New Jack City: K.C. Critics Deliver 2010’s Best On Film!

It’s the social event of the movie season! (could be to some…)

Kansas City’s Film Critics’ Circle’s annual Best on Film awards ceremony!

This group represents Kansas City and regional critics who review on a regular basis for area radio, TV, newspaper and online outlets. It’s one of the oldest such critic’s groups in the country.

We came.

We dined.

We socialized.

We discussed.

We campaigned – and then we voted.

Here are the winners for 2010 in the top 11 catagories selected by our 24 attending KCFCC critics:

* Best Adapted Screenplay: THE SOCIAL NETWORK

* Best Original Screenplay: INCEPTION


* Best Animated Film: TOY STORY 3

* Best Foreign Language Film: MOTHER ( from South Korea)

* Best Supporting Actress: HAILEE STEINFELD (True Grit)

* Best Supporting Actor: CHRISTIAN BALE (The Fighter)

* Best Director: CHRISTOPHER NOLAN (Inception)

* Best Actress: NATALIE PORTMAN (Black Swan)

* Best Actor: COLIN FIRTH (The King’s Speech)

* Best Picture: THE SOCIAL NETWORK (with WINTER’S BONE a close second!)

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One Response to New Jack City: K.C. Critics Deliver 2010’s Best On Film!

  1. harley says:

    inception was excllent
    they should take all the money they waste on couples retreat and
    horrible movies like when do you know and put them into films like
    this…..great great movie.
    and yes i do go to movies….

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