Glazer: Does Anyone Really Believe the Chiefs Deserve the Post Season?

Those were the days…

When Len Dawson and Otis Taylor along with Bobby Bell and his outstanding defensive teammates took the field in the late 60’s / early 70’s, you expected a WIN. When the Marty Schottenheimer’s Chiefs teams of the mid to late ’90’s took the field you usually felt there would be victory. Right? 

Since then, not so much.

Yes, I am aware of the phony 2003 team put together by nice guy Dick Vermeil, but by seasons end they were kind of a joke. Any team could score on them just by breathing and showing up.

Today nobody – and I mean nobody – feels a win coming when this current team takes the field. Not now.

Especially on the road.

This ball-club is, as I said before, average. They have no real identity. In the first part of the season, they were a running team, later a passing team. They at times were a bend don’t break team. And no player outside of Jamaal Charles has been consistent. Nobody.

Matt Cassel and Dwayne Bowe at times have been outstanding. However "mean green/drinky funny mix" Bowe lately has gone on vacation with "big contract" Derrick Johnson.  And it’s starting to look like Chiefs coach Todd Haley was right about Johnson; he plays well here and there. But lately it ain’t been here. 

The Chargers ran over his spot like there was nobody there, two weeks earlier so did the last place Broncos.

For the most part we have NO pass rush. Yes, I am aware of Tamba Hali and his 10 sacks. Sorry, he’s not scaring anyone that much. And again, he’s inconsistent.

So what now?

Well, San Diego showed us their thoughts this past week. They walked all over the Chiefs Sunday and then destroyed the Niners last night. Two easy wins in five days. Nice. I would say that they are easily the better team, wouldn’t you?

As for the Chiefs, I don’t feel they feel they are worthy right now.

They just don’t have enough talent or desire to move beyond being average. That means ups and downs. Like all of us, I hope they win the next three. But like you, I feel that isn’t going to happen. In fact they may lose two, St. Louis and Oakland.

Again, we play three teams with losing records, two at home. The Rams got their ass handed to them by the Saints last Sunday, but overall, right now, at home, they are the better team until proven otherwise.

Yes, we have a chance with THE FRANCHISE, Matt Cassel. And if Bowe stops getting high before games, that might help.

The bigger problem is defense. Lately it goes away and hides.  Where’s Dexter? What happened to that BIG RETURN GAME? Gone, baby gone.

Like I said, Todd Haley and Scott Pioli are watching these players close. They better not shout, they better not cry, because by God, I’m telling you why……

Do you want to start for this "better" team next year?

Then be VERY NICE. The Chiefs will need to win all three to go to playoffs, unless they end up 10-6 and somehow edge the failing Jets for a wild card.

The Chargers deserve this division, we don’t.

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22 Responses to Glazer: Does Anyone Really Believe the Chiefs Deserve the Post Season?

  1. bschloz says:

    Charger Envy…
    I don’t got it……Chiefs are undefeated in KC…and I see no reason for that streak to end—–Are they NE..Philly…Pitts? NO hell NO….nobody ever said they were. So the 2 shittiest franchises of the last 5 years take the field on Sunday in a meaningful Missouri NFL game. Vegas says flip a coin and those cats are never wrong. Rather have Cassel with a tummy ache than rookie QB—-If were going to clone an NFL team might as well be NE….GO CHIEFS 11-5 with conviction! Chiefs 24 Rams 17….Hey K how do like them appers

  2. harley says:

    another great article by the flip flop king of kc. You switch opinions of the chiefs faster than you switch asian large
    breasted women in long leather coats!
    come on…havent you made enough stupid coats. The chiefs don’t deserve the playoffs? According to who…
    mr. sports trivia?
    Glazer…its the team with the best record that wins the division. Thats how it works.
    Most of this article is b.s./made up/incorrect/factually wrong….but i can’t keep having to correct you on every
    stupid comment you make.
    Get back to writing about porn/hookers/maria/ and broken nightlife in kc…
    Oh…you promised us about the pporn star party….what happened…ya get laid?
    And post more sexy photos of maria…and if that poor college student needs a sugar daddy to keep her high
    maitenance lifestyle is swing…have her call me……..or contact me via kcc….

  3. chuck says:

    You are what your record says you are.
    Bill Parsells

  4. Kerouac says:

    Does Anybody Really Believe Chiefs Deserve Post Season?
    (cue Bobby Lamm, redux) ‘Does anybody really care? If so I can’t imagine why, we’ve all got time enough to die” ________________ “San Diego showed us their thoughts this past week. They walked all over the Chiefs Sunday & then destroyed the Niners last night. Two easy wins in five days. Nice. I’d say that they are easily the better team, wouldn’t you?” ~ you could say that, yeah. Reminded me of the 1967 Chiefs when they beat the Raiders 48-0 & then came back just 4 days later & beat the Bears 66-24 ________________ “THE FRANCHISE, Matt Cassel.” ~ alas, zipperman be no Brett Favre the ‘resolve’ department nor a Bobby Layne or Max McGee – two guys who never let fans down or ‘cheers’ keep them off the field or on the wagon as twere. Me thinks kcinderella’s ‘franchise’ is more haute cuisine than value meal. ______________________________ “Where’s Dexter?” ~ he’s with Waldo, Hoffa and the yellowing pages yesterday’s fishwrap relegated birdcage. ______________________ “What happened to that BIG RETURN GAME?” ~ the itsy bitsy return man took to the field that night, rain poured down and to end zone he got, out came the sun & dried up all the hype and the itsy bitsy return man took to stationary bike… _______________________ “The Chargers deserve this division, we don’t.” ~ I’m afraid so…if not entirely displeased. Year 3 his squat 2011 will be the duffer’s finale as it stands – will it produce extension or extermination? Stay tuned…

  5. markx says:

    You are what your record says you are.

    It’s pretty simple, stupid …

    If the Chiefs win out with a better record than the Chargers, the Chiefs DESERVE it.

    If the Chargers run the table and the Chiefs lose a few more, THEN the Chargers deserve it.

    The Chargers lost in KC at the beginning of the year, remember? The Chargers are 8 – 6. They’ve lost 1 more game than the Chiefs, so, no, they don’t DESERVE it. Yet. That’s why they play games, Glazer.

    Mark X

  6. Kerouac says:

    If the Chiefs win out with a better record than the Chargers
    they would: a) have to change their name to ‘Magic’ Johnson – or – b) have ‘backed in’ to the post season. Well… no matter x2, for they will not (be in post season) but they would (back in) if they did – just like Herm Edwards KC team did 2006 – that is, ‘if’ we embrace the (il)logic Herm-haters employ. As I have said many times you do not ‘back in’ by winning – you ‘back OUT’ via losing. The Chiefs in 2006 ‘won’ their way into post season when the other teams ‘backed out’. SD SUPER-CHARGERS will not allow it happen case this tomato can-killer kcindy… but keep dreaming.

  7. chuck says:

    This ain’t college, The Chargers won’t get invited to a bowl
    They sucked worse than your pathetic prose 11:33. The Chargers couldn’t hit their ass with both hands the first 6 games. By the way dumbass, those games counted, and your team sucked. If the Chiefs win out, the Chargers could go to the Toilet Bowl where they and their gay QB belong.

  8. Kerouac says:

    This ain’t college
    moreso pre-school based upon your ‘goo’lish rabble nee spew… ______________________________________ “The Chargers won’t get invited to a bowl” ~ nor willst any kcindy’s chiefs to even the Pro let alone Super or even post, appears. _____________
    “They sucked worse than” ~ agreed: that 31-0 obliteration ‘rella at the hands rompin’ stompin’ SD SUPER-CHARGERS was poetic justice __________________________________ “your pathetic” ~ said belongs naught me, rather, be thine patheticness ye red kool-aid drinking dentiloquent whose team’s absence post season soon shall beget bruxism thine. _______________________
    “prose 11:33” ~ not to worry: Genesis 4:9 – be numbers here the blog if an absence strength, common sense; you’ll be in good, 2nd place company. ______________ “The Chargers couldn’t hit their ass with both hands the first 6 games.” ~ since the first 3 games (or twice as long ago), kcindy be but 5-5… so much for ‘progress’ as it were. ___________________ “By the way dumbass” ~ no, by way their lack of performance, tho the duffer may qualify the former characterization. ______________ “those games counted, and your team sucked.” ~ in this ‘what have you done for us lately’ NFL world Jimmy-speak – “HOW BOUT’ THEM SUPER-CHARGERS!” __________________________ “If the Chiefs win out” – ‘if’ only, ‘yeah but’, ‘would, should, could’ etc. etc. adnausem/ad infinitum. _________________________ “the Chargers could go” ~ will… consider it done. Meanwhile, kcindy may go- ________________ “to the Toilet Bowl” ~ not even that avenue be left to them now… Super SD already flushed them down that escape hatch last Sunday. ____________________ “where they” ~ probably in the Gulf of Mexico by now… _____________________ “and their gay QB” ~ ‘the franchise’ proclivities be of no interest me; if his teammates are alright with said, well… so much for ‘no homo’. ________________ “belong.” ~ and a ‘winding’ road no doubt, mop top; condolences to you & yours…

  9. Davey Boy says:

    Chiefs Blew It
    I think Glazer is right. He writes about what is going on now, not so much what happened a month before. In the NFL that kinda matters, hatters. Hey I hope we win all three games, so does Glaze, but like he says “hoping for a win, isn’t a great feeling, like knowing there will be a win.”

  10. billyw says:

    Screw Football, I want the Hot Blonde You Had.
    Hey my man, that was me who came up to you and Julie McCullough at Capital Grill. Got the photo. Man she still looks great. I have to admitt I bought her Playboy mag. when it was out, thats cause I got Playboy in the mail back then. Didn’t watch her tv show, Growing Pains much, but she was worth a look. Didn’t know she did comedy. But you two looked darn cozy Glazer. I figured you brought her to town for all the wrong reasons? Fill me in.

  11. chuck says:

    1:28–your way out over your skis for the Chargers ain’t ya?
    Why don’t you, go out to California (Where the fuckin smog is so bad, they have Chemo Booths in Quick trips for all the tumors you can pick up from just breathing the air.) with your life partner and join Phillip Rivers at a Nambla meeting. Say Hi to OJ when ya get there, he fuckin loves the Chargers. Even people in San Diego don’t like the Chargers. Next year they are going to LA because they can’t get enough fans to show up at the stadium. The LA Chargers. What a joke.

  12. ferris says:

    Glazer heard you two on Dare, won tix, saw show Wednesday night. Not bad, the guy from Family Ties was decent. Seemed you were doin her. Are YOU? Fill us in. Yeah she looked damn good.

  13. chuck says:

    2:42 just beat 1:28’s ass like an Iranian Housewife.

  14. Kerouac says:

    1:28–your way out over your skis for the Chargers ain’t ya?
    I am NOT a number – I am a FREE MAN! _______ kcindy takes it in the shorts again as they go down for the count… byw, they already were the LA Chargers, back in 1960 9they won the World Championship in ’63 and appeared in five of the first 6 AFL Title games.) LA will be deja vu all over again – hey – maybe Lance Alworth, Paul Lowe, Keith Lincoln, Ernie Ladd, Earl Faison & the original ‘Fearsome Foursome’ (that’s right, the Rams stole that moniker from the Super-Chargers) will also return. _____________________________ Anyway ye greeneyed, red koolaid sippin MIRAGE lovers, as long as the duffer & clam chowder keep stumblin round I’m unconcerned with who wins or goes where post season. Chiefs man forever – fan duffer & chowder – never. The day they depart kc be the day I again am proud to say CHIEFS! ______________________ Now, in the meantime let us enjoy a salute to the blue powder, lightning bolts & thunder be the (2, 3, 4) SD SUPER-CHARGERS! ~ ~

  15. killer says:

    Glazer and the Playmate
    Dude did you really go out with Julie McCullough. She was so hot. watched her on the show with Hef. I never watched her on “Growing Pains.” But what a body. Glazer now I know why so many people hate on you, those kinda girls bring that crap out. By the way I love the Chiefs, but I like the Chargers to win the division. I’ll be HOPING for KC.

  16. chuck says:

    How cool was THAT!!
    Firs t of al al I am so drunk if bm my doctor drawws blood, the motherfuker is gonnsa have to runa fukin tabb. WHAOOOAOAOAOOA===== fuckin COOL!!


    BTRW if ur wuride i am home as awwusauys ..
    fuckngames 9 of them

    by the way kerowack took it in thass –alan ginsburg–no big deal————————————
    i am ok with keroahck blowin some truckers, loev ethe dont aks dont tell—————–no big deal—-I habe a problem with kerowakofff’s STDcargers.


    SerioUs;y ginsberg was relllallly a good lookin guy.

    FuCk YeHH man.go sYfdEiEgo—-lets all HUMP up fotr the caheargers at the nest nambla metgin.

  17. chuck says:

    911 what is your emergnecy?
    KEROWHACKOFF: “I am gay as shit and my Chargers are 1 game down with 2 games to go.”

    911 OPERATOR: “You dumb fuck, don’t you remember LaDanian Tommyson foldin up in all those playoff games?”

    KEROWACKOFF: His leg really hurt!”

    911 OPERATOR: ” Ya know what dumbass, even though I have people on the other line dying at funerals for guys who got killed in gunfights, i absoluteley must take time to tell you, you dumb fuck, that Bill fuckin Parsells says—“YOU ARE WHAT YOUR RECORD SAYS YOU ARE!”

    KEROWHACKOFF: “You shouda seen the bruise on LTs leg!! BIG AS A QUARTER!! He totally skipped the Real Housewives of Orange County that week!!”

    911 OPERATOR: “Just talking to you makes me feel gay.”

  18. chuck says:

    By the way–her is TKC’s post last week
    Thursday, December 16, 2010
    Pitch Plog Port Authority Post

    With links from EVERYWHERE . . . Joe Tone @ The Pitch writes up the story that has captured the imagination of all the politicos in town and puts it in perspective.

    Posted by Tony at 12/16/2010 06:20:00 AM 9 Comments

    ‘Tis The Season To Write Something Horribly Inappropriate At Strand Of!!!

    So, here’s the latest gimmick that VML is pitching on the Internets to mine addresses, IPs and other personal data along with raising a few coins for their cause of the month . . .

    I challenge you bags to write something really repugnant and halfway funny and then send us a link.

    Because it’s the season of giving AND receiving like some worn out X-mas prostitute.


    Via Mary-Anne’s blog

    Posted by Tony at 12/16/2010 05:52:00 AM 3 Comments

    Kansas Murder And The Unintended Consequences Of Crazy People: Double The Baby Killing After Tiller Shot Dead!!!

    The Star: A Kansas City, Kan., abortion clinic has been training TWO doctors to perform abortions in Wichita, a clinic spokesman said Wednesday. Abortions have been unavailable there since George Tiller was fatally shot in 2009.”

    Posted by Tony at 12/16/2010 05:34:00 AM Comment

    Kansas City Public Meetings Aren’t Safe

    WDAF: “After a gunman opened fire at a Florida school board meeting, questions are being asked about what safety measures are in place at public meetings here in the metro.”

    Posted by Tony at 12/16/2010 05:24:00 AM 2 Comments

    Danica Thrall And TKC Morning Links

    Just some quick links to start the morning . . .

    %u2022I’m gonna guess it was over something more serious than stealing shampoo: KC man admits killing roommate, setting body on fire

    %u2022Meth town change up: Cindy Green is stepping down from her City Council post effective Friday to join the staff of Sen.-elect Jerry Moran.

    %u2022Rock Chalk Deal Underway: Report: Tulsa AD Set to Take KU Job

    %u2022Kansas Crook: Man Accused Of Multiple Burglaries In De Soto Area

    Danica Thrall and her latest X-mas photo set make the TKC morning bright.

    Posted by Tony at 12/16/2010 04:53:00 AM Comment

    New Meth Town Tattoo Rules

    The Examiner: “During a brief 15-minute meeting Tuesday night, the Independence Planning Commission unanimously approved an amendment to the city%u2019s Unified Development Ordinance, including a new description of body art services businesses and their minimum standards.”

    Posted by Tony at 12/16/2010 04:40:00 AM Comment

    Show Me Help With DADT Repeal

    FUMO: With Support From Carnahan, Clay and Cleaver, House Votes to Repeal DADT

    Posted by Tony at 12/16/2010 04:31:00 AM Comment

    Kansas City Vimeo Clip Compilation

    There’s a bunch of great stuff on Vimeo this morning but nothing that really stands out . . . So I put together this compilation with a dancing lady featured.

    Small biz, faux stripping and vegan restaurants are either the best or worst things about Kansas City: Burlesque performer Eartha Delights delights an audience at a private party at the famed restaurant, Succotash in Kansas City, Missouri.

    Mark Mohr shows us a concept to canvas photo essay of his Lockton Building painting.

    Kansas City Improv D-bags

    Kansas City Skaters in French

    I’m a sucker for a Busty Blonde singing at the top of her lungs: Brenna Whitaker and Her Little Big Band perform “Kansas City” live from the W Hotel in Hollywood, CA.

    Posted by Tony at 12/16/2010 04:28:00 AM 2 Comments

    A Great Deal Of Ruskin Reporting

    An old school blog comes out of hibernation for an update on rumors and gossip from South KC along with Ruskin Heights And Hills . . . Really.

    Posted by Tony at 12/16/2010 04:21:00 AM Comment

    Literacy KC Volunteering For May’s Machete

    My favorite KC blogger proves herself better than us all and volunteers at Literacy KC . . . Which seems like a really great cause.

    Posted by Tony at 12/16/2010 04:19:00 AM 2 Comments

    Leighton Meester And Coping With Cold, Wet, Icy and Dangerous Kansas City Streets

    Leighton Meester and her latest scantily clad photo set in the December issue of Allure informs this blog on such a miserable night.

    We hear it’s going to stay frosty . . . But I definitely advise folks to stay inside with the Internets, preferably in a basement somewhere.

    Be careful.

    Hopefully, more links and content on the way . . . Stay Tuned!!!

    Posted by Tony at 12/16/2010 12:01:00 AM 3 Comments

    Wednesday, December 15, 2010
    Jesus On Broadway in Kansas City, Missouri

    Last night I took a few seconds to document this bright illuminated sign that stood out on a cold, dreary night during the X-mas season in Kansas City, Missouri.

    Posted by Tony at 12/15/2010 10:47:00 PM 1 Comment


    Tonight I’ll be having an extended chat with The Queen of Kansas City Talk radio Darla Jaye!!!

    There are so many Kansas City topics to cover and a great deal of local controversy to close out the year.

    Tune in, call up or check it out on the KMBZ home page where you can listen live starting at around 8 in the PM!!!

    Posted by Tony at 12/15/2010 06:09:00 PM 17 Comments

    100 KANSAS CITY MURDERS IN 2010!!!

    It’s a tragic milestone in Kansas City, we all knew that we would make it and now here we are . . . Strangely enough, a death on The Plaza pushes Kansas City toward the century mark when it comes to homicide.

    Check it:

    Plaza Restaurant Death Ruled Homicide

    Man’s Death At Plaza Restaurant Ruled Homicide

    Alonzo Washington’s Comment on Kansas City Murder century mark.

    Posted by Tony at 12/15/2010 05:58:00 PM 22 Comments

    More Empty Talk On Kansas City Violence

    WDAF: “A shooting spree at a funeral service for a murder victim has urban core churches banding together to stop the violence.” Again.

    Posted by Tony at 12/15/2010 05:47:00 PM 6 Comments

    Kansas City Hipsters Will Enjoy Even More Privilege At Ward Parkway Trader Joe’s

    KCTV5 reports that the wine and cheese crowd don’t have to play by the rules: The Neighborhoods and Safety Committee grants an exemption to Trader Joe’s so the retailer can sell liquor at its planned Ward Parkway location.

    Posted by Tony at 12/15/2010 05:39:00 PM 11 Comments


    So far, no TV News outlets in Kansas City have picked up The Port Authority story and only one other local blog has shown even a modicum of interest . . . But, Mayoral Candidate Mike Burke is quick to answer questions from the public and TKC comments on his involvement with the current Kansas City Port Authority hot mess . . . Which turns out to be very little. Today, Kansas City Mayoral Candidate Mike Burke issued a formal statement regarding a construction site contract called into question recently because it involved land once owned by the Kansas City Port Authority, a former client.

    TKC is the FIRST Kansas City News outlet to post the statement. Natch.

    Check it:

    Official Statement from Kansas City Mayoral Candidate Mike Burke

    (KANSAS CITY, MO.) %u2013 Today, Kansas City Mayoral Candidate Mike Burke issued a formal statement regarding a construction site contract called into question recently because it involved land once owned by the Kansas City Port Authority, his former client.

    %u201CThere is much discussion regarding my role as Port Authority General Counsel and the activities of William Session and his construction company, TWS Technical Services, LLC (TWS),%u201D began Mike Burke, KCMO Mayoral Candidate. %u201CI would like to clarify some of the facts involved in this matter.%u201D

    %u201CWith regard to the formation of TWS and the contract to do work at Richards-Gebaur, while I had known and worked with Mr. Session for a number of years in his role as environmental counsel for the Port Authority, I had no advance knowledge:

    %u2212 That Mr. Session had formed a company to do construction work,

    %u2212 That TWS had applied for and been granted Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) status by the City,

    %u2212 That TWS had negotiated a contract with Kissick Construction for work that the developer, CenterPoint Properties, was doing at Richards-Gebaur.%u201D

    %u201CTo my knowledge, Mr. Session had not informed any member of the Port Authority Board nor any member of the Port Authority staff that he intended to form or had formed a construction company, that he intended to qualify
    the company as a MBE through the City or that he had any intention of contracting at Richards-Gebaur,%u201D continued Burke.

    %u201CSince the contract involving TWS was neither a Port Authority contract nor a public contract there was no way that it would have come to the prior attention of the Port Authority absent disclosure by Mr. Session. Knowledge of the transaction came to the staff%u2019s attention when the contractor at Richards Gebaur submitted documents showing MBE participation and listing TWS as a subcontractor on the project,%u201D continued Burke.

    %u201CI supported the appointment of an outside attorney, not affiliated with or paid for by the Port Authority, to review the matter in detail. I cooperated with the outside attorney and provided all relevant documents. The conclusions
    of the outside review have been made public,%u201D continued Burke.

    %u201CI am still very disturbed by the lack of transparency on the part of Mr. Session and TWS. I strongly feel that when you represent a public client you should never put that client in a compromising or embarrassing position, and that any action which might reflect adversely or create a divided loyalty in your representation should be disclosed in advance to the client,%u201D continued Burke.

    %u201CIn March of this year, I resigned as General Counsel to the Port Authority in order to fully dedicate myself to running for mayor. At that time, Mr. Session was appointed as its General Counsel. I hope that the Port Authority staff and board members can regroup and get beyond this current controversy and continue the important work of development of Kansas City%u2019s Riverfront. As mayor I will work hard to ensure that the activities of all city boards and commissions are held to the highest level of transparency and honesty,%u201D concluded Burke.

    Posted by Tony at 12/15/2010 03:08:00 PM 30 Comments

    Don’t Miss Lucky DeLuxe This X-Mas!!!

    Kansas City Burlesque Comedy Lady Lucky DeLuxe is leaving town for the bright lights of LA next year but there are still a couple of opportunities to check her out before she goes . . .

    Tonight check out . . .

    The Coda $5 Comedy Showcase with Susanna Lee and Kyle Ayers

    The show starts at 9 in the PM
    1744 Broadway, Crossroads, KCMO
    Kansas City, MO

    And then on Sunday . . .

    Dr. Sketchy presents Lucky Deluxe – a going away party

    Local art denizens offer their tribute: Sunday, December 19

  19. chuck says:

    Read the last part of TKC’s blog if ya want, he hates the Chiefs and KC.

  20. chuck says:

    Sorry–what a great day we allhad–still
    laughin my ass off!!

  21. chuck says:

    Earlier I said that Tony should shove it up his “Chalupa”.
    I would like to qualify that.

    Hey Tony, shove it up your fuckin chalupa!


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