Glazer: Finally, a Mega Star…Josh Selby at KU

FINALLY, THE KC AREA HAS A BIG TIME, NATIONAL ,GET THE HELL OUTA THE WAY SUPERSTAR…not the Chiefs, not the Royals (of course not), but the KU JAYHAWKS...

You’ve heard about him but unlike the other near do well names, such as last years "nah," Xavier Henry, this kid JOSH SELBY IS A MEGA STAR. Simple as that…

Look out NCAA, this kid can, shoot threes at the buzzer and defend, and oh yeah that was his first game as a college kid in the big leagues.  Oh yeah, he had the game winner a 3 with just over a minute on the clock, and KU trailing by 2. Yeah, they aren’t used to him, yeah the Morris twins would lead a very good KU team to the sweet sixteen, maybe elite 8.

But with MEGA STAR Josh Selby…can you say Kobe Bryant?

Oh joy, we have a name star that in a short time will be the talk of national sports….

He is finally the real deal. Yeah, I know Henry is doing well in the NBA. But this kid is so much more.  His momma even watched and commented on his game throughout the dogfight with USC at Lawrence. Yes, KU should have killed USC, but with this new gunslinger they just were not sure how to play it or him.

In a few games he will walk over everyone,yes even Duke.

With the Morris Twins this could be a Final Four Killer Real Team. That won’t hope to win it, they will KNOW THEY WILL WIN IT.

Yeah, the KC area has a rock star and a rock star team…Kansas.
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11 Responses to Glazer: Finally, a Mega Star…Josh Selby at KU

  1. maria says:

    Woah, woah, woah..
    Sounds like someone really believed the hype! Yes, Mr. Glazer. Selby is very good. He does, however, have a long way to go. It would be silly to deduce his baller status as comparable to Kobe Bryant based on that first game. He was 5 for 8 on the three-point line, 5 for 11 in the field. (Not quite superstar stats.) Though, I am diggin’ all this KU love in your post, even if it is a little uncultivated. It will be very exciting to see how he does this year! I can’t wait!


  2. chuck says:

    Easy there cowboy.
    Back away from the Hall of Fame Bust…

  3. harley says:

    Glazer…you’re going to jinx the guy….
    say the guys a bum like you did cassell. Say the guys a dog and can’t shoot and that he’s a loser.
    Because everytime you stick your foot in your mouth with these stupid predictions…you prove yourself
    wrong again. You could’nt pick the right side of coin flip! You’re thv worst sports guy ev er….but i dont
    consider you a sports guy.
    and no hes not a national personality. The win came against usc…not duke or another major power….
    and the only people who care about ku basketball are right here in kansas….go outside this
    area and they say kansas basektball? Is dorothy starting for the team? Noone outside this area gives
    a fuck about ku basektball. they’ve choked in last few years…and besides….only football matters
    outside this area. The rest of the nation is focused on nfl/nba….the 99.999999999% of the nation
    could care less about ku basektball and he didnt even get any national play.
    If they go deep in the tournament….maybe….but hitting one basket doesnt make him a star…and
    if he does too good…the other starters won’t getvhim the ball. And dles he smoke pot like the
    rest of that team.
    .you’re only showing your ignorance again…and you’re positive comment will jinx the guy.
    Write something opriginal…we all know the kid is good…you’re writing this crap is not original..
    get back to hookers and bars…thats original and interesting.
    you’ve blown more prediction this year than any bettor i know…hopefully youre not betting this
    and what about the porn star party…we’re still waiting to hear if ya got laid.

  4. harley says:

    glazers with a 45 year old woman…a former playmate…who looks all of 45 years old.
    Whats up with this man? Thought you hung with the young uns?
    Saw her photo online and she looks all of 45 maybe older….if you know what i mean….
    come one glazer….step it up….why ruin your reputation? The hotties at
    woodside will dump ya if they know you hang with 45 year olds!
    come on man…most of the guys on this site were wanking off to her photo
    when they were 10!
    Even my girlfriend isnt that old! And glazer….i’ve got some news for ya…
    at 45 those big honkers start to hang down to their knees.
    Stick to the 20 year old…their tits are nice and hard…not some
    knee hangers that get in the way!
    Glazer////what would all your fans say if they knew you hang with old
    women….as i said…if you like that come out to joco for some cougars…
    theres plenty out here that would lovevya….just keep the full lenght leather
    coat in the closet….
    merry christmas!

  5. bschloz says:

    All Black Leather coats and Asian strippers aside…he looks like the next Kevin Durant to me—– 1 NBA Trey is a fluke..3 NBA treys and game winner is real– the kid can fill it up…wait til he gets comfortable.
    COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYERS SMOKIN POT? This really is shocking…surely its just a little SALIVA.

  6. chuck says:

    We all luv you do much cause you gotta try and be objective—-

    Fuck it man—HOW COOL WAS THAT!!


    Fun stuff buddy–

    Fuck the haters—WE FUCKIN LUV U!!!

    GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Ptolemy says:

    Both KU and USC…
    …would have been shut down by either Florida or KSU Saturday. Those teams are lock-down defensive monsters.

    KU has looked good against 3 and 4 loss teams that lose to the likes of North Dakota. Play a team with a pulse and win and you might be able to make some kind of a claim. From what they have shown thus far, KU is NOT the No. 3 team in the country.

  8. harley says:

    Hey glazer
    heard the salvation army was going to be in your neighborhood to pickup
    clothing donations…

  9. lewis says:

    Glaze is on it, bigitme
    Great call Craig. You are right this kid is super great. Glad you could see that as I did. P.S. Saw your photo with the blonde lady, I always thought you were a well dressed player. Still do. You go man.

  10. Cliffy says:

    So, since Glazer advetises here it means ….
    … he can post something anytime he wants? Craig, you write some interesting stuff from time to time but you don’t know anything about sports. Lay off of it.

  11. Markus Aurelius says:

    Glazer needs to lay off the Magic Booger Dust…
    Selby may turn out to be pretty good but he still plays for the Jayhawks, thus making him yet another in a long line of losers. Word on the street is that KU basketball players intentionally don’t complete their degree in Lawrence since they’re better off finishing a degree through the University of Phoenix with a couple online courses. “Graduate of the Univ. of Phoenix” looks significantly better than “Graduate of Kansas University” when they submit their job applications to Burger King or Greg Gurley’s T-Shirt Shop.

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