Tony: The Week When Local Newsies Were Played For Suckers

Let’s take a quick review of this week and notice that professional newsies were played for suckers.

For the most part, everybody has checked out for the holidays.

Still, the news cycle must go on and there’s even a bit of interesting stuff happening besides the weather and news of anonymous rich guys throwing out some table scraps to po’folk.

Let’s review:

1. The Kansas City Port Authority was the buzzword of the week. It’s an old story being recycled and used as a cheap political ploy. Nevertheless, the chattering classes in KCMO want to pretend that one of their many insider business deals will mean something to the rest of the plebs in this town.

2. The monied crowd keeps giving cash to fight the E-Tax repeal. With the donations rolling in, this time Kansas City is well prepared to fight off the bad intentions of a billionaire from St. Louis.

3. Kansas City, Missouri hit 100 murders for the year this week. Actually, the cold has been keeping everyone inside, but a fight gone wrong and now ruled a homicide on The Plaza makes it clear that violence in this town is out of control.

4. TU’s Bubba Cunningham Staying Put – And he basically played all the media – starting with the Kansas City Star – for suckers by teasing them with KU talks.

5. The Chiefs are going to lose now that the pressure is on and their QB is on the mend. It’s a shame that pro-sports in this town is known for folding under pressure because the people of Kansas City are actually quite resilient. Nevertheless, our corporate entertainment always seems to disappoint in the clutch, and this week should be no exception.

There you have it, that’s the definitive wrap-up of everything that happened this week. So now feel free to focus on the most important part of the Sunday Newspaper: The Coupons.

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3 Responses to Tony: The Week When Local Newsies Were Played For Suckers

  1. chuck says:

    Tony flip flops more than Jenna Jamison in a gang bang video
    First, Tony’s “kickass tipsters” break a story about the under the table no bid contract to Sessions, now, THE FIX IS IN!!—————–I swear this town is worse than an episode of Boardwalk Empire.——————-That Port Authority 9 million dollar pay out is bullshit.

  2. chuck says:

    9, count ’em hater- 9 wins with 2 games to go.
    You hate this day.

    us Chiefs homers LUV IT!!!

  3. Markus Aurelius says:

    So how did that Chiefs prediction….
    ….work out for you, Mr. Blow-yellow? Ummmm, yeah….perhaps you should stick to those things you actually know something about… Barbara Streisand or….. hamsters.

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