Glazer: Right, Wrong – What’s the Difference; Go Chiefs!

Great year overall for the Kansas City Chiefs! 

General manager Scott Pioli and coach Todd Haley have shown us they are for real. As in they know what they’re dong.  And even if you are like me – someone who didn’t think this team would do this well –  you have to admit, great work from the staff and players.

Now a confession…

In fairness to you guys, NO I WAS NOT ON THE BANDWAGON when the season started. You may recall in the pre-season I called them "THE MESS." 

I was wrong.

Later I labeled them as average. That too was wrong.

They are a good team, not a great team. One that has gotten better as the season draws to an end. So unlike some people, I have to say, I was wrong about these guys.

On a couple big issues, I was correct. In the local media, it seems only, well, ME, stayed behind Cassel.

My only negative articles – go ahead and check – said that Matt didn’t want to be here, that he had some off field issues.  I also wrote about the fact that it’s tough to come to a team that had nothing going for it. Nothing. His first year, here was so awful. Not because of Matt, but because he had no help.

THE FRANCHISE had to adjust his throws to float up high because none of his receivers could get open. That’s why he put them up so high, so his receivers could try and out jump the defenders. It usually didn’t work, but he tried. He also had no protection and no running back until late in the year with Jamaal Charles.

Oh yeah, and the Chiefs didn’t have much defense either. It was a mess.

We all know this season that things got much better in pretty much every area. No its not perfect or even outstanding. But one gets the feeling it soon will be. THE FRANCHISE will lead the way. Yes he is outstanding.


This year the game is a week before the Super Bowl. Quarterbacks will not play in the game due to that issue. So likely Tom Brady, who hates those games anyways, won’t be playing. He’ll be getting ready for the Super Bowl.

That is, unless Matt Cassel is getting ready for the game in Dallas instead of Hawaii.

I hope so. And I hope Haley gets coach of the year, too.

Happy New Year Folks.

(PS I think the Chiefs may have checked in on this site and sat Dwayne Bowe down about his private life. And maybe, just maybe, they agreed with me that we should try the bigger backs on 3rd and 4th down and near the goal line in the Red Zone, because all that has happened.

Nah, they figured it out on their own. Let’s win this home game and go from there Chiefs
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8 Responses to Glazer: Right, Wrong – What’s the Difference; Go Chiefs!

  1. Rainbow Man says:

    write it down
    The AFC Championshiop Game is VERY feasible… and if everything clicks just right…. well…. I won’t say it.
    Something very special is taking place here.
    Read the SI article about Scott Pioli if you have not…. Then you will understand what is happening here….

  2. Kerouac says:

    A Progress to decline
    “Glazer: Right, Wrong – What’s the Difference; Go Chiefs!”

    – legit opposition or tomato cans… no matter. Earned or finagled, a(ny) w is a W. End justifies the means, as long as we get to post season. There in a few words a picture of what is wrong with pro football and indeed all sports/fandom 21st century. Our city/team’s case, one borne of a desperation now numbering 40 years that makes many fans so pathetic their neediness they would suspend their disbelief (i.e., the reality being that kcindy is a fraud) just as the NFL sold their $oul years ago.

    It’s been heading this direction (downhill) for quite awhile now – since no later than 1969 my opine & I would argue since 1966 when the AFL agreed to merge with the NFL…all in the name of $hekel$. More teams, players, games, postseason qualifiers & an on-field product that quality-wise has diminished the game once was.

    MLB split from one division in each league to 4 total in 1969 – the hope it would allow more teams/their fan$ to remain intere$ted due to the greater likelihood (insert your favorite team) might be able to (via easier means) potentially reach post season. The year before, they messed with the game itself by lowering the pitching mound… can’t have 31 game winners & 1.12 era’s – fan$ want ACTION! To hell with other considerations. It may have eventually proven to be an economically necessarily move, but regardless, in the process something is/was lost.

    One can look at 2005 when the NL’s San Diego Padres made post season, winning the West Division with an ‘winning’ record; that ‘well anything can happen once a team gets to post season’ plea was faint affirmation when the Padres got swept 3 straight games. One could say they didn’t deserve to be there – but then that doesn’t matter because ‘getting there’ is all that matter$$$$$. Right.

    1969 was the same year the AFL’s one-year special playoff format allowed the Chiefs to reach post season at all – otherwise, Kansas City would still to this day ‘not’ be able to claim a football championship. Truth is, even as a fan of the Chiefs since 1963, I know that in 1969 the Oakland Raiders were the better team – probably the best team in all of football as even Hank Stram himself stated. It’s hard to acknowledge that your team in essence ‘backed into’ its only Championship… it is also the truth.

    2010 NFL, the NFC West Division winner will finish no better than .500 and possibly sub .500 w / L. Doesn’t matter, they’ll be in the post season – unless they lose and their competition wins (a team now 6-9 as we speak.) Ditto for a ‘winning record’ a kcindy – one built upon the backs of 10 tomato cans as in winless and sub .500 teams; when they played teams with a pulse any .500, and one team all season long that had a winning record and then just one game above .500, their 2-4 w / L mark affirms the relevance said.

    This is an indictment kcindy for certain & too the NFL as league. I’m embarrassed for my team as such for they ‘deserve’? to be in post season based on their hollow w / L 2010 just like those Padres of 2005 MLB. Yes, miracles can happen: my LA Dodgers won the World Series 1988 though they were clearly an inferior team compared the OAK’s A’s. That they won like the ’69 NY Jets & Mets same and like the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team does not resonate with renown: best team for a moment in time or day or series does not equate with greatness these cases. Those teams were fortunate however you define said – not ‘better’ the classic sense than the teams they managed overcome. Hence, all w’s are ‘not’ created equal just as all L’s are not same; it does matter to me.

    This ‘dumbing down’ as it were ‘quality’ in sport America in the name of added revenue via added teams & added fans subsidization is why this fan has so little respect for the ‘game’ all sports as it is configured now. I’ve said before (and only half joking) that the day will come sooner than later when ALL 32 teams NFL (perhaps ditto all sports) will qualify for postseason – for all the $ame reasons given afore. This will of necessity relegate all a teams regular season games anti-climactic – a ‘PRE-post season’ season if you will, as a crowded post season for the ages unfolds. No child/team left behind, everyone’s a winner one $ort or another.

    Right, wrong what’s the difference?

    Nothing, if you embrace instant gratification & mediocrity.

    Obviously some fans do – even many perhaps – not all.

    Having seen ‘the game’ when it was less adulterated, accepting the C**P that passes for quality today I shall never embrace, my town/team kc(indy) or any.

    Happy New Year.

  3. harley says:

    You’ve been wrong too many times this year. Way too many times!
    So let me set you and my readers straight…
    1. The transformation of the chiefs began when clark decided to bring in crennel and
    weiss. both proven winners as coordinators…maybe not so successful as head coaches.
    They took the reins from haley and relieved him of any pressure to have to evaluate talent.
    Weiss saw an amazing opportunity to take this team to the next level. He knew he had
    a great running back in charles…but he also knew that charles was another priest holmes…
    great for a short amount of time but probably not able to withstand the wear and tear of
    the nfl for too many years. Hence they catch a great catch in jones…who can come in
    and bang up the defense and allow charles fewer chances at injury. Look at the top running
    backs in the nfl and they are taking huge hits on a weekly basis. Eventually with the size and
    speed and strength of todays defensive players they can only last solong before the injuries
    eat them up. so he’s got the #1 rushing attack in the league. He then evaluated the offesive
    line….he sees potential but knows he needs experience. He shapes them up….shows them
    how to keep the qb clean for 4-5 seconds and cassell finally has some time to throw.
    Weiss sees cassell as a top qb…not based on big stats but based on his ab ility to think.
    He’s not learned any bad habits up til now because he’s hardly palyed. He’s on the bench for
    all but one of his years and he’s rteally a prime student to learn how to be a great qb.
    Weiss realizes the nfl qb don’t make yard before the catch…its after the catch…and hence shortens
    the chiefs recievers routes making the percentage of completeion s go up. Sees what eagles did
    with maclin and realizes he needs speed also…so chiefs get a punt returner and probaly one of the
    speedy receivers with a huge upside. Just complete the pass in the open field to your players and
    let them get in open space and run like hell. Hence casselll doesnt need 6 seconds in the pocket
    anyomore and he can throw shorter more efficient passes. aLSO….note the incredible blocking done by
    bowe and the other receivers to make those short passes successful. and finally bowe…haley keeps working
    him….he did it at arizona and finally bowe realizes his road to greatness lies in one person…todd haley who
    keeps pushing this guy and keeps feeding him til he finally understands what being a great receiever is about.
    Weiss knews they neededspeed and they got it…something sorely lackeing under previous
    On the defense you have crennel…who knows talent. Remember…both these coordinators operated
    under systems where 25-30% of the team turned over every year. so bringing in new players didn’t
    affect them. Crennel saw that he had big upsdie in defensive line…but realized they were essentially
    lazy. so he puts them thru one of the most rigorous camps ever to get them in shape.
    And he’s got a secret weapon…gary gibbs as linebacker coach…the guy who built the new orleans
    defense before he got screwed by sean in new orleans. this guy knows how to coach linebackers..
    and knows how to get them ready to play….so the linebackers seem to be in the right places all
    season long which they were not in 2009.
    crennel takes a chance on d backs…young but hungry. It has paid off so far this season but in the
    playoffs the cheifs fortune will rest on their d backs…if they play above their heads…chiefs win…
    but pitt/ny jets/brady/ravens have qb’s that can eat their lunch. the trail to the afc championship
    goes not thru the offense…but thru the d backs of kc….they do well..the team does well.
    clark understood that it all works from the top down. QB’s don’t call plays…they hand off the ball
    half the time…pass it half the time…so they essentially are not involved vin plays 50% OF THE TIME .
    The cheifs now are poised for some big things. Possibly beating their first opponent in the
    playoffs. Watch the d backs…thats what wil lset the tone… longer will chiefs face terrible
    receivers…but some of the best in the league. Clark brings in the guys who can shape this team
    and they do it…..truth is this team has had talent…just it wasnt used to the teams advantage.
    Mr. Glass should pay attention. The revolving door at royals stadium is a mess. Until he wakes
    up and realizes that his manager has no idea how to run a team…that he’s never been a winner…
    that he can’t evaluate talent….then its all for naught. rumaging thru the other teams prospects does
    not build a team…its merely trying to clean up a shot gun wound with a band aid. Until this changes
    we are doomed to mediocrity….but a football strike nxt year means huge extra dollars for glass…and
    he knows this.
    Attendance at arrowhead has been dismal….but this is because they have not put a good product
    on the field consistently. but that will change. the economy is killing them. but this last weekends
    game against tennessee (whiie still being a home game) drew SUPER BOWL VIEWING NUMBERS…
    sO my outlook for 2011 is as follows:
    1. chiefs face a much tougher schedule…could mean more losses but if crenel and weiss stay on
    and don’t leave for head coaching jobs the cheifs get another huge draft and another big time
    receiver…then its increedible the upside
    2. royals: critical year…they have to produce…they need to show vsomething more than they’ve
    shown…but a football sttrike helps them….I don’t look fro a huge improvement but hopefully moore
    can catch some luck (and baseball is all about luck) in a bottle and they can improve next year.
    3. THE ECONOMY: i have looked at the economic numbers and they show me that 2011 could
    be a huge year. Politics will continue to cost us billions because the 2 parties cona’t get along.
    the automotive sector is set to explode because subprime financing is coming back with a vengance.
    The housig sector should start to improve in the spring…but it all depends on the havoc wreaked
    by the lenderws and their corrupt business practices.
    Desspite the unemployment numbers I am seeing thsi across the nation. We may have 9.8?
    unemployment but many many companies are having problems finding qualified people.
    There may be large numbers of people applying for those open postions but the quality is
    attrocious. I hear this from companies in orlando/tampa/chicago/seatle and other major cities.
    What is happening is we are going to face a massive shortage of talent. and this could
    hurt our economy. We need more advanceddegree people quickly. Doctors..nurses….
    engineeers (to help build indias and chinas infrastructure)/scientists etc. because as
    technology advances beyond our wildest dreams we need more people who can
    handle this. Politically…i forsee the tea party starting to destroy the republican party.
    Once these tea partiers come to washington and see the true corruption/greed and
    waste they will either 1. Join in with the insiders and enjoy the money and perks 2. Scream and
    yell about the culture of this nation and force this country to realize its being run for the
    bettering of the 2% of the high income citizens. Watch for the suits against offshore banking
    to become huge….the major corps in this nation are sending all their profits offshore and not
    paying any taxes and then bringing those profits back into this country at about a 5.3%
    rate. and guess who pays for that….the 98% of us suckers who havent got a voice
    Its going to be a great year. I’m not making any new years resolutions this time. Ive found that
    come january 24th (blue monday) i get depressed because nothings changed.
    Happy new year to all my fans/disciples/readers and followers.

  4. Eric says:

    I don’t read sports ‘columns’ by someone that thought Joe Montana was the Chief’s quarterback in 2003

  5. Robertoe says:

    “So let me set you and my readers straight…”

    What makes u think u have readers?

    I don’t read ‘sports columns’ from self appointed blowhard blog commentators.

    And, increasingly, I don’t read comments sections when no one knows who’s posting what.

    Hey Hearne! You’re the Matt Cassel here. Make the tech handoff to Maria and let her run with it!


  6. Osteoderaro says:

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  7. symnTyday says:

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