Glazer: Will Mark Cuban Please Buy Royals & Put Us Out Of Our Misery

This Glass Family thing has to end – and soon.

It’s painfully clear that with David Glass and his family at the helm, the Royals will continue to be little more than a FARM TEAM, TRIPLE A, or a FEEDER for other big league ball clubs.

Go ahead and reread that last sentence, why don’t you?

Meanwhile,Texas millionaire Mark Cuban tried to buy the Chicago Cubs and failed.  He has the money and the smarts. He owns the Dallas Mavericks and has turned them into a strong NBA team. The fans there love him. So what if he’s loud and a bit odd, that just makes him more fun to watch.

How much fun is the Glass Family? Do they even exist?

With the complete, utter GIVEAWAY of star pitcher Zack Greinke to MILWAUKEE, that should end all doubt about where the Glasses are coming from.

If there was any.

With the current ownership we will always be last.

Kinda like the old Kansas City A’s. A farm team for the Yankees.

God, Greinke hated it here so much he went to "exciting Milwaukee." Wow. From one boring place to another, huh? The Brewers haven’t exactly been the place of WORLD CHAMPS, have they? You gotta really hate the Royals to go to Milwaukee.

What it means is that Zack thinks we stink and will continue to stink.

Last Place. So we build a player or two every decade, like Johnny Damon, Carlos Beltran and Zack. Only to give them away to teams that will get them press, dough and at least a glimmer of hope to win a title.

The Royals provide none of that.

In fact a recent Royal, semi slugger, Matt Stairs, told my real estate pal, that he was treated like crap as a member of the Royals. "Nice folks, just bargain basement style, no class, no frills, seemed like the minor league."

Great fans, said Matt, but he couldn’t wait to leave Kansas City. By far it’s the worst organization he said he’d ever  played for.

End of quote. Are you surprised?

We have great fans in KC for a last place team. A club that has sucked for 25 years. I keep hearing about our great minor league players, don’t you. COME ON MAN. Enough of that B.S. we are a Wal-Mart ball club. BRING ON MARK CUBAN.

How bad is that Zack didn’t insist on Big Cities like New York, Chicago, Boston. How bad is it that he didn’t insist on at least a nice climate, L.A., Florida, Texas. Nope he went to for the love of Christ, MILWAUKEE. Man if that a slap in the face? What the hell is there to do in Milwaukee? Look

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11 Responses to Glazer: Will Mark Cuban Please Buy Royals & Put Us Out Of Our Misery

  1. olathecat says:

    Cuban wants nothing to do with the Boils. He’s been asked about it in the past and has denied any interest. The team is not for sale anyway, so there’s no way he could buy it. Other than that, I agree with all of your thoughts.

  2. Mark says:

    Your monthly sports post …
    … in which your take is correct. Congratulations, Glazer.

    Will be looking forward to your January sports post. Happy Holidays!

    Mark X

  3. chuck says:

    Dead on the Money Glaze–
    But it ain’t gonna happen.

    Glas pulls down over 20 Mill on this team every year.

    He could care less what people think, he likes the cash.

  4. D'oh! says:

    Are you quoting Matt Stairs or not? Because it looks as if you’re quoting your “real estate pal” who is quoting Stairs, but then it’s a direct quote from him.

  5. Royal Pain says:

    Craig…once again proving you should stick to drugs and bar stories. I would suggest any of you reading this blog for Royals insight…DONT DO IT. I would suggest looking to people that devote a good portion of their to covering the Royals or baseball I’m general. Here’s an article by Greg Schaum that is critical if the Royals but gives you real info. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s getting closer.

  6. harley says:

    this website/amatuer blog going downhill fast
    Just like glass did to the royals…hearne has done to this amatuer website/blog.
    Glass brought in people who know nothing and are complete idiots for jobs.
    Hearne has done this. He allows dumb shits who know nothing about everyting to post stupid
    stories. Glazer has no experience in sports besides playing no downs for ASU in 1971.
    He has no prior experience in writing about sports and it shows. And hearnes little blog becomes
    a real loser.
    What does this guy know about sports besides talking to a real estate agent who knew a guy who
    played for the royals organization 5 years ago and did almost nothing. Of course he was treated like
    crap…i talked with my gardener who knew Matt STairs irrigation man who was sleeping with matt’s
    wife who told my grandmother that she heard matt stairs say when he played for his 10th team
    that the royals didn’t take care of him…..great source of quotes and more b.s.
    And glazer knows nothing about traveling…except to l.a….and i have my doubts as to this
    guys story about his “blockbuster movie” and his book. If you’ve been to milwaukee you know this
    is a great town. Especially iin the summer with summer fest where over 3 million people come for
    various festival dates. I’ve been there…the town is alive but unfortunately for glazer you won’t find
    any asians there.
    Either hearne gets more quality writers than the staff of know nothings he has now…..
    or this site will perish.
    You can tell by the comm ent section that this site is becoming a real dud…a loser like the writers
    masquerading as experts.
    As far as cuban….he knows how to make money….and the selling price of the royals doesnt financially
    allow him the cash flow he needs. Its small market. and that isn’t changing anytime soon.
    If glazer had any financial brains he would understand the position of the glass family. They have spent money…
    on players…a payroll that was bigger than some of the other small market teams. He spent over 70 million on players.
    But carrying greinke now and losing him in 2 years an having him give up at the end of the seasons…made him
    replaceable. Example: when will jerry seinfeld play at sanfords? Probably never. Why…because its only got
    a few hundred seats….people would have to pay $20000 a seat to see him there….and the owners couldnt get
    enough people tovfill the seats and for them to make money cause jerry charges a huge guarantee.
    So sanford can’t have seinfeld perform. Insgtead they get washed up playboy bunnies…old hacks…..jimmie
    “dynomite” walker and his old worn out routines cause thats what the owners of sanfords can afford.
    And they hope they can make money with these 3rd and 4th tier comics. The royals are the same. They can’t afford the
    top line tier players so they piece together a team of 3rd and 4th tier players. Keeping zack would cost them $20-$30
    million a year. And they can’t afford that. so moore uses his money to try to develope talent…just like sanfords.
    They bring in new comedians and hope they get popular and come back and make them money.
    so essentially glazer is like glass….can’t afford the big money talent…so they string togbether some has
    beens and some newer talent and hope they hit and they sell tickets.
    Its business….and glass has decided to go with moore (although i feel this guy has no ability to judge talent)….
    but thats what you get.
    all thesde experts slashed and burned the chiefs. And now they’re all eating shit because these “expeerts” were
    so sure this was a bad year…and casseell was so bad….and haley couldnt coach……but they were wrong…

  7. chuck says:

    Harley- for a guy who hates the site, you NEVER miss it…
    We have paragraphs!

    The writing is insightful, intriguing and locally interesting.

    Don’t get mad at me dude, but you fuckin LOVE Glaze!

    I am gathering, from the vitriol, that you were turned away from the Christmas party. Hey, you had the balls to show up and expectations to match. That hutzpah is noteworthy and a good quality.

    Your time with the hoi polloi is drawing to a close.

    Next year, Maria will come by to get ya.

  8. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Cuban? Keep dreaming. Never going to happen.
    Even if Glass agreed to sell to him, the other MLB owners want NOTHING to do with Cuban. So you can forget it.

  9. Keith says:

    Glazer is sharp in sports,life and entertainment.
    For the love of God man, get off Glazers jock. Whoever you are? Might put in a name. Mine is Keith Pitell, since this comment section doesn’t let names go on for some reason. I live in LA, went to high school with Craig Glazer. Two years ahead of him. I read this site often. Some clowns keep questioning my boys credits. So since he doesn’t say it back, I will. Craig Glazer has produced FIVE, COUNT THEM FIVE award winning SPORTS FILMS, FIVE. Those are for sale on Amazon and in places that sell dvd’s. I attended two of the films screenings one in in LA, Champions Forever starring Ali, Foreman,Fraiser, Holmes, Norton and hosted by Reggie Jackson. Glazer was one of the five producers and WAS THE ONLY ONE TO INTERVIEW ALL FIVE EXCEPT FOR REGGIE. I saw him at the premier interview Ali and Holmes, Fraiser. Over 4,000 attended the event at the JW Marriot in Centuray City, Glazer got a SPORTS FILM AWARD, GIVEN TO HIM BY James Cann, the actor who hosted the premier. I was in KC years later like around 1995 or later for the film premier of Latin Legends starring Chevez and Duran, both famous light weight and welter weight champs, it was hosted at Stations Casino by Michael Buffer..many fight clebs attended as well and Chiefs,Royals and who’s who of KC. I enjoy Craig, he got me a record deal in LA for films he did at New World Pictures where the man was VICE PRESIDENT OF FILM/MUSIC DIVISION. He worked on more then 20 films in four years, then was hired AT UNIVERSAL BY DAN YORK VICE PRESDIENT, to be YORKS PRODUCING PARTNER. I went to his office many times. His other sports films were on auto racing, CHAMPIONS THE DRIVERS.

    Oh and in the late 90’s early 2000’s Image offered Glazer a six figure deal to do CHAMPIONS FOREVER THE QUARTERBACKS, with Namath,Dawson,Stabler,Bradshaw and Staubach..I was with Craig when he interviewed Kenny Stabler, Oakland legend. Why? Cause Glazer hired me and my group to do the opening music for that film. I did do the opening for the Ali movie and Latin Legends.My Band was Reds, I have credits on those pictures. Glazer, unlike me or you is listed on the very hard to get on He has even more credits then listed, but I would imagine he is in the top ten of KC celebrities on it. Yeah he is a big deal. His movies have been reviewed by USA Today, his last one in 2009 was given three out of our stars by USA Today. He didn’t do the football movie cause one of the quarterbacks backed out, don’t know why. Ring magazine this past year did a two page color layout on Glazers last film, about Ali, where Craig on camera interviews the man.

    He is friends with l00’s of football and baseball stars. He has even been roomates with a couple. He is respected by them, guys like Joe Montana and Len Dawson. So whoever the hell you are knocking this man or his background, you are a jealous, dumb person. Don’t believe me? Google Glazers name and go to Champions Forever or whatever you want Oh I forgot he wrote that little book KING OF STING, BOUGHT FOR A MAJOR FILM BY THE Eisners and with Eastwood/Lorenz. Are you kidding me. Craig Glazer is maybe one of your towns best known products…..maybe its time you find another hobby guy. Oh I know I am his friend and full of it, huh. I was the guy he took out with Sandhal Bergman to lunch in LA last month. Unlike you I am a person who doesn’t hide. Hey if you want to hate on Glazer cause he is mid 50’s and a player, go ahead, can you match him? I highly doubt it sir. I hope other readers enjoy his thoughts. He is pretty on the target. Nobody can predict the NFL.

  10. kylerohde says:

    Craig, you’re way off-base
    For once, I don’t think you can blame this one on the Glass family. The Royals talked to Greinke about an extension; it wasn’t about the money. It was about winning soon and the Royals won’t do that. However, they’ve got an absolutely stacked minor league system that is going to make this team a contender from 2013-2017 at least, with 2012 being a lot of fun too.

    Five years ago, the same Milwaukee Brewers who traded for Greinke were in the same spot as the Royals. Awful team for over two decades, with has-been veterans populating the roster. But they drafted well and up came Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun, Corey Hart, JJ Hardy, Casey McGhee, Rickie Weeks, Ben Sheets and others. And for five years, they’ve been a good team, though certainly fans have been disappointed with only one playoff win. But again, that great player development has let the Brewers trade for difference maker pitchers in Greinke and Shawn Marcum and now they’re contenders in 2011.

    You say “complete, utter giveaway”, well every baseball expert that’s written about it has said, at worst, that the Royals came out ok, with others saying the Royals got all they could have expected. Quit being so over-the-top dramatic and letting Tony be your editor.

  11. I smell a rat says:

    Hey L A cheerleading fan boy
    How can anyone be on Glazers jock without hitting you in the back of the head in the process? Jesus christ dude, pop his stripper infected balls out of your mouth and stop singing his praises like you are in love with the guy. We get it, he co produced a few videos that nobody ever heard of or actually watched. Doesn’t exactly make him fucking cecil b demille. Okay I’m done, you can reinsert his balls in your mouth.

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