Hovick: T’was the Night Before KC Christmas …

T’was the night before Christmas when all through KC
Fans believed in the Chiefs under Coach Haley

Arrowhead was changed but the history is there
In hopes that the playoffs soon would be here.

The team was nestled all snug in their beds
With visions of Super Bowl rings in their heads.

And Scott Pioli in his coat and Todd Haley in his cap
They will sleep at the end but for now they’ll just nap.

When out on the field, there arose such a clatter
The fans were all there because now the games matter!

Thomas can thunder and Charles can flash,
There’s Cassel to Bowe to beat any match.
The defense is driven like new fallen snow,
Romeo makes them tackle and delivers the blows.

Then what to their blitzing eyes should appear
But more sacked quarterbacks and tailbacks in fear.
With their number-one Berry so lively and quick
In a season with touchdowns and fumbles and picks.

More rapid with playmakers the offense they came,
Weis whistled and shouted and called them by name.
Now Cassel, Now Bowe, Now Moeaki and Chambers!
On McCluster, on Copper, on Thomas and Charles!

To the top of the West, to the top of it all,
The Super Bowl an option our Weis just might call. 

As the fans watched and cheered, the season flew by.
The Chiefs crashed and burned at an ugly Mile High.
Coach Haley didn’t shake hands at the end of the game
And now Daniels is gone like his moment of fame.

The offensive line kept protecting his back
But his appendix confined our Cassel to the sack.
Matt would be out for one or two weeks
Leaving Brodie Croyle to start in the quarterback seat.

Croyle’s head bounced and it danced, but his eyes gave him away.
The Chiefs run game was stuffed, there was only one way.
The Chargers they ran, passed and scored a lot in this game
And with only his arm, poor Brodie was lame.

The damage was done, the Chiefs had to win on the road.
On their opening drive, the Rams were a load.
But Matt was back in the huddle, calling the plays.
He passed and he ran and showed them the way.

The Chiefs won the day and have the playoffs in sight,
So Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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4 Responses to Hovick: T’was the Night Before KC Christmas …

  1. chuck says:

    Yeah, great stuff. How fun!! Well done!!


  2. Kerouac says:

    For a moment, thought your byline was Larry ‘Hovis’, which would have meant you were a cast member in ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ (Sgt. Andrew Carter) – which would have been odd because that Larry died back in 2003 – like that years Chiefs did vs the Colts and this years kcindy will when 9if0 they ever play a legit NFL team (or DEN or OAK).

  3. Greg says:

    Larry Larry Good
    I smiled all the way through it. Let’s hope your playoff poem is just as fun.

  4. d says:

    Nice, but…
    “The fans were all there because now the games matter!”

    Chiefs may face a TV blackout because they have not sold enough tickets. They are giving them away for free in some places. Which would annoy me if I had paid for a ticket.

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