Starbeams: Bye-bye Streetside; Facebook; and holiday Glee

Streetside Records in Westport will close in January.

The record store was known as Pennylane Records until 1989.

Several hundred people are trying to save the record store – a Facebook page is up, although no one has bought a record since the Bee Gees were big.

Captured insurgents have revealed that al-Qaida is planning a terrorist attack during the holiday season. U.S. intelligence says the threat is credible.

Apparently, they’re as sick of Christmas songs from the cast of Glee as we are.


A new report from Workforce Management magazine says most of us aren’t getting enough sleep because of work. We’re averaging only 6.9 hours of the 8 hours of sleep we need.

It’s tough doing your job, juggling kids, worrying about the economy and spending 10 hours on Facebook every day.

It’s almost too much.



The death of a Tulsa guy who got into a fight in the Kona Grill is Kansas City’s 100th homicide this year.

70 rounds were fired at the church Harry Truman used to attend.

I think Harry said it best when he said, "Be sincere…even if you don’t mean it."

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2 Responses to Starbeams: Bye-bye Streetside; Facebook; and holiday Glee

  1. chuck says:

    70 rounds

    The most famous gunfight of the old west, the OK corral, 30 shots were expended in 30 seconds. 3 dead guys, and three wounded.

    The Earp “Vendetta” ride resulted in 5 to 15 dead guys over a 4 day period.

    These “Funeral Shooters”, these willing killers, only lack training and discipline in their chosen field. A few trips to the Bullet Hole and some instruction, well…

    All the soarings of their little minds, begin in blood.

  2. Hernia Christopherson says:

    yeah, reads like marmaduke…

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