Starbeams: Meerkats, Skunks and Christmas Traditions

A couple of teenaged guys were charged with stealing the meerkat from the Kansas City Zoo. On the way home from the zoo, the meerkat bit one of them, drawing blood.

Which, ironically, gives away the plot for the next Twilight movie.

A skunk came within 20 feet of wandering into one of the automatic doors at KCI last Thursday. The skunk got away but passengers are urged to call airport security if he’s spotted.

Apparently, TSA is getting tired of just feeling up PEOPLE.

I mailed my Christmas cards today and made the fatal error of making eye contact with the postal worker. 

She was busy putting garland on the NEXT WINDOW PLEASE signs.

Kanye West has released a new Christmas song.

I haven’t heard it yet but I’m guessing it’s not White Christmas.
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