Hearne: The Well to Jump Start Waldo NY’s Eve with New Party Room

There’ll be no ye old ice cream shoppe going into the space adjacent to The Well in Waldo…

Nor furniture boutiques, Starbucks or anything of the retail sort. That’s because the powers-that-be behind the  space just north of the The Well – Chris and Andy Lewellen – have decreed otherwise.

Coming soon instead; a massive, new, upscale party room.

This is going to be the grand daddy of ’em all," Chris Lewellen says. "We want to make it something sophisticated, like the Hearne Christopher Room."

Yeah, right…

The Well already has a number of private party-friendly spaces.

"We have Big Bob’s VIP Room," Chris says. "It’s named after my dad, Bob Lewellen. Every photo in there has something to do with him."

An elevated stage area in the main room upon which bands perform can be cordoned off for private parties.

"That’s where people can be separate, but still part of the action," Chris says.

A lower outside deck – with a top secret reason for existing – opens into the main room and the stage area via garage doors.

And there’s a party area up top on The Well’s outside deck.

But forget about all that for a second…

"I want to make sure if people have a wedding rehearsal or church social, they don’t just say, ‘I’m having it at The Well,’ " Chris says. "We want them to say, ‘We’re having it in whatever name we come up with for the room. And we’re looking for suggestions."

The end game what sparked a change from the space going retail?

"We wanted an autonomous, private room," Chris says. "One that has its own bar and its own service station."

There’s more…

"It’s bigger than Bobby Bakers," Andy adds. "You basically can rent your own bar in Waldo."

ETA on the Lewellen’s new party zone: New Year’s Eve


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