Glazer: Scribe Celebrates, Ponders Chiefs Win

Well sir, they did it…

The defense showed up – and yes, that includes Derrick Johnson – to join THE FRANCHISE, Matt Cassel to win the Chiefs biggest game in years.  Thank you, Matt. For being a tough son of a bitch. You proved that you are MVP of this team and an all-league quarterback. Cassel will likely join Tom Brady and Peyton Manning on that squad. 

And thank you, Chiefs defense, for stopping by. We need you to win out.

If KC wins out, they would be 11-5. Odd that’s the same record they had when last they won some play off games in 1993/4 with Joe Montana. They also won the division that season for the first time in two decades.

The next two games at home depend, not on Matt, but on the defense.

We will have enough offense to win them both, but can our defense show up to stop the Titans 38 year-old quarterback?

The can we stop Oakland’s running game and long balls to Ford? It’s all defense. Defense wins championships.

About D-Bowe

He did make the two big catches, but dropped an easy one.. Hope he got my message, We’ll see. Dexter McCluster is still a no-show. He can help in the last two games.

The big run by Jamaal Charles sealed the deal. However the running game needs to improve overall. It was much better than the last couple of games. Thomas Jones did pick up a couple short runs for first downs that he usually doesn’t get.

However you take out Charles big run and it was kinda average day for the run game.
Can Matt get it done at home? I think so.

It will make a great Xmas gift for all the KC fans, especially in this tough economic period. So lets "GET ER DONE"

By the way,  crazy as this season has been, with Green Bay one play from beating the NFL’s best, New England, the Giants giving up four touchdowns to the Eagles in 7 minutes to lose the game and the Jets beating Steelers at their home, anything can happen.


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8 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Celebrates, Ponders Chiefs Win

  1. Cliffy says:

    When it comes to sports …
    …your writing is embarrassing, Glazer. This reads like it was written for a junior high newsletter. Stick to stuff you know better.

  2. Kerouac says:

    “MVP of this team” ~ ~ talk about your basic damning with faint praise. ___________________” and an all-league quarterback.Cassel” ~ ~ heh heh heh heh heh – never believed the hype CG was a comedian – until I read that fable ____________ “will likely join Tom Brady & Peyton Manning on that squad. ” ~ ~ Philip Rivers makes 3 & he plays for the SD Super-Chargers, SAN DIEGO CHAR-GERS! ca$$el might make a tackling dummy (on the scout team)._____________ And the line nee march the tomato cans continues: kcindy 0-1 v winning teams 2010 (have played 1), 2-3 v .500 teams, 3-1 v sub .500 teams & 4-0 v the winless… upon the backs the dregs the NFL is built a MIRAGE. _________________________________ One aside: that supposedly fast? charles got caught from behind – AGAIN – yesterday. That makes the 3rd time in the last three years I’ve seen him get outrun and caught from behind though he had the angle on the defender(s). Look forward to seeing an truly fast & ‘great’ back this Sunday, Quicksilver Chris Johnson of the TENN Titans! Only 6-8, but certainly good enough to beat the MIRAGE…

  3. bschloz says:

    Keep Writing That Poetry
    9-5….Tenn Titties In The NEW Arrowhead In December HAHA .—10-5 with conviction. Play connect the dots all you want Sir Beatnik–Chiefs are in control baby—- I’ll tell you a good bet how bout the Charmin Soft Bolts going to Cincy and shitting the shower–Just like they did @ St. Louis
    @ Seattle…..LMFAO….please explain those losses for such a superior club….. I know —Chiefs Win in those Cities BAD Chargers lose GOOD— I’ll take a playoff game Hell Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rainbow Man says:

    Taking Care Of Business
    We will worry about the playoffs when we get there. We need two wins to seal it. Maybe one will do it. We can taste home field with a powerful team and a coaching staff with HUGE PLAYOFF EXPERIENCE. We can beat the Jets.
    Lets win two…. and tailgate some more at Arrowhead. This is fun.

    Rainbow Man

  5. HARLEY says:

    Really hearne…is this for real?
    I’ve seen better writing by a 10th grader. Theres not one line n here that hasnt been said throughout the season.
    You’re little experiment is dying…and becoming irrelevant.
    2 stories back to back? Are you serious. You are making tonys kansas city look like a
    great site with this crap.
    I will check your sites analytics and see if you’re still getting that 1 million hits a month…..
    come on hearne…wake up

  6. chuck says:

    If you actually watched the game, you would have seen the coaches working ALL FUCKIN DAY on J Charles’s legs because of cramps. At one point, he sat on the field for 5 minutes at the 50 YARD LINE while they rubbed one out, which is what you must be doing during the game.

    Everyone knows your gonna be a cage fighter.

    Go feed Tina some ham, dumbass.


  7. chuck says:

    Harley, Glaze’s extemporaneous takes are exactly why
    they are so interesting. You don’t want that guy ‘fashioning’ any prose or couching bovine, bullshit, borrowed, blatherings from butcracks on the tube, hell we can do that.

    We gotta have a utilitarian man of action reporting from the front, breathless from freshly fought engagements, real and metaphorical.

    I swear to god, if you keep pounding away, you WILL get invited to the next Christmas party.

    It ain’t gettin knocked down, its gettin up.


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