OTC: KSU’s Salute Will Become Famous For Right Reasons


Syracuse’s Da’Mon Merkerson (above) prevented Kansas State receiver Aubrey Quarles from catching the ball on a two-point conversion attempt in the fourth quarter.“All I saw (Adrian Hilburn) do was do sort of a little salute toward the dugout on the third-base side. I really didn’t see much more than that.”
Wyatt Thompson, play-by-play voice for K-State’s radio broadcast, on why K-State was being penalized 15-yards for excessive celebration following Hilburn’s touchdown to pull the Cats within two points of Syracuse, K-State Sports Network
GH: With that penalty flag – and two different referees tossed flags on Hilburn’s salute – we have a controversy that I believe will become bigger than anyone imagines. This will prove to be far more than just whether or not K-State got jobbed out of a realistic two-point conversation attempt. This one is going Tea-Party viral. Read on.
“My emotions took over me. That’s what happened.”
Adrian Hilburn, Kansas State senior wide receiver, on why he saluted the K-State fans in the crowd, Kansas City Star
GH: The rule book can be interpreted to read that Hilburn’s salute drew attention to himself and therefore deserved the flag – but only if you’re an over-officious jerk – to quote Marv Levy. This was an asinine call made by two adults that ruined the end of a great football game.
“Exact same salute call was made against Texas Tech versus Oklahoma this year… Still doesn’t make it right. K-State got screwed.”
Todd Leabo, Twitter
“It (the saluting) was much more flagrant in the Tennessee game.”
Lou Holtz, ESPN
GH: Obviously this saluting is subject to interpretation depending on who is refereeing the game. That is a very big problem if you’re the NCAA and trying to sell your game as legit.BTW, if you watched the Tennessee/NC State game, you know this sport is far from legit. Just an aside – Big 10 refs for both the Pinstripe Bowl and the Music City Bowl. Bo Pelini is gonna spontaneously combust on the sideline next season.
“(Hilburn) remembers an official telling him, ‘wrong choice, buddy,’ seeing a yellow flag and learning that K-State would be penalized 15 yards on its upcoming two-point conversion try.”
Kellis Robinett, writer Kansas City Star
GH: How ironic.
“Right or wrong, that’s how most will remember the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl, won by Syracuse 36-34 on Thursday at Yankee Stadium. Not for the final score, but for the penalization of a patriotic gesture.”
Kellis Robinett, writer Kansas City Star
GH: Hilburn’s salute will prove to be the best thing he ever does on a football field. Read on.
“The worst part of this salute is (Hilburn) will have to live with that the rest of his life.”
Greg Schaum, Twitter
GH: Nope, that will be the best thing about the salute. Adrian Hilburn is about to become very, very famous. He will be hailed as a wronged patriot by every Democrat, Republican and Tea Party person who has a voice. Hilburn will never again have to buy a meal, a beer or a flag. Rush Limbaugh alone will make Hilburn a household name and famous beyond his wildest dreams.
“Worst fake I’ve ever seen.”
Kevin Kietzman, on KSU’s failed fake field goal, Twitter
“It was my fault. I went for the fake field goal and in hindsight it wasn’t a good call. That wasn’t our players fault. That was mine.”
Bill Snyder, in his postgame presser, K-State Sports Network
GH: While all the talk will be about the salute, Snyder deserves his share of the blame. His defense is in a word, atrocious – and has been since his return as K-State’s head coach. The fake kick either works or it doesn’t. What should concern Cat fans is that this team is not getting better but getting worse. Not unlike what’s happening to Bo Pelini’s Cornhuskers, just on a much more god-awful scale. The only thing that resembles Snyder’s teams of the past is his presence on the sideline.
“Everything we worked for this year has just been thrown in the trash because of an awful referee! … How can a referee throw a flag on a salute?”
Caller Steve, 610 AM
“Look, no one gives a crap about the Pinstripe Bowl. It’s not going to hurt you in recruiting. Overall, who cares? It’s the Pinstripe Bowl. Death to the BCS! It didn’t really cost K-State anything.”
Shan Shariff, responding to the above K-State caller who was upset over the salute penalty, 610 AM
“I think winning bowl games is critically important. So a missed opportunity (for K-State). You don’t get to play in that many bowl games.”
Stan Weber, K-State Sports Network
GH: Bowl games are meaningless to everyone but the winners and losers.
“I’m not sure that we made any substantial improvement.”
Bill Snyder, on his team’s play in the Pinstripe Bowl, K-State Sports Network
GH: I would concur.
“(Bill Snyder) did not address that in any shape or form.”
Wyatt Thompson, explaining to the postgame radio audience that Snyder did not address the salute penalty in his postgame presser, K-State Sports Network
GH: The reason Thompson had to explain why there was no audio of Snyder addressing the salute was because the K-State radio network was late getting to Snyder’s postgame comments (which took place at least 20 minutes after the game concluded) and missed the earliest questions. How does that happen? Inexcusable.
“It’s tough calling a game play-by-play from the end zone. Wyatt deserves a ton of credit.”
Stan Weber, K-State Sports Network
GH: While Thompson was relegated to call the game from an end zone seat at Yankee Stadium, Weber was forced to sit apart from his radio partner in right field. Along with the mountains of snow behind the benches and the slippery frozen field, do we need any more evidence that this is a terrible venue for a bowl game? Does the NCAA greed know no bounds? Again, I call for all college football fans to simply refuse to attend bowl games. We need to starve this giant into submission.
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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15 Responses to OTC: KSU’s Salute Will Become Famous For Right Reasons

  1. harley says:

    cant you ever learn to keep your mouth shut. You only show how ridiculous your writing is.
    You have to be a complete idiot to believe what the receiver did was a “patriotic salute”!
    Was the flag right by the end zone. Was he about to enlist. Did he really give a fuck about the
    troops in afghanistan. Hardly a patriot salute…..the kid had no intention of portraying
    his patriotism after catching a touchdown pass….get real. Just like the Denver Broncos
    salute had nothing to do with patriotism.
    And this goofball stan weber..a second rate borrrrrring announcer….puts most poeple to sleep.
    Can’t kstate do any better?
    Your c omments about snyder show how shallow your analsis is. K state got to a bowl this year…
    when was the last time they got to one? They beat some big teams this year…and did it without
    a top notch quarterback like he had in bishop.
    As far as the game it was a pretty exciting game . Lots of offense and back and forth action…
    what can you expect from 2 3rd tier teams.
    As far as yankee stadium…that was pretty cool too. They got hit with a major blizzard and those things
    happen every 10 years. So anyone with intelligence understands in new york…theres no where to
    take the snow…so it was packed behind the benches….
    Kansas is 400 million in debt. Brownback is going to slash education budgets with a long sharp knife.
    These bowls pay good money to the schools to participate. the schools also get an additional
    time to get money from supporters and boosters. Snyder loves the bowls because it gives his team
    an extra 4 weeks of practices for the next season.
    Why would you say this wasn’t good for k state? It was…national exposure….money paid to the
    university…..enthusiasm for the team….plus added revenue for the school.
    Its all about money. And K state looked good. Its all about money…so stop the torturous
    phony crybaby analysis about cutting off these bowl games. If you don’t like them….don’t watch them and
    stop telling fans what to do with their money.
    Bad calls happen in all games……probably in every game. AS an MU fan i’ve become so impervious to
    bad calls they don’t affect me any more. The ones in the iowa game included. so thats the way it goes.
    A poor football program got some added exposure…and a free trip to the real “big apple” and they
    got a bum call. Move on!
    And no…hillburn will not become famous. Noone cares. Noone looked at it as patriotic except you and
    writer from the star.
    Happy new year.!

  2. john says:

    Big 12………………….OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!
    Seems like no one but OK State wants to win a bowl game in the Big 12…………

  3. John Altevogt says:

    Death to political correctness
    It’s time to get PC out of sports. Eliminate Title IX, get rid of these stupid no celebration rules and let the kids have a little fun. These refs were morons for calling something so childish. Death to political correctness.

  4. chuck says:

    Death to political correctness and to Bowls too.

  5. bschloz says:

    NCAA Blows
    Was listening to the game when they made the call…..what a disappointment. The other refs should of huddled on that and bailed that guy out. Right is Right. I understand next year they will take away the touchdown ….figures. Makes about as much sense as Michael Jordan’s Mustache WTF?
    Greg…great work this year….Happy New Year to you and all of my fans and disciples!

  6. Gavin says:

    Holy Shit! I agree with jojo!
    Or at least I did before I couldn’t read anymore and the urge to giuge out my own eyes was too strong.

    Seriously, though, that was NOT a “patriotic” salute. K-State got totally jobbed and that was one of the more ridiculous calls this season,but there was no more patriotic intent in that gesture than there is in rooting for a team whose colors happen to be red or blue.

  7. Gavin says:

    That Last Comment…
    Was made by me. It sure would be great if KCC provided us with some way to identify ourselves.


  8. Greg says:

    K-State’s unique bond w/ US military
    K-State’s sports teams all wear a patch of some member of our armed forces through their close ties to Fort Riley. One of the officers phoned into Nate Bukaty’s show Friday morning and explained how proud he was to see the K-State receiver salute the military person his patch represents. I’m going to side with the officer over jojo on this one. I don’t see where a young man proudly clipping off a respectful salute should ever be penalized inside the borders of our country.


  9. halrey says:

    come on hall….get real
    that was not about patriotism. never did it before….never did it period. And no team has done
    it to show patriotism. Its just an excuse for a stupid play on the part of hillburn. I guarantee that
    his salute was not any way intending to be patriotic. Had he scored other touchdowns and done
    the same salute…did the broncos do it for patriotism…has any one of a thousand players done
    it for patritism…..no way.
    so cut the bull shit. If he said the plegde of allegiance after the score…or pulled ouit an amercian
    flag…or sang the star bangled banner….okay i can see it….this guy never thought about that
    and even in his commkents after the game never mentioned it.
    It was a bad call….totally unneeded…..something not even worthy of a penalty….so now the k state
    fans blow it up….and forgetting they still had to score a 2 pointer to tie the score…
    we’ve been there….but the calls against mu were more agregious….actually cost them the game.
    So you k state fans just shut up…take it…move on…and be glad for the new year….
    trying to spin this into a patriotic issue is idiotic and of course with hall its his attempt to
    make himself not look like a jerk…..
    Hall….you’re stretching it…now get back to your typewriter and get some more b.s. out.

  10. harley says:

    and many teams wear an american flag on their uniforms and they never use the salute…
    the guy made a gesture…and it had nothing to do with patriotism in any way (according to hillburn)
    and now you want to spin this as something anti american…something against america….
    be honest…just a stupid fucking call by the refs and let it go at that.
    And stop trying to make shit up to suit your inccorrect reporting…you’re starting tov remind
    everyone of tony botello……stop

  11. R.H. says:

    Reply to Q
    Q, what in the hell are you writing? Far be it for me to say this, and I will say it, Greg has seen more games than you ever will.

    By the way, it’s quite amusing to have a Mizzou fan write such a long diatribe without really getting to the point of your comment.

    Your 2011 resolution Q should be to write a comment 350 words or less.

    No one cares what you wrote because it didn’t make a lick of sense.

  12. Kerouac says:

    Same story, different game
    I love the smell of law & order – and enforcement of rules on the football field as in society – in the morning, noon & at night.

    The official’s call wasn’t wrong or ridiculous – the player was, x2.

    Whether grandstanding, stupidity, amnesia, and/or a copious lack of self-control, it seems as if these (to quote Jed’s nephew Jethro) budding ‘college gradgeeates’ never learn. It is officials alone who have the latitude to interpret- not players, fans, pundits, etc. When in doubt, restraint should dictate/rule. Shy said, nimrods portend.

    Everyone already knows this aspect is being monitored by the officials… to not abide for whatever lame reason begets poetic justice aft the fact. It is no different than what Marty Schottenheimer used to opine about the Oakland Raiders: they will always do something stupid when the game is on the line, i.e., wait long enough & they’ll shoot themselves in the foot.

    If a player can’t be trusted to know the situation/circumstance when a game hangs in the balance, you get an outcome such as this.

  13. John Doe says:

    Inconsistent Officiating
    During the UNC-Tennessee game, the Tennessee players made numerous gestures after plays, including salutes and a throat slash. No penalties were called. On Syracuse’s first touchdown, after crossing the goal line the receiver dropped the ball and made a gesture to the crowd with crossed hands. It took about as long as the K-State salute. But no flag was thrown.

    Both crews were from the Big Ten and were presumably trained to interpret the excessive celebration rule the same way. But neither Syracuse nor Tennesee were called infractions. The nicest spin you can put on the K-State call is that the referees in that game were terribly inconsistent, overlooking the Syracuse gesture but flagging K-State’s. Another way to look at it is that the team with the stronger crowd support got the benefit of the doubt in both games.

  14. kcredsox says:

    Kansas State receiver caught a long ball along the sidelines in the 4th quarter (I think) and spiked the ball. Never got called for an unsportsmanlike penalty. Even the announcers said something about it at the time.

  15. Cliffy says:

    Patriotic gesture?
    C’mon, Greg. Sometimes you come across as just another dumb jock.


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