Glazer: The Road Ahead for Playoff Bound Chiefs

Wow, suddenly its over…

The Chiefs win the division because the last place Cincinnati Bengals jacked up the Chargers. Kinda like you planned the entire evening so you could have sex with this hot chick. You got the right clothes, you cleaned up your apartment, you even put towels in the bathrooms. You had your mom cook the meal and put it in the oven to stay warm and pretended you made it yourself. 

She comes over, dressed to thrill, loves the food and the pad. She goes to the restroom, while she is in there doing her girl stuff, you’re thinking, ‘OK, we go to the club, she gets loaded, I bring her to the Hyatt and VOILA.’ Sex city baby!

Then shock of all shocks, the hottie comes out of your bathroom naked and says, "Come on, lets do it right here. RIGHT NOW!" 

You should be thrilled, but YOU WEREN’T READY YET. Damn it. Turns out you don’t need the club, the hotel or anything else. That’s kinda what happened to the Chiefs. Nobody thought the lowly Bengals would beat the mighty San Diego Chargers. But it happened.


Chiefs coach Todd Haley, who may be NFL coach of the year, must decide on the following: to start Franchise All AFC Quarterback, Matt Cassel. But does he only let Cassel play the first half and put in down-to-his-last-few-week-in-the-NFL Brodie Croyle? Yike! Nah. Or does he go with Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones all the way? Do we go all out to beat Oakland now? Or do we let them kinda win, since we already have won the division?

Of course, we’re playing for the #3 vs. #4 spot. Guess 3 is better. And it would be nice to be 11-5 instead of 10-6.

Besides that was the final record (11-5) of the last Chiefs team to win a playoff game and go to the AFC Championship with superstar Joe Montana in 1993! (by the way allow me to apologize for my screw up yesterday on the website, connecting  Montana with the ’03 Chiefs. I was so excited when the Chiefs were locking it up, I called Hearne and yelped all that b.s. to him and I misspoke. I said Montana’s team won the West but it was the l993 team which I have mentioned many times in the past. (Sorry for the mental lapse).

Answer to above questions:

Haley will play it hard to win. Croyle will only be in if the game is a blowout either way. No good players will be rested – again unless of a blowout like yesterday.

I think guys get hurt when they lighten up, less so when they play hard. Oakland will go strong, they want to be 8-8, not 7-9 with a losing record. So the Chiefs will want to keep their momentum and BLAST THE RAIDERS. 

Let’s go 11-5, like Joe did. Lets go deep in the Playoffs.

I’m starting to think THIS TEAM CAN. I hope so, it’s been a fun, wild ride so far. The Chiefs that likely will be in the Pro Bowl, AFC team are Cassel, Charles, Dwayne Bowe,Tamba Hali, Brandon Flowers, Brian Waters (he had a good, not great year. But he has his career record going for him. Maybes include Derrick Johnson,Thomas Jones and Casey Wiegmann.

Final ranking of the NFL’s top quarterbacks: .#l Tom Brady, #2 Michael Vick, #3 Peyton Manning, #4 Aaron Rodgers, #5 Drew Brees, #6 Matt Ryanm #7 MATT CASSEL, #8 Big Ben,
#9 Phillip Rivers and #10 Joe Flacco.

Those are my picks….

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11 Responses to Glazer: The Road Ahead for Playoff Bound Chiefs

  1. mark x says:

    Just stop now …

    Didn’t you embarrass yourself enough yesterday with your ‘sports’ column. Just stop .. stop …

    Intervention time. Please. Somebody.

  2. Kerouac says:

    PLAYOFF GAME WEEK ONE (and done)
    (Opposition/any team) 52 – kcindy 0

    Happy New Year to all the legit playoff teams in the AFC! (sorry ‘rella)

  3. Kerouac says:

    PS – wrong brandon
    flowers got beaten like a drum in 2010… carr is the better CB – by far.

  4. chuck says:

    I was thinking I wanted the Jets, not the Ravens
    and one of the radio guys made a great point.

    Bowe gets shut down against killer DBs like Champ Baily.

    If we get New York, then D Revis counters Bowe, and the Jets are 3rd in the league against the run.

    We want Baltimore.



    Keorwhackoff, doesn’t care either way, because, OH YEAH, THE “super chargers” CAME IN 3RD!!

    Kerojackoff, we been laffin r azzes off.

    Cincafuckinatti—-how sweet it is!

    One more time, Cincinatti.

    What a choke.

  5. harley says:

    After yesterdays debacle on this site I am surprised you returned with this insightful and
    off base piece of literary work.
    Yet…i feel sorry for you. but i also admire you. After totally fucking up most of the sports year
    you still come back with ideas/stats/words that are so unfounded in truth.
    But i got to give you credit. Despite an avalanche of criticism you come back with a couple
    of decent stories (outside of one of the biggest mistakes in kc sports media history concerning
    montana)…..and some piece meal comments that i can get from the drunks at 810 zone
    on the plaza.
    Despite financial collapses…bankruptcies….etc…you are resilient and keep coming back….
    for that i give you credit.
    Happy new year…..may you get all the pussy you want…and all the wine and booze you can
    drink…..because many people would have given up by now.
    Its as if all the criticisms and all the crap you’ve taken and been thru just roll off you.
    You keep coming back. We hope to read more stories from your unusual perspective
    in 2011….and wish you and all your asian/hispanic (maria)/caucasion female buddies a
    happy new year.
    But please….no more leather coats .
    .from harley/jojo and the crew ….may 2011 make you wiser and wealthier.

  6. Kerouac says:

    NO PRO BOWL for “The Fraudchise” mutt ca$$el
    Dear mr. glazedover and the green-eyed members including chuckie cheese lowe & bs schnoz, et al…

    Philp Rivers – San Diego SUPER-CHARGERS – named to his 3rd Pro Bowl in 4 years as a starter… also Manning & Brady.

    mutt ‘the fraudchise’ ca$$el… zip, zero, zilch, nada, nyet – diddly squat as in 0 nominations in 3 years as a starter.


    I thought I’d die!

    (PS) charles 3rd string rb, waters 3rd string og, bowe 4th string wr.

    heh heh heh heh heh

    : )

  7. chuck says:

    Its just fuckin killin ya isn’t it…

  8. Kerouac says:

    A mighty wind nee collective ‘HO HUM’ has emanated from the NFL at large… today’s final Pro Bowl tally is in and NO as in not a single kcindy player made the first or even the second string… I am (almost) unspeakably wounded.

    ‘the fraudchise’ ca$$el.

    uh uh.

    Defensive players, any?

    Keep dreaming.

    Apparently- no no, obviously, that sparkling MIRAGE performance vs the tomato cans of the NFL was worth every bit of renown that Kerouac suggested said was: diddly squat.

    waters made it as 3rd string og, charles as 3rd string rb and bowe as 4th string wr…

    All of them were Herm Edwards too legit to quit ‘Chiefs’ – – not to be confused with the duffers built upon the backs 10 tomato cans and 0 wins vs a winning team any, ‘chiefs’…

    That is all (for now)

    ; )

  9. chuck says:

    Can ANYTHING stop the bleedin…?
    Pro Bowl.

    Jesus, brutal….

    Ya gotta stop, we are beggin ya…

  10. Kerouac says:

    when they beg…

    : )

    And the truth shall set them free – release comes 2nd weekend January, 2011 – coach reverts pumpkin, kcindy country wench – both bent in half by the NFL…

  11. Kerouac says:

    The MIRAGE is in full force nee effect!

    FINAL SCORE: OAK 31 – kcindy ‘cries uncle’

    coach returns to pumpkin, wheels fall off the ‘fraudchise’, red-a**ed ‘rella won’t be able to sit dom for a week now – then next weekend – the same thing will happen again – heh heh heh heh heh!

    To chuckie cheese lowe, bs schnoz and mr. glazedover: A ‘VERY VERY’ HAPPY NEW YEAR fellers – you/kcindy LOSE!

    (PS) I’ll be sure to re-post this again Monday on the newer football related KCConfidential blogs!

    You know… for e-m-p-h-a-s-i-s.

    : )

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