New Jack City: Shoveling out Hollywood’s Manure – Worst Movies of 2010

Everybody does year-end lists. So why not me?

Here’s mine. My 10 WORST movies of 2010!

My criteria?

It had to have been a film for which I had some sort of expectations going in but came out wondering why I gave up two hours of my life on this cinematic Creme de la-crap?

Barely missing my line-up of livid losers at # 11: SEX AND THE CITY 2. I wanted Sex in the CITY – not in the desert!

# 10: KILLERS—A bad chick-flick stays a bad chick-flick, with or without Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher.

# 9: FASTER—Dawyne (The Rock) Johnson trying to act. More like acting miserably.

# 8: HOW DO YOU KNOW—Just because they’ve got a $50 million payroll here doesn’t mean beans when the story and chemistry don’t work. Sorry Reese. Sorry Owen. Sorry Paul. Sorry Jack. Sorry if you paid $10 to see it.

# 7: THE EXPENDABLES—Sly Stallone’s lame ressurection of Tinseltown’s Medicare crowd. Should’ve bought them all a bottle of little blue pills and called it a day.

# 6: CLASH OF THE TITANS—Seemed to me like a bad dinner theatre play with crappy 3-D to match.

# 5: THE TOURIST—Two of the world’s biggest stars (Depp and Jolie) sleepwalking through this one while collecting huge paychecks in the process.

# 4: THE AMERICAN—George Clooney and company fooling the public with the most misleading trailer and TV spots of the year.

# 3: WALL STREET 2: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS—(Unless it had to endure this sorry sequel.) Not enough ‘Gordon Gekko.’ Too much of everything else.

# 2; KNIGHT AND DAY—Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Hell-O! THAT’s all they came up with? Totally underwhelming.

Which brings me to my choice for WORST FILM OF 2010. The # 1 Stinker. So bad I wouldn’t even wish it on members of Kansas City’s School Board OR the City Council!

McGRUBER—Will Forte proving once again to leave five-minute long SNL sketches on SNL. They just don’t stretch well into two-hour long movies.

Agree or disagree. That’s the way I (really) feel about them.

Just keep repeating: It’s Only a Movie…Only a Movie…Only a Movie. Take as MUCH as you can!


Look for my FAVORITE 10 of 2010 LATER this week!
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5 Responses to New Jack City: Shoveling out Hollywood’s Manure – Worst Movies of 2010

  1. chuck says:

    Seen a few of ’em.
    I was looking for the exception.

    Fuck it, your right, they suck.

    Movies, great movies, IMO, are mostly about the writers, and casting of great actors in roles they will excell in. JMO–

    Still havn’t seen True Grit—I am so poor, I gotta try to pay bills. 🙂

  2. Hooterville Mom says:

    for the line “Lawrence of my labia” alone. No woman would ever say that. There were many other cringe worthy lines too.

    I thought Knight and Day was entertaining, on the other hand. I actually liked it.

  3. chuck says:

    True Grit was even better than I thought it would be.
    The little girl stole the movie.

    Just great all the way thru…

  4. Merle Tagladucci says:

    How about a Most Overrated Films of 2010? I’d have to put Inception up there at #1 on that list.

  5. JimmyD says:

    inception was absolutely overrated

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