Glazer: Scribe Climbs Cloud 9 on Chiefs Win, Flips Off Naysayers Below

It happened…

The Kansas City Chiefs beat – badly beat – Tennessee and shockingly San Diego has been upset by the Cincinnati Bengals and it-is-over. The Chiefs are the Western Division champions. First time since 2003 (and first potential playoff win since) Joe Montana.

Chiefs & Chopper! Chiefs & Chopper! Chiefs & Chopper!

The Franchise, Matt Cassel – as I predicted – was named to the all-AFC team. Chiefs & Chopper.

Everything that I said was true.

Jackie Battle, they made a big running back after I said to do it. So I do know what I’m talking about for all those f-ing a-holes that keep saying I don’t know anything but strippers. If you look at what I’ve said, every single thing I said eventually happened.

Mwahh-ha-ha! Chiefs and Chopper!

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32 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Climbs Cloud 9 on Chiefs Win, Flips Off Naysayers Below

  1. Brian says:

    Joe Montana? That is a joke right? It was Trent Green.

  2. Bob says:

    The guy writes a ‘story’ that is basically only to pat himself on the back, and then writes that Joe Montana took the Chiefs to the playoffs in 2003?

  3. Craig? says:

    Joe Montana was in the 2000 Hall Of Fame Class… uhhh… he did not magically appear in 03… The good news is…. this proves we all read your columns carefully… the bad news is… this was pretty much a senior citizen moment for you.

  4. Kerouac says:

    Another hOllOw performance by the MIRAGE, courtesy of their 9th tomato can opponent of the season in 15 games – shockingly, they were unable to defeat them all, being dominated 35-0 by a sub .500 4 win team before falling to them by 4 scores the final.

    They are now assured of finishing winless on the season vs winning teams – they managed to play one – and LOST convincingly. So, 0-1 vs a winning team and a poor 2-3 mark vs mediocre .500 teams affirms their 2-4 squat be the true barometer of their hollow tale to date. The mark vs tomato cans is 8-1, 4-1 vs sub .500 teams & 4-0 vs winless,

    They will continue their attempt to back into the playoffs Sunday vs the RAIDERS. OAK 38 – kcindy 10 seems about right for the final score. If they are (un)fortunate to back in, they will have the homnor of playing but the second winning team they faced all season long – and will lose in a rout… the opponent would be immaterial, the beat down of kcindy will be administered swiftly by any: 52-0 sounds about right for that final score.

    Upshot: another wasted season – of no progress, no post season (defeated by rout is counter to the ‘we were in the playoffs’ plea) and no account our team. As a fan since 1963, will once again have but yesterday nee year to remember.

    Lowlights from today’s nail-biter: the #1 bust dinkle-berry was scorched for two more long tds passes over him – ca$$el threw 3 more ints (all were dropped by TENN) – the two #2 draft busts once again made no impact at all on offense, defense or special teams, their supposed ‘expertise’ – charles was kept well in check by the Titan ‘D’ with only 77 yards rushing & mr. irrelevant was once again a true man of his name, blowing an easy fg (he has now missed almost twice as many kicks in 2010 as he did in 2009.)

    Good luck to the Patriots, Ravens Jets & Colts…one of you will proudly carry the AFC flag into the Superbowl!

  5. chuck says:

    Kerowhackoff’s STDiego Chargers
    Choked in, are ya ready, in Cinca fuckin nattie!!!!!

    Rockhurst could beat Cincinatti on State Line next Thursday. Kerowhackoff, how does Matt Cassels’ (I) taste?

    Great day for the best team in the AFC West.

    Go Chiefs!

    Glaze, it was Trent Green.

  6. chuck says:

    Choker Chargers
    “GRADE F With their postseason lives on the line, the Chargers bumbled from the first play to the last. San Diego will have all offseason to ponder the mental mistakes, critical turnovers and red zone problems that decided its elimination game” –CBS SPORTS

    “The Chargers (8-7) froze up in their coldest game in nearly three years—SI.Com”-(They play football in the cold, who knew?)–Sports Illustrated

    “Chargers self destruct, miss playoffs” —

    “Chargers choke in Cincinatti, Chiefs win AFC West” (This is priceless, “CHOKE!!!!!!”)

    “Chiefs in, Chargers out” USA Today

    Next year Bill fuckin Buckner will be takin snaps for the STDiego Chargers. Just move those 3rd string 3rd place Chargers to Chicago where they will win as many championships as the Cubs. OH WAIT!!!! Its too COLD for those guys to play there!

    Phil Rivers and Norv will have plenty of time for long walks on the beach, and candlelight dinners, all winter long. watching the Chiefs on TV!!!!!

  7. chuck says:

    I am tired now, from all the Celebration, but–
    The beer has me a little constipated.

    I am going to the bathroom and take a SanDiego.

    Then I am going to wipe my Charger and go to sleep.

    Heh, heh…

  8. Confused in Kansas City .... says:

    Huh ? . . .
    … just 2 short weeks ago YOU said : …The Chargers deserve this division, we don’t. . . .

    ___signed: Confused in Kansas City

  9. Rainbow Man says:

    Craig… Did You Get Into The Hanukkuh Nog?
    Price Chopper? It is Hy-Vee now baby. Montana was already moving his beer business out of town by 2003… Dude…….jet lag?

    Hearne… shame on you. Bad editing. Editorial blather is one thing… but missing elementary facts? Ouch… Credibility Liability.

    Rainbow Man

  10. Ptolemy says:

    You’ve Arrived!
    Put this column right up there next to Charles “Where’s My Teeth” Guswelle’s, “How Much I Hate The Tea Party” rant in the Star a few weeks ago and you show that this site finally has ARRIVED.

  11. justin says:

    It was Trent Green…come on!
    that was really poor writing. I hope you don’t get paid for this column.

  12. m says:

    Mediocrity is your friend….
    The Chiefs are better but they’re not a very good team.

    The NFL has planned it that way, gaming the schedule and draft.

    It’s gonna be really weird when teams with losing records make the play-offs.

    We’re likely to end up with the 49ers defeating the Jaguars in the Super Bowl.

    The best play-off (despite its flaws) remains the NCAA basketball tournament.

  13. hARLEY says:

    Before I jump in with the rest of my commenters I want to address some very
    key issues that must be taken care of immediately.

    1. DID SANTA BRING YOU A NEW HAIRPIECE? Hopefully he did~! The hotties you so often bring
    up who “adore ” you (including the self bouyant Mermaid!) have to know thats right out of
    a 1980 Sears catalog. when I saw that photo of you at the kcc xmas party I could not believe that
    as someone who ranks himself up there with the top movers and shakers would actually wear such
    a horrible hairpiece in public. I will pay you $100 cash to post a photo minus the rug. Please…I really
    admire you and I live my former party days vicariously thru your great stories about hookers and
    drugs….but you have got to get a better piece than that. Please…please….go to home depot for
    a frieze sample….just do it in 2011.

    2. “we have to beat sandiego”…it comes down to oakland….chiefs are good enough to disappoint…
    bowe is bust……cassell can’t handle it….his arm is soft….knees weak”…..there are just a few of the
    quotes that you made in 2010. Horrible…the worst ever….you have no business writing about sports.
    Obviously hearne has blown thru daddys money and cant afford to pay real writers.

    3. While guys like glazer/jack “i got my job because my boss diedfrom a heart attack” harry/
    greg “my resume includes the platte county tribune” hall/hearne “i love asian chicks”
    christopher/sam ” i need to learn phonics” mellinger/ kevin “blow me in mission hills”
    kietzman/ Kevin “shit…i missed my plane again” harlan/ Frank “I can see clearly now” boal/
    Sowrong Petro/Steven ‘I look like an ape” st. john/Gary “I’ll do anyone in mission hills” lesack/
    JC “i know nothing” pearson/Rich “my suits about 8 sizes too small” Baldinger/Danny “I’m a
    nerd” clunkscale/Jivving black sportscaster at channel 5-kctv/Karen “I’m not pregnant…just put
    on 60 pounds eating bon bons” Kornhole/Nick “i got a big nose cause air is free” Wright/

    how could you be so stupid as to claim to be right this season….then screw up dates and players
    like no other writer in history. Hopefully your head deflates in time for new years so you can
    get into bazookas to spend the night with all your friends.

    Happy new year….and may KCC get some new sports writers who arent full of bull shit.

  14. Cliffy says:

    Hearne …
    You embarrass yourself by allowing this clown to write about sports. Or does he own this place now? I’m beginning to wonder.

  15. chuck says:

    I remember all the talking heads in the city
    wavering on, and not taking much of a positive stand on Cassel for most of hte year. Glaze got on the bandwagon, I think in OCT. I don’t get the vitriol here.

    I am not gonna take the time to look it up, but I think he was in front of the curve. In front on MC and a winning season, right?

    Glaze is a little hungover today.

    Me too. (:


  16. Kerouac says:

    then commeth the meat grinder legit NFL opposition… get your one and done salve & keister balm ready. The NFL at large remains UNIMPRESSED.

    kcindy has played NO ONE – ‘beaten’ NO ONE – and impressed NO ONE outside the red koolaid drinking myopic fandumb ‘rella-town. They are MIRAGE, they are FRAUD, they are DOOMED. Now, comes one more tomato can, yet another sub mediocre .500 team – their 10th ‘tc’ of this most inconsequential season kcindy. As a life-long Chiefs fan this will be sad…yet as one not impressed by the current mismanagement team of the clerk, egoli & the duffer, the epic fall nee fail be waiting in post season whence they (finally) have to play a legit NFL team will be SA-WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET !

    Congratulations to Herm Edwards – His Chiefs are the raison any success 2010, as His players still make up 50% of the team, 50% of the starters, and over 90% of the best players on the team. Yup, HermIsSTILLTheMan alright. His first 2 years NFL: a 19-13 record & an playoff appearance in His very first season, 3 playoff games including an win in His first two years. Meanwhile, the duffer stands 14-17 – a sub. 500 despite a schedule comprised on 92% tomato cans over his first two years. He failed to make the post season in his first year – unlike Herm Edwards.



    GO JETS!


  17. harley says:

    YOU SAID go colts…go ravens…go patriots…go jets”….to that I SAY…

    G O F U C K Y O U R S E L F

    the only commentator/blogger/writer/ who was right from the start…….go chiefs…………….

  18. Kerouac says:



    GO JETS!


  19. Robertoe says:

    suggestion for KC Confidential
    Craig, Hearne & others here at KCCon,

    OK it took a month to get the paragraph problem solved. Now we don’t know who’s posting what.

    Here’s how you not only solve this but provide an adequate and evolving web platform from here on out.

    Us old goats, like most of the scribes on this website, need to recognize we are at a distinct competitive disadvantage on technology and IT issues. Generationally, we just can’t cut it relative to GenXers and Millennials (by the way on generational theory , strong recomendation- read the Fourth Turning-Strauss and Howe!.).

    Don’t even try! Maria is on winter break until mid-Jan. She’ll run circles around us in term of figuring this techie shit out. Give her an assignment- Have her come up with a better web platform for KCConfidential that can not only fix current problems but will be better suited for technological evolution so this site can move forward. This current approach isnt working!

    There we go! Problem solved by the Super Bowl and KCCon can have a bright and evolving future! Next!


  20. mermaid says:

    Harley, I am sure that Hearne just wrote the story wrong. Craig knows all about sports. Believe me I know because he wins bets every week! And for that hairpiece it’s not a hairpiece. Craig has really nice thick hair. You are just jealous of him. He dresses very nice as well. He buys all of his clothes at Standard or in LA at nice places. Craig’s the man with the plan! He is going places- you I’m not so sure about. Peace
    The Mermaid

  21. hearne says:

    Not so f-ing fast, Mermaid!
    You have no clue that I wrote the story wrong. And in case you’re interested, I played back Craig’s quotes to him today and he conceded that he misspoke.

    Hey gang, it’s no big deal. Trust me, Craig knows exactly when Joe Montana played and who was QB-ing the team in 2003. He got excited and suffered a slip of the tongue. As for you Mermaid, love ya, love your show. But just the facts, ma’am – if you don’t mind.

  22. HALREY says:

    mermaid……you know better
    Its the holidays so i won’t argue with you. Of course I would hate to disagree with a woman
    with such large breasts and who shows them off in public so much. Maybe downplay those
    bazoombas a little bit and we’ll take you seriously.
    I base all facts on the photos that are on this site. I know what i ‘m talking about. I can tell
    that was afake rug…just like i can surmise thatyou have large fake tities. No big deal because
    the guy is a magnet for hot older women…..take away the hair…and he’s just another
    60 year old bald guy.
    but thats here nor there….I like big tits…and you look pretty good for your age…actually
    you look damn good for your age.
    happy new year….don’t drink too much…and i’m sure we’ll be seeing “more” of you
    in 2011……
    harley/jojo and the crew at the creek!

  23. harley says:

    Mermaid….where is your show
    hearne said you have a show…where is it…definitely want to see this

  24. chuck says:

    I am a 60 year old bald guy.
    Man, that hurts Harley/JoJo.

    I’m not going bald, I’m getting more head.

  25. Condon says:

    Glazer Is Pretty Sharp Mo/Fo Boys and Girls
    Don’t know who writes all this crazy hate mail on Mr. Glazer. I used to work with him at Woodside. I once played pro ball for our Chiefs. In fact for nearly a decade. Mr. Glazer is in his 50’s like me, not 60. Just to set the record straight, he still bench presses over 300 pounds. Get that. I don’t know of hardly anyone his age in that kind of shape, I can do it, but when I played I benched 475. Craig maybe wieghs around 190 and is 5 ten or so. Yeah the guy is built, no I’m not gay. About his hair, well if thats fake, best I’ve ever seen. My hair has thinned somewhat, so maybe I should call Glazer and see who to see. I don’t go out with him in the evening so I can’t comment on his clothing as you did, but my guess is he’s a on top of it dresser. One more thing, when I met Craig, I was married, so was he, his wife was about 22, and major league beautiful. Nice lady. He got divorced about three years back, I’ll leave you with this, Mr. Glazer has more beautiful young women around him then anyone I know his age. I now live in St. Louis and LA, so that includes those cities and men I know there. So maybe you ought to pick a different target to try and belittle. This guy could likely beat you on any level. Hey I’m not saying Glazer is the perfect man. He does have an ego, but he is a damn nice guy. He’s always been cool around me and other players. Oh yes, about football, the guy knows his stuff as well as any of us lovers of the great game. Nobody can really predict the National Football Leauge. I just try and find guys who can have careers there. Tom.

  26. kcredsox says:

    I’m sure Glazer has lost more money on football than I’ve made in my lifetime. Don’t know if that’s something to brag about, but I’m sure dating 20 year olds at his age is. But are they dating him for the schlong or for the $$$? I think he is their stepping stool to fame, but who can blame him for that?

  27. Kerouac says:

    He offers a few clues: but is he legit? Is his name really Tom? Did he really play for the Chiefs? In what fashion, i.e., was he a scab from the 1974 strike year? Was he a casualty of the Turk, or one who never even reached pre-season as in beyond training camp?

    Does anybody really know who Tommy is?

    Does anybody really care? If so I-



    Then why are you reading this?


    “Mr. Glazer is in his 50’s like me, not 60”

    – hmm… not 60, therefore, somewhere between 50-59 if ‘Tom’ is not being specious. Thus, if he was drafted by the Chiefs, it would most likely have been between 1973 & 1982. The only players named ‘Tom’ in that period: Tom Ramsey 1973, Tom Condon 1974, Thomas Howard 1977 & Tom Donavan 1980. The free agents and trade acquisitions who meet the 50-59 age criteria include Tom Graham 1974, Tom Humphrey 1974, Tommy Reamon 1976, Tom Wickert 1977 and Tom Clements 1980.

    Is one of these our ‘Tom’ – or is he just another cat?

    For the answer: phone 867-5309 (but don’t ask for Jenny – she doesn’t live ether anymore… either.)






    GO JETS!

  28. Free says:

    Think its Condon
    I work at Woodside, I think it is Tom Condon, former Chief and now agent for NFL players. I always saw those two working out together at the club. Tom moved to St. Louis and is an agent with an LA agency. He does lord over the Mannings. Nice man, and I think he and Glazer are both about 54 or 55. Not sure. They do work out hard and look good. Tom is rarely in KC anymore.

  29. I smell a rat says:

    Anybody else smell that?
    Why in virtually every post where Gayzer is getting blasted, does some random guy come to his rescue? First it’s the “Old HS buddy who now lives in LA. Next it’s mystery “football player” now living in L A. The tone is always the same, Glazer is Awesome, Glazer is a stud, Glazer has more pussy hanging around him than the neighborhood cat lady. Glazer is in shape, can bench press a Volvo, etc etc. Both of these fan boys spout stats about Glazer like they are reading it from a list. It’s all strangely similar. Conspiracy theories aside I never miss a Glazer post, not for his writing, which is atrocious, but for the comments. The comments are the real gems.

  30. Kerouac says:


    “I once played pro ball for our Chiefs.”

    – mystery solved: Tommy Flanagan, aka Jon Lovitz… yeah, that’s the ticket.

  31. harley says:

    Long before my fellow commentators realized it…I pointed out the phony fucking comments left on
    this site. Pure horseshit. Whoever wrote them knows more about this guy than his own mom….
    they are pure shit….they read like this guy wrote them and I was the first to point out how stupid
    and phony these posts were.
    Who is tom…and he knws everything but his idols dick size…and from the comments made it seems
    he probably knows that too. So now I’m calling out the editor and th34 writer on this comment.
    How absurd can it be when the owner of the site allows this.
    100% BULL SHIT.
    As far as tom condon….this guy is mutimillions….he has no time to waste on comments on this
    worthless site….and no it wasn’t him…..i know the man…knew his partners and I know tom condon
    thinks glazer is just another self promotion guy.
    Then theres mermaid…..who calims that glazer knows about sports. Well if he did its obvious he
    has not shown it. Theres no analysis…no stats…no background info….no reall expert touch to anything
    the guy writes. It’s as if you were talking to some drunk at the 810 zone with the stuff that gets printed.
    Its all generalizations…nothing specific (except 100% wrong statements)….so if he really knew
    sports show us some things we never knew…or some information that aknowledges his writing.
    There has been none….just obvious/mundane/and incorrect statements that make no sense nor
    have any validity.
    If you’re gonna talk the talk…you gotta walk the walk. And so far this guy hasn’t shown anything.
    But everyone has to start somewhere…so maybe its on this trivial amatuerish website that is
    losing readers and views quickly.
    I say this as constructibve criticism. If he stuck to stories about hangin in bars…drinking…running
    with hearne….pussy…..strip clubs……that woudl be great…becvause he’s an expert and his
    details about how kansas city can change for the bnetter have been some of his best writings.
    Even hearne has slipped. Obviously hearne is now outside the power clique of the city. His once strong
    forum with the star is gone…and with it his credibility.
    I used yto love to read his star column…for nothing else but to see what was happening. Nw his focus is not
    on the true happenings in the city…but more on pure garbage. Your last 4 writings have been complete
    losers….where is the sparkand the inside scoops that once made you the most read part of the star?
    Hav e you lost it? we hope not because thats what made hearne christopher so fun to read.
    Now…its just garbled nothings….and you have fallen a long way.
    Hopefully in 2011 you will pick yourself and this site up. This town coul;d have lots of fun with the
    “old” Hearne Christopher. Go find some insightful writers…with unique takes on the city…
    writers with degrees…..people in the know.
    You’ve lost that touch….the fun stuff we read and want to know……no go make your comebacfk….
    because we know what you can do.
    Happy new year to everyone…may god shine a light on all your lives…and may all your hopes and
    resolutions come to you…….
    harley/jojo and the crew!

  32. Kerouac says:

    NO PRO BOWL for “The Fraudchise” Matt Cassel
    Dear mr. glazedover and the green-eyed members including chuckie cheese lowe & bs schnoz, et al…

    Philp Rivers – San Diego SUPER-CHARGERS – named to his 3rd Pro Bowl in 4 years as a starter… also Manning & Brady.

    mutt ‘the fraudchise’ ca$$el… zip, zero, zilch, nada, nyet – diddly squat as in 0 nominations in 3 years as a starter.


    I thought I’d die!

    (PS) charles 3rd string rb, waters 3rd string og, bowe 4th string wr.

    heh heh heh heh heh

    : )

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