Tony: Check Out The Second Annual KC Confidential Holiday Blowout

It’s been a good year at KCC and this year’s X-mas party was even bigger than the last.

Once again Jardine’s provided the location for the holiday bash that hosted both familiar and fresh faces.

Two of my all time faves agreed to pose as cover models for the kickoff of this somewhat sentimental holiday party re-cap. Jennifer Janesko and Roger The Plumber got into the X-mas spirit with us last night and both have big plans.

Janesko will be staying beautiful and sexy next year in addition to creating a new line of accessories. And look for Roger to keep kicking ass in all manner of shape and form.

Speaking of . . . There many other notables at the party last night, let’s take a look:

I think the most important thing to remember in this photo set is that these are "friends" of this site that still agree to offer a bit of content and criticism.

Of course there might be disagreements but for the most part the cordial nature of the holiday season and free flowing booze allow us to get together at least once a year and applaud one another for staying above ground. In most cases, I hope the sentiminents are somewhat genuine.

Nevertheless, there was so many great stories floating around this party that I’m set for content to offer d-bags readers for the remainder of the year.

Now, on to the pics:

It was good to see outgoing Democrat State Rep. Jason Grill looking rather jolly and sporting a new beard that makes him look all grown up. Grill is up to BIG THINGS that will be revealed in time but it was nice to see him in great spirits and planning his next move.

Our man and  Stanford & Sons impresario Craig Glazer is right in the middle of things as always usual. Next to him and thinking about the implications of the photo is none other than Kansas City PR genius Will Gregory.

Not so surprisingly, even more local power players made the scene.

Ironically, I missed an appearance by KC Mayor Mark Funkhouser but City Council Lady and Mayoral Candidate Deb Hermann stopped by the holiday get together. In this photo she is flanked by Westport Boss Bill Nigro and owner of The Uptown Larry Sells

As always, it’s impossible to mention Jardine’s without a nod to the folks who make that place run. Jardine’s Chef  and GM Jim and KCC contributor Kat were nice enough to let me grab a pic while they were serving up some rather awesome creations.

Back into the crowd:

KCC Writers Brian McTavish and Maria Juarez were on hand and towering over everybody in sight.

Also, the Mermaid, a lurker from the comments section made a rather awesome apperance.

Debbie can be found regularly fact checking the writers on KCC and I think she has a great idea for some political commentary. Last night I managed to offend her with a pretty horrible joke but what I’m really looking forward to is reading her perspective on the issues of the day.

Finally, just to end my observations on a sweet and classy note . . . I finished the night by grabbing a photo of KCC‘s own Tracy Thomas chatting with former Star business reporter Julius Karash and probably talking about topics above my pay grade.

Attendees include, Jardine’s owner Beena Brandsgard, KCC’s Jim Fitzpatrick, Pitch foodie Charles Ferruzza, former Jewish Chronicle editor Rick Hellman, ex Sun/new Star columnist Steve Rose and his wife Hills editor Carol Rose, Gen X radio star and Starbeams author Kelly Urich, OTC’s Greg Hall, Theater Leaguer Mark Edelman, new KCC music and soccder writer Matthew Donnelly, new KCFX FM honcho Bob Zuroweste and film critic Jack Poessiger,

Again, a good time was had by all and it’s just a bit of a look KCC celebrating and exchanging information to entertain, enlighten and maybe even inspire the d-bags who read this website.
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15 Responses to Tony: Check Out The Second Annual KC Confidential Holiday Blowout

  1. Robertoe says:

    Fun festivities!
    Hearne and the KCCon Crew,
    Thanks for the invite and the holiday hospitality.

  2. Robertoe says:

    wow heavy editing
    Thats about 10% of what I actually wrote. You’ve still got comment section problems Hearne! Now your readers aren’t going to be able to read what I related about Maria putting Craig Glazer in his proper subordinate place!

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Holy God….
    Would you look at THOSE things!!!!! I love mermaids…….

  4. mark x says:

    …where have you been all my life, hon?

    Wow … is it hot in here or is it just you?

  5. harley knows alll says:

    But heres the real scoop….
    Was in colorado in october…thought i d seen the highest peaks…til i saw mermaid! Jesus….glazer jump on this
    girl NOW! Or check out the peephole in her bathroom…(ah remember?)
    so lets get real and go bald….its the hot thing in hollywood to do…(bruce willis styele)
    You’re my hero… let it go. You followed my advice on the fulllength leather
    coat… go see dr. bushwack in overland park and get a better look.
    Maria: I’d leave my girlfriend for you…well not really….but you look hooooooooooooooot……now go find yourself
    a real sugar daddy so you don’t have to work and end up looking like tracy thomas when you’re 40.
    Looks like the party was pretty fun…..lots of ooooollllllllddddddd people standig around acting cool….
    I’d have more fun at the sunday social at john knox retirement village.
    Next year…maybe i’ll come…..but ya gotta make usre my girl maria is there………whohaaaaaaaaaaaaa…
    maria probably gave some of those old guys a heart attack…mutha f*ck!

  6. harley says:

    ya…know if id known that jack
    possinger was gonna be there…i probably would have come down just to check out
    if the german accent is phony. lol

  7. harley xmas says:

    and of course I can’t forget roger the plumber….
    the cheerful pudgy guy who’d laugh in your face and rip off your grandmother for
    $300 for spending 10 minutes fixing a toilet. Did he wash his hands before he came?

  8. jjskck says:

    How tall is Maria?
    I know McTavish is every bit of 6’7″ (at least).

  9. chuck says:

    Larry Sells knows some cool stuff about the Kennedy
    Assasination. Wrote a book, interesting guy.


  10. maria says:

    I’m 5’10”..
    without those 5″ heels I sported last night. My height is more of a curse than a blessing.


  11. jjskck says:

    If it was that much of a curse, you wouldn’t choose to wear 5″ heels!

    Embrace your stature, girl.

  12. harley says:

    uhhhhhh…….ummmmmmm…..ahhhhhhhhhh my maria
    5 inch stilleto heels….ohhhhhhhhhhh
    5’10” without heels….ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    rose in the hair…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    lite brown skin…..ummmmmmmmmmmmm
    incredible smile……w.owwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    santa please….forget the shaver and the cam corder I wanted for christmas this year and give me back 10 years
    so i can take one final shot at maria. Please….I’ve been good this year (except for some of my comments)…

  13. Kevin says:

    Forget Maria Give me Mermaid That is All I Want For Christmas!

  14. Kevin says:

    Forget Maria Give me Mermaid That is All I Want For Christmas!

  15. Kerouac says:

    Maria is only 19
    according to someone’s earlier blog I’d read (right/lol, maybe in dog years)… if so, that had better be apple cider in that glass.

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