. harley says:

    can you write a column like glazers “i love myself” column
    It seems like you and all the rest of your sports knownothings in kc love themselves…
    I look forward to your “i love myself ” column real soon.

  10. JOJO Don't know says:

    JOJO last June all you were doing is fondling yourself and thinking about the big 10, oh and making bets that you can not and will not pay up. You said nothing of coaches leaving.

    As for your prediction of continued growth in the economy. First doesn’t there have to be growth first. Get off Hussein’s cock and realize if is just a scum bag that happens to be president and black!!

  11. theKCeye says:

    Dorsey’s tweet was directed toward me, amongst others
    His tweet before the diehard one said something like, “tough loss, glad we took care of bizz when we really needed to” (except he misspelled more words). I let him know how lame it was for him to proclaim such a thing, and asked him if he realized what that was basically saying to the 70,000 people who spent their hard earned money to watch him and his teammates lay down for the Raiders. His response, as I’m sure was his response to others, was the diehard tweet that you quoted, Greg.

    I then followed up by explaining to him that alienating frustrated fans was ill-advised, especially after getting your ass handed to you. He blocked me.

  12. chuck says:

    Vegas has the Ravens by 3.
    Those guys don’t live in trailers and drive Fords.

    What is mentioned in passing, almost as an aside, and I have listened, is the OBVIOUS, point concerning last weekend’s game. The Chiefs didn’t need it. Its played down in the media’s rush to judgment and doomsday prognostications of the upcoming playoff game.

    If you listened to the radio, read the paper, this blog and DIDN’T KNOW THE SPREAD, and were just s schmuck like me with a guess, you would probably put the line at 10 points in favor of the Ravens.

    Vegas doesn’t care about our local sports mavens, self proclaimed or otherwise.

    3 fuckin points and every talking head and radio sports jock in the city is Winston Churchill. Nothing but blood, toil, tears and sweat.

    I am ok with all the smart money in this city and Vegas being on the Ravens. In Baltimore they would be a 9 to 10 point favorite and justifiably so. On a neutral site, they beat us 4 out of 5 times and in Baltimore 9 out of 10 in a playoff game.

    Vegas says 3.

    Wake the fuck up. No one with any sense is even betting this game.

    3 POINTS!!!

    Ravens lose by 7.

    This young team couldn’t have caught a better break. Embarassed in the last week, undervalued and dissrespected, they have played with luck, and admittidly over their heads all year long. This week the kids come out and and fight like hell.

    “Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path—Churchill

    We won the war, and we will win the game.

    06:28:39 PM – Mon. Jan 3. 2011


    And yes, I am putting money on it.

    06:31:55 PM – Mon. Jan 3. 2011

  13. Stevie says:

    Wright did come on in the first hour today and state that he thought it was OK for the other station to take some jabs at him for his comment. But I can’t believe that he actually asked the question seriously, if he would have played it off as a joke no one would have batted an eye. Probably a little unprofessional but he could have pulled it off because he has a good relationship with Haley.

  14. Rainbow Man says:

    Clink is a great sidekick for KK …… but alone he is terrible radio. How much to they actually pay him? At least KK will get your attention. You have to admit… KK is hard to turn off when he starts a rant…. even if it is a biased, envious, unprofessional rant.

  15. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Nick Wright, the end is near
    The paint has dried and the turds have turned white. The Nick Wright Experiment has just about run its course.

  16. theKCeye says:

    Wright the brown-noser
    I’m hearing Wright is taking the brave, brave stance of calling out Weis as the villain (to me, it’s obvious Haley is). Personally, I’m thinking KC radio and football would be better off if Wright and Haley ran away together and never came back.

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