OTC: Chiefs Conquer Doubt & AFC West


David Climer: Titans' early wins defy belief “Kansas City deserves this. You deserve this. We deserve this. Sports has meant so much anguish over the years here, so much disappointment, so who cares if we still can’t be sure how this will end?”
Sam Mellinger, columnist, Kansas City Star
GH: There was a time when winning the AFC West was routine for our Kansas City Chiefs. That "time" was almost a generation ago. My 16-year-old son (and yours) has never known the Chiefs or Royals to be anything more than a disappointment. This triumph too may prove to be nothing more than a blip caused by fortuitous scheduling and a putrid division. But not today. Not this week. Not this year. Today we breathe the winter winds as champions. Champions of the NFL’s American Football Conference West. Champions do not apologize. Champions simply reign.
 “K.C. goes from chumps to champs.”
Headline, Omaha World Herald
“I thought that was maybe their best opening drive of the season – and I’m talking about the play calling.”
Jack Harry, on the Chiefs 7-play, 69-yard, TD drive to open the game, 810 AM
GH: This was the Chiefs’ best drive of the season. All the pressure sat atop Cassel and the Chiefs’ offense to get this team a win. The Titans chose to give the Chiefs the football after winning the coin toss. That proved to be a fatal error. You could not witness that opening drive and dream that maybe, just maybe, things will be different this time.
“(The Chiefs) came out and formationed them to pieces! They created windows and scenarios. I can’t say enough about where this team has come offensively from.”
Bill Maas, 810 AM
“Has Cassel Already Lost This City?”
Headline, atop an OTC column I penned in August, KCC.com
GH: The question then was a valid one. Cassel did little in September to ally my fears. But what he’s done in December has made us all (or most all) believers. And proud.
“Matt Cassel is having a Pro-Bowl like year. … I certainly think he’s making an argument here for a Pro-Bowl berth. He has been spectacular.”
Rich Gannon, TV analyst and former All-Pro quarterback, CBS
“It has to go to Matt Cassel.”
Bill Maas, when asked to choose the Chiefs MVP for the season, 610 AM
GH: No one in the media with credentials was tougher on Matt Cassel from day one than Maas. To win over this grizzled NFL veteran’s respect is impressive. But is it accurate?
“It’s got to be Jamaal Charles.”
Jayice Pearson, when asked to name the Chiefs MVP, 610 AM
GH: Pearson and Maas made their pronouncements on different days. I would enjoy hearing the two ex-Chiefs debate this topic. After season after season when a Chiefs MVP appeared to be an oxymoron, we now have hope that this young team is telling The Clarks to clear room in that Hall of Honor for the next generation.
“I think the biggest reason for the turnaround here in Kansas City has been ball protection – and that starts with the quarterback”
Rich Gannon, CBS
GH: And ends with Shaun Smith.
“Let me tell you, Shaun Smith, big Shaun Smith number 90, played lights out today! They could not handle him!”
Richard Baldinger, on the Chiefs defensive lineman, Metro Sports
“I think Shaun Smith is the epitome of what Todd Haley wants in your average player. He’s a guy that Todd Haley says, ‘Look, you’re gonna have your superstars and you’re gonna have your other guys. And I want those other guys to give every last bit of everything they have every time they’re out on the field every single play.’ I think you see that with Shaun Smith. It’s not athletic. It’s not graceful. It’s just a big mass of nastiness.”
Bill Maas, 810 AM
GH: Smith was thought of as little more than a journeymen fill-in when the Chiefs acquired him from Cleveland. But this Round Mound of Sound (that Deep Freeze nickname has got to go) has gone from invisible to invincible as a Chief – and has quickly endeared himself to a fan base starving for a folk hero.
“It might have been a little bit aggressive there taking Matt Cassel out.”
Rich Gannon, after Brodie Croyle quickly tossed a tipped interception upon Cassel’s departure, CBS
GH: Cassel was seen vehemently arguing with Todd Haley after he was removed. Gannon seemed unaware that Haley benched Cassel for any other reason than to protect him with a 20-point lead. Cassel’s sideline ire toward his head coach did not give the indication he was being protected.
“Something was up. (Haley) didn’t like the way (Cassel) was checking out of plays or maybe Matt Cassel was showing some discomfort. Maybe Todd Haley was doing something completely outside the box and unorthodox, thinking maybe we’ve got this game.”
Danny Clinkscale, speculating on why Haley might have removed Cassel, 810 AM
“Mo Carthon had to restrain (Matt Cassel) (on the sideline from arguing with Haley). I’m sorry to see that. I really am. This was to be a celebration.”
Jack Harry, on Cassel’s disgust in being benched, 810 AM
“I loved seeing Matt go after Todd Haley on the sideline!”
Shan Shariff, 610 AM
“Gotta love a qb going after his coach. Haley’s building even more chemistry and attitude.”
Kevin Kietzman, Twitter
GH: Mad Jack saw Cassel’s anger toward his coach as disappointing while Shariff and Kietzman saw it as endearing. Sports is like that. We all have our own idea of what’s good, what’s bad and what’s entertaining.
"Only one man is permitted to jump into the stands."
Referee, following Dwayne Bowe’s TD leap into the stands that was followed by Dexter and Cassel joining him in the end zone seats, CBS
GH: This rule needs to change – especially before the playoff game at Arrowhead this January. (Did I just write that?) Teams as downtrodden as the Chiefs deserve special dispensation from Pope Goodell to allow multiple men, woman, children and mascots to leap into the stands as often as possible after TDs, FGs, safeties and time outs.
“You can’t make any plays with your sideline cape on.”
Rich Gannon, citing Randy Moss on the Titans’ sideline much of the game, CBS
GH: Gannon must not be aware of the Jets’ unique brand of football.
“If anyone is mad at Jon McGraw, get a life. That is the way a vet takes control of a douche on the other team worth the 15 yds.”
Bob Fescoe, after the Chiefs safety put a cheap shot hit on a defenseless Titan who was on one kneel at the time, at Twitter
GH: The Titan player had been flagged the play before for pushing a Chiefs’ player as he came to another Titans’ defense. It all looked pretty harmless. But McGraw’s hit was cheap. Big time cheap. Fescoe’s tweet made me painfully aware he’s not from around here and was raised in a far different environment. I have no excuse for the Manhattan, Kansas native, McGraw.
"Sometimes that can happen on a cold day."
Rich Gannon, as Succup’s long field goal attempt falls just short, CBS
GH: George Costanza calls that "shrinkage."
“Somebody has their U-Haul packed.”
Boomer Esiason, on the Titans lackluster performance with the Chiefs up 31-7 at the half, CBS
“Jeff Fisher shows some class here and surrenders.”
Mitch Holthus, as Tennessee took a knee to run out the clock, Chiefs Radio Network
GH: Class? Since when is it classy for a healthy squad to surrender a football game? I will never understand the losing team taking a knee simply to get to the locker room in haste. It takes more ass than class if that’s my team waving the white flag. Fisher needs to retire and take his Elvis shades with him.
“Now you want me to turn into a fan.”
Shan Shariff, responding to a caller who was upset because Shariff has been pessimistic most of the season about the Chiefs’ success, 610 AM
GH: It is not Shariff’s job nor any of the media’s to love the Chiefs unconditionally. We have every type of media person reporting and commenting on the Chiefs here in KC. Shariff is a newcomer who has no allegiances toward the local squads. It is not a requirement to do good radio. At times, being too much of a fan can be detrimental to quality reporting and commenting. Read on.
“If you wanna congratulate the Chiefs in person, go to the Juke House in the Jazz District for the official team party thrown by @AllStarCuts … If you’re a Chiefs fan and you don’t come to the juke house tonight at 18th and vine you’re playing yourself.”
Nick Wright, Twitter
GH: No one in the local media is a bigger jock sniffer than Nick Wright. Following the team around during their off-hours is not professional. It’s just kind of weird.
“Go f*ck yourself, San Diego — Ron Burgundy and Steven St.John.”
Steven St. John, Twitter
GH: I’m sure SSJ thought this was clever but I thought it was lame. Sometimes you have to grow beyond the fan you were at 19 and act like you’re a professional broadcaster. Or maybe all the time.
“So, you’ve got some $ in your pocket and you wanna go to a Chiefs game… Will you choose Raiders game or playoff game?”
Todd Leabo, Twitter
GH: I still think the Chiefs will have trouble selling out Arrowhead even for the first playoff game. But that says nothing about the excitement level of this city and everything about how screwed up the NFL is when it comes to pricing their product beyond their customers’ means.
“Hey Jakey, Leawood Zone for Arsenal v Chelski tomorrow? 1:55 on ESPN.”
Nate Bukaty, Twitter
GH: This is who 810 morning listeners will be stuck with all week while St. John and Jake Gutierrez take their annual year-end vacations. I think I’ll sleep in.
“What I’m trying to tell you, @mellinger, is that I didn’t see that happening. Not six months ago, not six weeks ago. I’ll admit it.
Kent Babb, Twitter
GH: Me neither. But I’m damn happy to be wrong on this one.
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / Greghall24
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26 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Conquer Doubt & AFC West

  1. harley says:

    WTF….wrong on this one? Are you serious?

    THIS ONE? HOW ABOUT ‘those 100 wrong calls”…..hopefully things are well in platee country
    because if you had to make money betting yooud be broke.

    Now admit all your mistakes and move on. And hopefully Glazer will let you use his fake hairpiece when
    he gets his new one in 2011. Bot don’t let him talk you into wearing the full length leather coat.
    YOur wife might get mad when you become a magnet for large breasted asians in leather.

    seriusly…happy new year…..may god shine a light on your life….and may your predictions in 2011 get

  2. harley says:

    Constanzas line about shrinkage had nothing to do with the weather…it had to do with
    Thanks to everyone.

  3. mark says:

    Hail the Chiefs …
    1) Cassel %u2013 has improved 100% since he arrived in KC last year. I never was a fan of his, but am now, he has won me over this year. Matt Cassel of December 2010 is not the same Matt Cassel of August 2009. The reason -it%u2019s called development, something the Chiefs have never truly done before with its QBs. Good coaching, working with him & not demanding/expecting him to do more than he can do, and experience equal a fine quarterback. Pro bowler? If he continues improvement at this rate, definitely next year.

    2) Haley %u2013ditto, he too has improved 100% since he arrived in KC last year. He was lost last year too. When he fired Chan Gailey last year and decided he was going to be OC, I gave up on him. That was a rookie mistake and obviously he learned from it. He too, is a work in progress. But his hiring Crennel & Weis changed my mind and IMHO is the reason for the quick turnaround. Period. He is not a great coach, be he too, is just a rookie with 2 years experience %u2026 too early to tell if he will ever be a great coach or not. My final judgment is still reserved on Haley.

    3) Pioli %u2013has made some awesome personal moves. I think the 2010 will be looked back on as the best draft , overall, for the Chiefs since the 1960s. Pioli is so refreshing after decades of King Carl. He just does his job and keeps his mouth shut. And special mention to Clark Hunt. I wasn%u2019t sure about him. But he seems to know how to run a team too. Allow your staff to run your team, don%u2019t get personally involved in the daily team decisions, and defer to managers & coaches. One never knows how a trust fund kid, that never really worked, will handle responsibility. Seems his old man raised him right. Thank you, Lamar.

  4. Cliffy says:

    Congrats Chiefs.
    I was among the doubters. Yesterday was impressive.

    I still think Haley is a punk and that the real credit goes to Pioli for hiring Crenell and Weis. But at this point, who cares?

    Playoff game at Arrowhead? This is gonna be fun.

  5. daSkip says:

    Dig the Hall
    As a KC native that has lived away for 10 years, I’ve finally found a one stop source for my local sports fix. Hall’s column has become a must read! Nice work, a great recap of both sports and the local radio scene.
    Side note- great to hear that Maas is back on Radio (probably been a while- forgive my finding out so late). He was always one of my favorites- funny, outspoken, and informed. I always thought he would make it big time- despite some personal issues.
    Go Chiefs!!

  6. Kerouac says:

    outside the confines of kcindy; the cruelest blow of all remains to be delivered… the day aft the crushing end kcindy’s season and the forced return to reality local yokels form of scribes, tin throats and hairdos ought to be hilarious to read/watch/listen to.

    “so who cares if we still can%u2019t be sure how this will end?%u201D (Mellinger) – ‘not sure’? Lemme help; BADLY. Drinking kool-aid while typing is a deadly combination mellinger…it ends one week aft one last bum of the week opponent/advett post season REALITY – and HOW.

    “This triumph too may prove to be nothing more than a blip caused by fortuitous scheduling and a putrid division.” (GH) – I’m afraid so… we are not ready for prime time players – kcindy be little theatre in an Oscar level NFL world, a pair of brown shoes at a black tux formal… a MIRAGE

    “K.C. goes from chumps to champs.%u201D (Headline, Omaha World Herald) – from rags to riches to post season b*****s all in one fell swoop…

    “No one in the media with credentials was tougher on Matt Cassel from day one than Maas. To win over this grizzled NFL veteran%u2019s respect is impressive. But is it accurate?” (GH) – ca$$el threw 3 more INTS yesterday – TENN dropped all of them. He is no better than he was last year : he remains but a journeyman qb.

    “McGraw%u2019s hit was cheap.” – yup, and this from a veteran and one of the supposed ‘leaders’? on defense… well, if your defensive backfield can’t stop TENN all day long – they beat dinkle-berry deep for 2 more tds yesterday (that makes what, about 8 over him in 2010?) – cheap shot em, huh…

    “Sometimes that can happen on a cold day.” Rich Gannon, as Succup’s long field goal attempt falls just short, CBS – mr. irrelevant is fast living up to his name, as his % success in 2010 is lagging well behind that of 2009, and his kickoffs throughout the season have been weaker than last.

  7. bschloz says:

    HELL YEAH….Keep connecting those dots K– Here’s a dot to connect…ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN THE PLAY-OFFS!
    Haley COACH OF THE YEAR…..CASSEL? looks like a stud to me…..K what network are watching? LOL–CHIEFS BABY!!!….NEW ARROWHEAD BABY—JUST WIN BABY!!!

  8. Kerouac says:

    ESPN’s ‘First Take’ this morning offered up 3 opines not hindered by the kool-aid drinkers glaze(r’s), et al…

    Their words to describe kcindy 2010 –

    “‘They’re a cute story”. – ‘cute’… heh heh heh.

    “They have been the beneficiaries of an incredibly THIN schedule” – no? Sacre bleu! The heck they say dem un-koolaid imbibing national media types!

    “They are the WORST of all the teams in post season” – no doubt this comes as a huge shock to ‘rella-town adherents.

    ( Hit it Jimi ! )

    “Reddish haze infects their brains
    kcindy’s going down the drain
    Acting bad – no reason why
    Gather ’round prepare to watch them die!”

  9. chuck says:

    9:40 is Kerowhackoff
    Come on dude, explain how your Chargers CHOKED, and I mean C H O K E D against a team that Our Little Sisters of the Poor could have taken into deep water. Heh heh…

    I love how the conversation has changed to how bad the winning, winner, who won the AFC West, the Chiefs, are so bad, while his STDiego Chargers are gonna come in 3rd!!!

    STDiego got worked all day like a fuckin rented mule by the the 2nd to worst team in the NFL when STDiego NEEDED the win BAD!!!

    Vincent Jackson fumbles on THE FIRST PLAY, all the way back to the 1 fuckin yard line!!! Great hands dude!!

    Phillip Rivers is doing his best Jake Delhome impression, on a day, when the STDiego Chargers HAD TO WIN!!!

    Too bad they got rid of LaDanien Tomlinson, god did he ever CHOKE EVERY YEAR!!

    Chiefs and Chopper!!! Choke and Chargers!!!

    Chiefs and Chopper!!!! Choke and Chargers!!!!

    CHIEFS AN CHOPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHOKE AND CHARGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You were WRONG all year, every week!!!!

    The only TV you’ll be watching during the playoffs, is all of your Will and Grace DVDs.

    How sweet it is!!

  10. chuck says:

    11:26 is 9:40-loser Kerowhackoff
    How sweet it is!!!!

  11. Kerouac says:

    DEN > kcindy by 20 & SD > kcindy by 31
    You got some ‘splainin to do…

    DENVER (4-11 DEN) 35 kcindy 0, and a 49 point machine and 4 score winner at the end.
    SD SUPER-CHARGERS 31 kcindy 0

    Man is the beat-down two weeks hence gonna be SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

    : )

  12. chuck says:

    you won’t have any “splainiin” at all to do, cause,

    Now THAT, THAT is how sweet it is!!!!

    You were wrong all year.

    Heh heh!!!!

  13. chuck says:

    Louder!! I can’t hear ya whining and makin excuses, because-

  14. Kerouac says:

    More tales from the tomato can resume
    HOU (5-10) whupped kcindy like sted-child by two scores (they were the ONLY team all year that had a winning record when they played kcindy)… and INDY was but a .500 team and – foregone conclusion – they also whupped kcindy by two scores.

    0-1 vs winner, 2-3 vs .500 teams = 2-4 vs teams with a pulse, any. Add in DEN’s 49 & SD’s 31 point obliterations, and… keep trying fellers!

    Heh heh heh!

    : )

  15. chuck says:

    Done??? Ok, I gotta go to work anyway. Sorry your pissed,
    I bet the last time you were this mad, you had lock-jaw on Valentines Day.

    GO CHIEFS!!!

  16. Kerouac says:

    game, set, match
    Kerouac – He nails another!

    Unlike me, you don’t know Jack!

  17. kcredsox says:

    Morning Radio
    Agree with you that morning sports talk radio will be horrible all week.

    Who would have thought the Raiders would go undefeated in the AFC West, just couldn’t win any games outside of the AFC West. Will the Chiefs play next week to win or just survive for the playoffs?

  18. Monkeyhawk says:

    Next Sunday will be a meaningless game except the Chiefs v. Raiders is never meaningless.

    We’re likely to have another Ben Davidson moment or something.

    The kids on these teams today don’t have any idea what it was like forty years ago. But fans know. Somehow — maybe it’s the Arrowhead factor — these have always been games you want to see. It’s like a college rivalry. Hell it’s like a high school rivalry. When my ex taught at Wichita North (Barry Sanders was on the team) the whole school got ramped up to play Bishop Ward High School. I asked why they were so intense. “They burned our float.”

    Turns out, in fact, North High’s float caught fire before a parade…in 1947.

    Gotta love rivalries.

  19. Cliffy says:

    Kerouac is determined to make sure we realize the Chiefs
    successful season is the product of a weak schedule. Well, duh. You’ve been picking them to lose all season. You’re bound to be right eventually. In the meantime, you might work a bit on your writing skills. You’re not nearly as clever as you think.

  20. JP says:

    I love reading all the doubters and whiners, talking about the Chiefs demise. Hey, we’re playing into the 2nd week in January, when we were picked to win 4-5 games. Kerouwhackoff and others… what SSJ said. We are partying. I agree with Greg that I like different points of view. I am however sick of listening to Mad Jack and Clinkscale on the post game. They look for any negative. Clinkscale was grasping at so many straws, like mentioning a potential blackout. I’m still convinced Kerouac is Clinkscale, and I wish he’d find something else to do at 810, like empty out the trash cans.

  21. dp says:

    McGraw play
    He was retaliating for a cheap shot he suffered on that play. They showed the replay at Arrowhead like 5 times. Tough to show restraint when a guy elbows you in the head/neck when you are on the ground. Watch the game Hall.

  22. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    AGAIN with the Queefs?
    The worst playoff team in the AFC, bar none. The Chiefs have beaten absolutely no one, and are a product of their weakassed AFC West and NFC West schedule. They faced ONE of the AFC power teams in Indianapolis and lost. The Steelers, Ravens, Jets, & Patriots are in a totally different class. The Queefs are a cute story and that’s all. They’ll be flushed like a bowl of diarrhea in the first round.

  23. Collective Noses says:

    “GH: I%u2019m sure SSJ thought this was clever but I thought it was lame. Sometimes you have to grow beyond the fan you were at 19 and act like you%u2019re a professional broadcaster. Or maybe all the time. ”

    — Speaking of lame. If we’re gonna criticize twitter feeds, then we can pretty much discount or remove the ‘professional’ from most of the print and radio journalists in the area.

  24. kylerohde says:

    Or maybe the Chiefs can come up with a new end zone thing…
    …since the jumping into the stands was invented by the Packers and remains their thing. All the other teams doing it are copying Green Bay, so maybe the Chiefs can come up with something new.

  25. Kerouac says:

    A mighty wind nee collective ‘HO HUM’ has emanated from the collective NFL at large… today’s final Pro Bowl tally is in and NO as in not a single kcindy player made the first or eben the second string… I am (almost) unspeakably wounded.

    ‘the fraudchise’ ca$$el.

    uh uh.

    Defensive players, any?

    Keep dreaming.

    Apparently- no no, obviously, that sparkling MIRAGE performance vs the tomato cans of the NFL was worth every bit of renown that Kerouac suggested said was: diddly squat.

    waters made it as 3rd string og, charles as 3rd string rb and bowe as 4th string wr…

    All of them were Herm Edwards too legit to quit ‘Chiefs’ – – not to be confused with the duffers built upon the backs 10 tomato cans and 0 wins vs a winning team any, ‘chiefs’…

    That is all (for now)

  26. chuck says:

    Keep talkin up that Pro Bowl dude.
    I think all your guys will make it again next year too.

    They will win 6 games, but hey…

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