Tony: Jason Whitlock Defines 2010

Sure, this was an eventful year but I’ve found the one Internet video clip that defines this the year than this town more than anything else.

Of course it’s Jason Whitlock and his faux media controversy.

The" big time" writer left the best gig of his life and cried about it on sports radio and cable for all of Kansas City to see and hear. And his soliloquy during the final epoch of print media wasn’t even the best part

Nope. Before The Big Guy went all blubbery he made some accusations that still inspire debate among the staff here at KCC.

I’ll let you see for yourself:

Certainly, Jason Whitlock’s man kissing story of the management at The Star really defines everything related to media in this town.

It was awkward, unessecary, egotistical, probably irresponsible and certainly not news. Yes, this slice of life speaks to EVERYTHING about living in Kansas City in 2010.

And while I’m not ungrateful that I was witness to this event and so much more in Kansas City this year, I’m really hoping we can do better in the future.
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10 Responses to Tony: Jason Whitlock Defines 2010

  1. newbaum turk says:

    I don’t know how but this must be somehow racist.

  2. markx says:

    Highlight of 2010 …
    …Whitlock’s career imploding

    We all knew it was just a matter of time. Frankly, I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.

    But I DON’T miss him bad-mouthing the Chiefs. The Chiefs had a great year, regardless of how they did it (ie. poor schedule). If Whitnut were around this fall, he would have been on full-bore Chiefs bashing… Good riddance.

    I must confess, I do feel sympathy for him. The only job he can get is as an order taker at Arthur Bryants’ …

  3. chuck says:

    *ringing phone*
    TONY: “Yo Yo, cholo, its Botello, whudup?”

    JASON WHITLOCK: “Uh…hello?”

    TONY: “Oh shit, Nick Wright…., sorry man, I thought it was Jamal Charles.”

    JASON WHITLOCK: “Tony, its me, Jason Whitlock.”

    TONY: “Fuck! Nick does sound more and more like you guys every day.”

    JASON WHITLOCK “The fucks that supposed to mean?”

    TONY: “Uh…*click. click.* Hey Jason, don’t hang up, someone is on the other line.”

    JASON WHITLOCK: “Your putting me on fuckin hold!!!”

    TONY: *holds phone away from his ear, looks over at Pancho Villa 3D Holographic Poster* “Yes I am.” *hits button*

    TONY: “Yo yo Cholo, its Botello, whudup?”

    TONY’S MOM: “Heres ‘whudup’ my brutha, the rent is up, the utilities is up, the grocery bill is up. Its your mom, and I want a full report on that lawnmower!

    TONY: “Mom, its Jan 1st, the only grass I’m worried about is some ditch weed I lost watching George Lopez on my 20″ TV this morning.”


    TONY: “Ok, ok, ok, ok, I am on it, matter of fact Jason Whitlock is on the other line and he is the guy I loaned the money you gave me for parts to fix the lawnmower to.”

    TONY’S MOM: “He is?”

    TONY: “Yep, and the money you gave me, he used for an operation for HIS mom, and she is ok now.”


    TONY: “Really mom!”

    TONY’S MOM: “Your a good boy honey, I’ll bring you a Jarrito.”

    TONY: “Cool” *click*

    TONY: “Jason, whuddup my brutha?”

    JASON WHITLOCK: “Herne told me your gonna post another video of my meltdown.”

    TONY: “Fuckin Herne!! Goddamnit, if it was Glaze, you wouldn’t even call.”

    JASON WHITLOCK: “Glaze says I got a part in his movie, I am playing ‘Biggie Smalls’, I ain’t gonna fuck dat up dude!”

    TONY: “Yeah, and Eastwood is gonna be Tupac. Are you fuckin shittin me! Glaze wasn’t within 600 miles of Biggie Smalls.”

    JASON WHITLOCK: “Fuckin Glazier”

    TONY: “Herne wants me to go to the well again, and, I gotta admit, its fuckin priceless.”

    JASON WHITLOCK: “When, oh when will you fuckers get off of the horse!! Jeeze, a guy has a bad day, and damn….”

    TONY: “You shoulda just blown a trucker, heh heh..”


    TONY: “You know the joke, a guy cures cancer, brings peace to the Mid East, figures out what women want, but, one time, for whatever reason, one fuckin time, once in the guys life, he blows a trucker, and the only fuckin thing they remember, is NOT the cancer cure, not the….”

    JASON WHITLOCK: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. Hey, tell Herne I am working cheap and will write for KCC!!”




    JASON WHITLOCK: “Come on man, whats it pay?”

    TONY: “I ain’t gonna quit my night job cleanin the sneeze shield at Waldo Pizza, I’ll tell ya that.”

    JASON WHITLOCK: “Does Herne have Fannin’s new number?”

    TONY: “Dude, I gotta go…Chuck is on the other line.”

  4. chuck says:

    one more thing—
    I love that picture for a lot of reasons, but….

    That Asian chick could palm a medicine ball.


  5. Robertoe says:

    KC Con Platform
    Have you noticed when you click on a piece it takes you to the blank screen bottom of the thread and you gotta scroll up to read anything?
    Have you noticed it took weeks to solve a simple paragraph break problem?
    Have you noticed no one knows whos posting what?
    Have you noticed that comments sometimes get only partially posted?
    Where are the bios?
    I could go on but I won’t.
    Hearne, Its time to dump this ‘upgrade’. It doesnt work now. Its got more bugs than Tony’s basement. Its not a set-up that’s gonna evolve!
    Lasurus pitched the wrong approach on a unyielding and unworkable custom code out. And now he’s apparently deserted you.
    If you gotta go to him for any changes, its not a good approach!
    Its a new year. Let’s get things fixed here to you got something you can move forward with.
    Come on! We want you and KCCon to succeed!

  6. Rainbow Man says:

    Robertoe Nails It
    Yes… Hearne…. These are serious problems….I can see the post count going down…. down… But… as bad as this is… I am sticking with you…. Please fix it soon man.

  7. saldkfjn says:

    It’s because there are two links at the bottom of this story: one says “Read more” and the other says “comments.” “Read more” takes you to the top of the page. “comments” takes you to the comments. SIMPLE HUH

    But yeah, there are some bizarre design “features” that ugly up this website like John Altevogt playing the bass. There’s noise, but it’s not at all pretty.

  8. John Altevogt says:

    Thank you
    A fan of my music. I’ll see if Hearne can add a bass solo accompaniment to the site whenever you open a discussion, or post a reply.


  9. John Altevogt says:

    The questions
    1. Was it Derek Donovan who Fannin was slobbering over, and
    2. Did he at least give him a reach around while he was drooling down his/her back?

  10. harley says:

    who got more asian pussy in kansas city?
    whitlock or glazer?
    my monies on glazer. What do you think?

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