Glazer: Chiefs Banged by Raiders, Go Out With Whimper

Yes it was sad and ugly..

This game had no good news. None. The Oakland Raiders walked all over our beloved Kansas City Chiefs Sunday. The loss, maybe the year’s worst, puts KC in the No. 4  spot instead of the 3 spot for the playoffs. That means we get the Baltimore Ravens instead of the New York Jets. And yes, the Ravens at 12-4 are a better team than the Jets.

They’re already a 3 point favorite against KC.

Why was this the Chiefs worst loss of the year? In the Denver game back in November,even though the Broncos ended the game fast – and we couldn’t stop anything they did – at least Matt Cassel got to work out with D-Bowe and get some touchdowns. Meaningless points, true. However letting THE FRANCHISE wing the ball so often seemed to give him confidence in the games he played after that one.

Cassel and Bowe got on the same page for once. As you saw that pretty much continued the rest of the season.

The Chargers blow out followed Cassel’s surgery. Brodie Croyle got to step in and get jacked instead of Matt. Likely a good thing.

It ended Croyle’s NFL career and all the talk about him being better than Cassel.  The Chiefs rebounded well and won the next few games in a strong fashion. The Chiefs showed a solid defense in all the games leading up to the Raiders game Sunday. And their offense was well balanced in both the TITANS win as well as the win in St. Louis.

So is there a silver lining? Yes.

The Chiefs seem to bounce back well after they get slammed.

The game is still at Arrowhead and that helps.

With the Raiders nothing worked, both the offensive line and defensive lines got smoked. Cassel got killed, no running game at all. Charles had the one nice run – that was it! Hey, maybe the Chiefs will step up against the Ravens. Hope so or we’ll tie the all-time playoff loss record with 8 in a row. Our last win was against Houston in the ’93 season with Joe Montana and Marcus Allen. We were led then by forgotten tight end Keith Cash.

Funny how we forget almost all these guys a few years after the jerseys come off.

All the forgotten, once big name guys like Cash, Joe Phillips, Anthony Davis, Willie Davis, Jonathan Hayes, Tracy Simeon – on and on and on. All household names in KC just a few years back, now it’s Jonathan Who? Never heard of him.

Ravens by 3? What do you think?

Can the Chiefs with a team of unknowns past Charles,Cassel and uh, that’s it,  Can they be a winner and stop the playoff bleeding?

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8 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Banged by Raiders, Go Out With Whimper

  1. chuck says:

    Smart guys in Las Vegas have the Ravens by 3
    Those guys don’t live in trailers and drive Fords.

    What is mentioned in passing, almost as an aside, and I have listened, is the OBVIOUS, point concerning last weekend’s game. The Chiefs didn’t need it. Its played down in the media’s rush to judgment and doomsday prognostications of the upcoming playoff game.

    If you listened to the radio, read the paper, this blog and DIDN’T KNOW THE SPREAD, and were just s schmuck like me with a guess, you would probably put the line at 10 points in favor of the Ravens.

    Vegas doesn’t care about our local sports mavens, self proclaimed or otherwise.

    3 fuckin points and every talking head and radio sports jock in the city is Winston Churchill. Nothing but blood, toil, tears and sweat.

    I am ok with all the smart money in this city and Vegas being on the Ravens. In Baltimore they would be a 9 to 10 point favorite and justifiably so. On a neutral site, they beat us 4 out of 5 times and in Baltimore 9 out of 10 in a playoff game.

    Vegas says 3.

    Wake the fuck up. No one with any sense is even betting this game.

    3 POINTS!!!

    Ravens lose by 7.

    This young team couldn’t have caught a better break. Embarassed in the last week, undervalued and dissrespected, they have played with luck, and admittidly over their heads all year long. This week the kids come out and and fight like hell.

    “Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path—Churchill

    We won the war, and we will win the game.

  2. chuck says:

    And yes, I am putting money on it.

  3. Kerouac says:

    “Hey, maybe the Chiefs will step up against the Ravens”

    – hey, maybe kcindy played a really tough schedule in 2010…

    “Ravens by 3? What do you think?”

    – RAVENS – by 35

    “It ended Croyle’s NFL career and all the talk about him being better than Cassel.”

    – Joe Friday: “son, why do you think they call it ‘dope'”? Exhibit ‘A’ ( ^ above ^ )

    What does $63 million buy you in today’s NFL? Beyond the (over)hype engendered when a parade of tomato cans comes to town for to lay down, if a comparison the first game action the regular season both qbs be a barometer any, not much difference at’all.

    ca$$el vs SD (at kc): 22 / 10 / 68 / 1-0 / 16 LG / 1 fumble – fresh off an 4 game tune-up.
    Croyle vs SD (at SD): 17 / 7 / 40 / 0-1 / 16 LG / 0 fumbles – after sitting for [ 14 weeks ].

    Last season game 1 in BALT, playing with an even lesser team than the 2010 MIRAGE, Brodie Croyle delivered this performance – on the road and in his first game action of the season:

    24 / 16 / 177 / 2-0 / … oh, and with no running game – charles on the bench behind LJ.

    Let’s see how the ‘FRAUDCHISE’ #7 does – at home, in kc – on Sunday.

    : )

  4. Rainbow Man says:

    5 Pretty Much Facts
    1. From the minute Weis showed up I always felt he was “on loan.” He was a man in need of a space filler and Pioli is a stud for getting him for the time he did. If he was 38 and had kids in grade school… maybe a different story. The timing is no fun… but he had to give FL his commitment.

    Also… It cracks me up when people discount family. Clinkscale said Weis picked the wrong profession if he wanted to make family considerations. Spoken like a true divorcee.

    2. I am convinced that Haley is the most artful loser ever. He wins the “must win” games. He loses the games that will not matter, or will hurt too much to win. Now they are all must wins.

    3. Palko is “Flutiesque”

    4. The Chiefs clinched a playoff spot before the season was over. The team is a complete success.

    5. I cannot wait to see Ray Lewis put to shame.

    Rainbow Man

  5. chuck says:

    Your lame ass comments are untenable and without merit.

    Your pronouncements are on record, your STDiego Chargers C H O K E D playing the 2nd worst team in the NFL when they needed the game. Historic fur ball puked right up on your shoes on National TV, and every media outlet in teh country, including the STDiego Charger’s home town fish wraps, called the team an over-rated, abject failure .

    Every week, you and Botello, predicted the pending demise of the Chiefs (Once again, on record here on this blog.) and they won 10 games.

    They play 16 games in teh NFL, and ya gotta win more than the other teams in the division to make it into the playoffs. You can add and subtract right? 16 games played by the Chiefs, they won 10 and lost 6. The Chargers and the Raiders didn’t win that many.

    Every week you were wrong, and now your pissed off. We get it.

    Why don’t ya exlplain to all of your fans, what happened to your STDiego Chargers?

    Is it the coach. teh players, the GM, did the owner c h o k e too?

    Who do you think c h o k e d more in Cincinatti? The players?

    On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad was that C H O K E?

    Bill Buckner?

    Greg Norman?

    Remember how LaDanian Tomlison used to C H O K E all the time in the playoffs? Do you think the STDiego Chargers would have c h o k e d MORE with him still with the team in Cincinatti against the 2nd to worst team in the NFL, or do you think the STDiego Cgargers would have lost by fewer points?

    Do you think the STDiego Chargers are thinking right now, about that choke while KC gets ready for the PLAYOFFS?

    Do you think the San Diego Chicken is resposible for the STDiego Chargers always choking, ya know, becasue of the chicken bones?

    Do you think any of the STDiego players choked on thier chin straps, or jock straps at half time in the Cincinatti game?

    We all know you follow the STDiego Chokers, and we follow the Chiefs, so we are wondering about teh different scenarios over teh years when the STDigo Chargers have c h o k e d.

    Will you please take a little time away from your preidcitons about the Chiefs and let us know some of the answers to those questions?


  6. dp says:

    Knee Jerk
    This is the last time I read a knee-jerk reaction column by Glazer. We win? Everybody’s All Pro and Cassel is the savior. We lose, well then everybody is a fraud. Ravens will be a tough game, they haven’t lost by more than 5 all year. Regardless, the team and QB is way better than anybody predicted in August. This season has been an unmitigated success.

    Speaking of unmitigated, this new format is awful. Not sure how much longer I can take it.

  7. jock says:

    Everyone Hates the Guy who delivers the news/good or bad
    Glazer no matter what you say in sports, half will hate you and only some will agree. You stood behind Cassel all year and made the best points on why he was not playing well and later did. You said on this blog that the Chiefs would either be 6-10 or 9-7 somewhere in that range., You weren’t too far off. So I’m with you brother. Also liked your info on Bowe.

  8. dov says:

    Old Stars forgottten
    Craig good point on the players being so forgotten so soon. I was at Pizza Kitchen on the Plaza a few months back and Nick Lowery walked in, thought he moved away? I recognized him right away, problem, nobody else seemed to know who he was. Nuts, huh. I told my wife, “hey thats Nick Lowery” she didn’t know who he was, she went to a zillion games with me back then.

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