NEW JACK CITY: Top Movie Picks For 2010

 We shoveled a lot of Tinseltown’s manure earlier this week which made some of you wonder whether I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling and gotten grumpy.

Jaded? Maybe. Grumpy? Not so much. I still know what I like and what stinks.

What’s good and what blows.

To prove my point I proudly submit my top 10 picks of favorite movies during the past year.

This time, the criteria is that I attended the particular screening going in expecting just another movie. Instead I was MORE than just pleasantly surprised by the picture’s all-around entertainment value!

First runner-up at # 11—THE GHOST WRITER—Roman Polanski’s political thriller of sexual intrigue starred Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Kim Cattrell, Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Hutton and Eli Wallach.

If you’re among the many who missed this film during its limited release in Kansas City, be sure to check it out on DVD.

# 10: DESPICABLE ME—A terrific good vs. evil animated feature for all ages.

# 9: CONVICTIONHilary Swank’s best performance since MILLION DOLLAR BABY and Sam Rockwell worthy of a best supporting actor nomination as her wrongly convicted brother.

# 8: IRON MAN 2—Worthy sequel with Robert Downey, Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Mickey Rourke delivering above expectations!

# 7: THE KING’S SPEECHColin Firth as King George VI with speech malfunction nails it. Meanwhile Geoffrey Rush as his speech therapist is great. Both should and WILL be nominated for Oscars!

# 6: THE FIGHTER—Definitely not your typical boxing movie. Way better! Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams and especially Christian Bale were TERRIFIC!

# 5: SECRETARIATDiane Lane and John Malkovich in a great story / great movie! It deserved to do a whole lot better than it did at the box office. Excellent DVD rental.

# 4: TOY STORY 3Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and PIXAR. Brought me to tears at the end while Disney was laughing all the way to the bank.

# 3: THE TOWN—Best police action/bank robber thriller in ages! Ben Affleck on top of his game as both actor and director.

# 2: THE SOCIAL NETWORKJesse Eisenberg IS Mark Zuckerberg here! Longest script of the year: 184 pages which translates into a lot of ‘talk’ on the screen—but it’s fascinating talk plus great ensemble casting including Justin Timberlake who’s getting better with each picture in which he appears.

And my favorite movie of 2010?

# 1 in MY book: The Coen brother’s TRUE GRIT starring Jeff Bridges as ‘Rooster Cogburn’ with Hailee Steinfeld terrific as ‘Mattie Ross.’

These 11 movies made up for a whole lot of soul searching of why I’m spending all this time in darkened screening rooms sitting through hours upon hours of mind numbing celluloid.


So how did I do?

Let me know if we’re on the same page when it came to the good movies of 2010.

And thanks for reading me here on KCCONFIDENTIAL.COM and listening to Jack Goes To The Movies on KMBZ, KUDL, KXTR and Time-Warner Cable’s K.C. ON DEMAND.

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6 Responses to NEW JACK CITY: Top Movie Picks For 2010

  1. chuck says:

    True Grit was SO C O O L!!
    The photography and production values were teh best.

    Loved Ghost Writer, Like the list too Jack–I don’t know about Iron Man anything,,,,jeeze…

    Gotta see The King’s Speech.



  2. mark x says:

    No arguement …
    TRUE GRIT …is the best.

    The Coen Brothers strike again! Taking on the Western, the classic American genre, and score. Score big! Who would have thought they could pull it off. What can’t they do?

    Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn? Sacrilege!!! … but he does it!! This movie just blew me away …

    Mark X

  3. Greg says:

    Rooster crows
    True Grit is the best movie I saw in 2010. Loved every scene. I laughed so often I made a spectacle of myself. The dialogue and Mattie’s delivery were exceptional.

    Also loved Tangled, a great story and fun characters. Karate Kid surprised me in that it was even better than original. The Fighter had the best cast in any movie I saw. Whoever cast the sisters deserves an Oscar. Kings Speech disappointed me in that it was an 8 and not a 10. Was Star Trek this year? I think it was 2009 but that was a helluva good time. Another sleeper was Leap Year. Very good romantic comedy.

    A huge disappointment for me was The Kids Are All Right. What a complete mess of a movie. None of the scenarios were believable or even made sense. Why this film drew critical raves is dumbfounding.

    Still need to see Social Network. Pretty sure I’ll enjoy that one.

  4. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Jack, did you really write this?
    Jack Poessiger, THE Jack Poessiger? How could you leave Winter’s Bone off this list? Or 127 Hours? Say it ain’t so Jack…seeing Iron Man 2 on your list of Best Movies for 2010 breaks my heart.

  5. jack poessiger says:

    movie list
    Hey I like a nice piece of brain candy every so often.
    So I got a kick out of” “Iron Man 2″…and I’m not making any apologies for it.

  6. Cliffy says:

    Watched The Town on your recommendation here.
    It is not deserving of a Top Ten list. but you got #1 right. True Grit is truly great.


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