OTC: NFL Agains Threatens Backward Blackout For Chiefs


“The NFL releases a list of teams each week that are in jeopardy of a blackout because of tickets sold and unfortunately we’re on that list this week for the Tennessee game.”
Mark Donovan, Chiefs COO, 810 AM
GH: The NFL was supposed to announce Thursday at noon (or grant an extension) whether or not the Titans/Chiefs game would be blacked out on television in the Kansas City viewing area. It appears the Chiefs have been granted another 24 hours to sell enough tix to avoid Sunday’s game being blacked out. Read on.
“I just think it’s really important that the Chiefs’ fans come out. If we all get to the stadium together, those guys will stick their chests out a little further and play a little harder. If you’re a Chiefs’ fan at all, come on out! Jump on board! Something great could come out of this.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: I am uneasy with the members of the media who use their voice to influence fans to buying tickets. Maas is an ex-Chief but he doesn’t get a pass on this sin. Being a fan has nothing – NOTHING – to do with buying a ticket.
You gotta go to the people who don’t normally go (to Chiefs’ games) and tell them they gotta get out here.”
Kevin Kietzman, urging his listeners to fill Arrowhead on Sunday, 810 AM
“If this game was in Green Bay or if this game was in Pittsburgh there would be no question (that it would be a sellout). They’d go out there and rock the place!”
Mitch Holthus, 810 AM
GH: That list of cities is shrinking fast. GB and Pitt might be the only two where the NFL can still expect people to pay their prices and sit through all that make attending a game less attractive than watching one from home. This problem isn’t Kansas City’s problem. It’s the NFL’s problem.
“If I got to be the bad guy in this town, I’ll be the bad guy. A lot of the Chiefs fans who have gone to the games this year have not attempted very hard to make a difference in the game. I’ll call a spade a spade – some of you Chiefs fans haven’t been loud enough out there this year!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I have never understood screaming at a football game to distract the opponent. I love cheering a great play but trying to make the environment one where the opponent is at a disadvantage is like cheating to me. Why not give the visiting team a more slippery ball? Or direct a bevy of 400 hp fans at the visiting team’s bench to create a mini-tornado on their sideline? Allowing 70K fans to yell so loudly it makes it impossible for the visitors to hear signals is just as ridiculous.
“You gotta do it! This is what Chiefs fans have been waiting for!”
Steven St. John, urging fans to buy up the 2,000 tickets required to avoid a blackout, 810 AM
“I’m not going to rip fans for that. It’s the recession! People can’t afford to go to games as much!”
Bob Glauber, writer for NY Newsday, after he was asked a leading question by Soren Petro meant to embarrass Chiefs fans for not selling out Arrowhead, 810 AM
GH: Good for Glauber. It took a New York guy to make some sense for our local media jackals.
“We have tickets as affordable as $44.”
Mark Donovan, Chiefs COO, 810 AM
GH: And parking as cheap as $25. I guess we could all walk from downtown Raytown.
“I’m sick of people saying they don’t have the money. For these guys that say they don’t have $40, I’m sorry – they’re not football fans. People who don’t go are not real fans.”
Caller Bob, 610 AM
GH: Caller Bob was praised by Maas for his take. Caller Bob should be praised for his ability to work a phone considering the short stack he’s working with.
“It’s just too expensive. If they had $20 tickets I’d go to two games a month.”
Caller, 610 AM
GH: Supply and demand. I remember Mr. Capece talking about that in my high school business classes.
“Obviously, the Chiefs seats have been priced too high.”
Mark Carman, on the availability of Chiefs tickets from resellers for less than face value, 610 AM
GH: I don’t remember the last time I bought Chiefs tickets from the Chiefs. Probably in the early 90s when I was still a season-ticket holder. I don’t even bother with the resellers. I head to the stadium and pay cash to the lowest seller who is offering the best seats. There are just too many seats for the number of willing buyers.
“It’s not a kick to the teeth; it’s a kick to the (gonads) when I make those payments. … I spend a lot of my hard-earned money with the Chiefs.”
Soren Petro, on the six Chiefs’ season tickets his family has owned for many years, 810 AM
GH: I don’t ever remember the price of going to a ball game being anywhere near the financial sacrifice for my parents that it is for today’s families. Tickets are simply overpriced and have been for years. It’s not any different than the car biz or housing. You just can’t keep bleeding a corpse and think it’s going to turn into a vampire.
“This (blackout issue) is going to continue to be a problem in the future.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: I think fans paying to attend games is a fading fad. Sounds nuts? Check back in 20 or 30 years. I don’t think Kansas City will ever build another outdoor sports stadium. Games will eventually morph to sterile, safe, cheap environments that house no one but the participants, coaches and movie-like special-effects crews to create the game-day experience for fans watching at home.
“I think the blackout rule is moronic. Isn’t it the greatest advertisement in the world for your product to have people see (the games) on television?”
Mark Carman,610 AM
GH: Moronic might be too kind. I’ll go with caveman.
“Tell the guys we are doing everything we can to avoid the blackout.”
Pete Morris, Chiefs PR guy, according to Soren Petro, shortly after the noon deadline passed, 810 AM
GH: Uh, no. Not even close. Want to avoid future blackouts at Arrowhead and the many other NFL stadiums that have caught this affliction? Here’s how.
1)     Build smaller stadiums. 65K tops. I think 50K people buying tickets to a Chiefs game being played the day after Christmas in 19-degree weather is incredible. But because Lamar put 85K seats in the place, we’re treated as failures. Ridiculous.
2)     Give the fans in the stands a better experience than the fans at home. Instead we get a far worse one. Show replays of all controversial plays. Better yet, hire a TV producer to pick and choose what gets replayed and tell him/her their only goal is to create rapt attention. Video highlights of all games all game long on beautiful huge HD screens all over the stadium. Arrowhead doesn’t have nearly enough good video screens. The topper would be NASCAR-like headsets to all fans to listen into both teams’ headsets. This would be crazy cool and despite how out-there you might think this idea is – it’s coming.
3)     Drop/Raise prices according to the opponent and the magnitude of the game.
4)     Quit raping your customers with exorbitant parking prices. It just pisses off your most loyal clients.
5)     Take the weather out of the equation. People no longer are willing to sit in ridiculous weather for a football game. Put a roof on it or at least one that has an on/off switch.
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13 Responses to OTC: NFL Agains Threatens Backward Blackout For Chiefs

  1. Jip says:

    The Chiefs raise prices, raise prices, raise prices, until supply surpasses demand. And then the NFL punishes us for not obeying the price gouging.

    The NFL can go fuck themselves.

  2. anthony says:

    Get off the phone ..
    Caller ‘Bob’ …. ” Im sick of people saying they don%u2019t have the money. For these guys that say they don%u2019t have $40, I%u2019m sorry %u2013 they%u2019re not football fans. People who don%u2019t go are not real fans.”

    Caller ‘Bob’s’ call has been traced. Seems the call originated from One Arrowhead Dr. Kansas City MO.

    Hey, Chiefs, there is a recession (depression?) … hello ! ? ! ?

    You expect me to drive an hour each way, fight traffic (then drunk drivers after the game), pay $25 to park, walk a mile to the ‘New Arrowhead’, freeze my ass off, get raped on concession prices, get half-assed ‘replays’ on the Jumbotron, no updates on other NFL games, and then YOUR pissed because I”M not screaming loud enough for your millionaires to get ‘fired’ up to play for me??

    F U Chiefs….

    Any KK, want to call a call a spade a spade? Your precious radio station has a financial stake in this … don’t come across as uninterested party. F U you and 810 too.

  3. Gavin says:

    Parking bad / Cheering good
    I think you%u2019re right, Greg. The NFL and the Chiefs are raping us every time they charge for parking. If you want to go shopping on The Plaza, you don%u2019t pay for parking, but to patronize the business that is the NFL, not only do we have to pay for the product, we have to pay to get into the store as well. Ridiculous.

    One area where I disagree with you, though, is that it%u2019s cheating to have fans yell to distract an opponent. Cheating is breaking the rules. If it%u2019s not illegal, it%u2019s legal. And if it%u2019s legal, it%u2019s not cheating. I appreciate the point that it may give a team an advantage to play a home game, but they%u2019d have that even if everyone was in a sterile environment with no spectators at all. Some team has to travel, deal with jet lag, sleep in a foreign bed, etc. There%u2019s always a disadvantage to being the road team and there always will be as long as teams are in different cities. But to suggest that it%u2019s cheating because a stadium has an atmosphere that is hostile to the visiting team is to pretty much take the word %u201Cspectator%u201D out of the phrase %u201Cspectator sports.%u201D


  4. troy chrisman says:

    no wonder you like to stay at home….
    NOT being loud at a professional sporting event? WTF? Seriously? Do you just want stale domes and golf claps? Why not just make every game a neutral site? Sorry, GH, but that is one of the most asinine things you’ve ever written…

  5. theKCeye says:

    Come on Greg..
    You are completely out of touch with your readers and reality if you think it’s ridiculous to make noise at an NFL football game to distract the opponent. As a lifelong Kansas Citian, I’m ashamed Arrowhead doesn’t get as loud as it used to when the Chiefs are on defense.

  6. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Greg Hall says don’t yell at the opposing team!
    Yelling at the other team is bad says Greg. “It’s cheating,” says Greg. Furthermore, “Allowing 70K fans to yell loudly is ridiculous,” says Greg. Next thing he’ll propose is that hometown fans cannot wear their team’s colors in the stadium as it “creates a hostile environment for the visiting team to play in.” And we wouldn’t want that would we? The more Greg Hall writes, the more we learn.

  7. c says:

    Not a fan??
    So, you’re not a fan if you’re not going to the games or buying season tickets? That’s when I lost some respect for Al Fitzmorris…he said if someone didn’t have season tickets, they weren’t real fans (baseball). Are you KIDDING me? Plus, don’t those people watching on TV or listening on the radio listen to those commercials that are paying for YOUR JOBS??

  8. Plainsman says:

    Ticket resellers hurt local teams
    WHB has no right to complain about people not buying tickets. Keitzman pushes the ticket resellers very hard on his show. These ticket sales do not help or profit the Chiefs at all. It just makes it harder for the game to sell out. WHB is almost impossible to listen to these days. In addition to the regular slate of commericals, they spend 30-40 percent of their talk time yapping about whatever remote location they happen to be at that day. There’s very little substative talk on sports talk radio any longer.

  9. chuck says:

    Love your reads Greg, but I gotta pile on here,
    No noise when the opposing team snaps the ball?


    Maybe red is too bright for the other team to have to look at, mauve?


    Maybe no one should lose.

    If no one sees Greg drink wine and eat cheese on his couch during the game, does he make a sound?

  10. chuck says:

    Oh, I agree with every thing else though.
    I can’t afford it. Too poor.


  11. harley says:

    The gods truth in this matter…..
    2000 tickets X $15 = $30,000. KCTV is getig big bucks from advertisers for this game. No major retail player
    in the city will pass up this game…biggest viewing all year….this is a con game…..its a set up by clark.
    No way this game is not broadcast. PROBABLY 350-400K VIEWERS AND ITS THE DAY BEFORE THE

    Cheering: arrowhead has become the mecca for the whine and cheese crowd. With prices going up the
    middle class is not going to games…and why not…i can sit infront of my 60″ surround sound 1080 hd and
    watch the game and say warm. Many of the people who were the backbone of this fan base are gone..
    and with it the buzz and the noise that made arrohead so incredible.

    I will be there…section 102….with my booze. this could be momentous…..and i’m wondering if the
    ssports “experts” and gonna buck up $40 to go….glazer…herne…hall….kk(gets free seats)…
    and the rest of you guys come on out. But glazer….keep the full length leather coat in the closet.

    HOW GREAT IT IS…..having walked thru the desert of no playoff games for all these years….we could be
    the story of the nfl. A rag tag team…a quarterback who is truly the american dream (rejected…benched…
    waiting for his shot….rejected….beat up….pulls himself up…..comes back after surgery to lead the
    team to a big victory….proves the “experts” like glazer and hall completely wrong again…and now after
    less than 2 years and after a previous horrible season…comes back…WOW…GREAT STORY)….
    and the chance to prove everyone wrong….a coach who never played the game/pissed on by all the
    local idiots/who many considered not up to the task and this guy is 2 games away from going 11-5
    after only 4 wins last year… young players…some who never started reaching their goal….
    downntrodden players/old players/a rookie who grew up in total dispicable lving conditions…
    We have 1 million at the plaza lighting ceremony/50,000 at a sloppy direty rock concert and this town
    can’t support this team? What the fuck is the matter with you people? And peoplevcan’t afford it?
    but they’ll buy crap and eat crap every day. The 3rd most charitable city in the nation?
    team that we love them.
    GREATEST COMEBACK STORIES IN OUR CITY evvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!

  12. harley says:

    and avid followers….Merry christmas. May the good light of god shine on your life.
    Enjoy this day and relax….because all hell breaks loose next week…and of course..





  13. bjayhawk says:

    Show the damn plays on the board
    I went to the Denver game — both times controversial plays/reviews occurred, we were forced to just sit there with Price Chopper advertisements blaring, while people at home could see the plays over and over. I thought I was at the K — since when do they not show replays at NFL games — especially ones being reviewed.

    I’m the guy they need to fill the stadium. If they don’t change their ways, get used to blackouts.

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