OTC: Is Rams Game A Must Win For Chiefs?


“The (Chiefs) biggest game in seven years.”
Mitch Holthus, on the Chiefs trip to St. Louis on Sunday, 810 AM
GH: Kind of tells you how drab the past seven years have been like here in Kansas City for Chiefs fans.
“Every game at this point is a must win. You only have so many opportunities. It’s not like the middle of the season where you have an opportunity to change things.”
Will Shields, 610 AM
GH: I keep hearing how this game against the Rams is a must win but I don’t think the Chiefs are in a must-win division. A “must win” to me is you win or you’re dead. That Raiders game at home on January 2nd? Now that will be a must win.
“If St. Louis wins this game it will be Steven Jackson doing damage not only as a runner but as a receiver. This is a huge game for the linebackers – not just the inside guys but all four. You’ve got to be able to tackle Steven Jackson. It takes more than one guy to tackle this guy. He’s a beast.”
Mitch Holthus, 810 AM
GH: Jackson might be the most under-appreciated running back in the NFL this decade. When healthy, I don’t think there is a more intimidating back. Shaun Smith, though, does not share my admiration for the Rams’ bruising back. Read on.
“(Steven Jackson) is a hard runner but the key to him is if you hit him early he’ll shut it down.”
Shaun Smith, Chiefs defensive lineman, 610 AM
GH: That reads like bulletin board material to me. It will be fun to see if Smith gets a good lick in on Jackson or vice versa.
“The prevailing thought around the world is that special teams have killed San Diego.”
Mitch Holthus, 810 AM
GH: I believe I heard this same thought while listening to Radio China last week.
“This late in the season, I think he’s got all the jitterbugs out of him.”
Shaun Smith, 610 AM
GH: I think Smith was referring to Matt Cassel here but he might have been talking about Cab Calloway.
“If Cassel plays I think the Rams win 27-24. If Cassel doesn’t play I think the Rams win 24-10. The reason I’m going to go with the Rams on both accounts is that they’ve been really good at home.”
Michael Claiborne, St. Louis sports talk radio host at KMOX, 810 AM
GH: Claiborne is a longtime St. Louis sportscaster and reporter who occasionally gets some airtime as a guest on Kansas City radio. I always enjoy his frank takes and friendly but no-holds-barred style. Read on for a rare look at a radio host who understands the business he’s in.
“I had a great run. It’s a business, and when I got there they had all three sports properties (Cards, Blues, Rams) and now they won’t have any. I have no regrets, I understand the business.”
Michael Claiborne, after being fired from KTRS in St. Louis in September, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
“If Matt Cassel doesn’t play they’ll lose. If Matt Cassel plays they’ll lose by fewer points.”
Jeff Chadhia, ESPN NFL writer, 810 AM
“I think (the Chiefs) were so embarrassed by how they played last week (in San Diego) that they will go into St. Louis and play a very sharp game.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: Should be an interesting matchup between two Missouri teams that look to be building momentum for the next five years. A Chiefs’ road win would be huge for Pioli and Haley.
“LeBron James bullies the coaches who dare to coach him, who dare to try to define for him the sacrifices necessary for true greatness.”
Jason Whitlock, FoxSports.com
GH: These words from Whitlock made me think of his own experiences with his superiors and bosses during his career as a journalist. Seems Pork Chop doesn’t take to sacrifice any better than the bully LeBron. Read on.
“Some employees depart with dignity, leaving a well-constructed bridge standing in their wake. Some burn the bridge on the way out. And some rent a crane, put on an ill-fitting bathing suit, sit up in the crane eating barbecue, wrap themselves in dynamite and, just when everyone is getting used to them being gone, cannonball onto the bridge. Today, we salute one such employee: Jason Whitlock. … Instead of leaving quietly — and silently praising whatever pot-smoking deity anointed him the Voice of the Internet — he did what champion-breed narcissists everywhere would have done. He took to the radio, where he compared himself with legendary columnist Mike Royko, dismissed the work of longtime colleagues, and recalled how he once offered — for no compensation! — his plan to save newspapers. That plan? More Jason Whitlock. It was as humble as it was logical.”
Joe Tone, The Pitch
GH: I kind of miss Big Sexy. Since he went big time he’s pretty much been a nonissue here and nationally. I have to think he misses the daily ups and downs of being the local sports voice for a city’s teams as well.
Greghall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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11 Responses to OTC: Is Rams Game A Must Win For Chiefs?

  1. dp says:

    This is 100% no questions asked a must win game.
    Unless you think SD is going to lose to SF, Cinci or Denver. Lose this week and the season is over unless SD slips up. The team and media will spin it, but I don’t think SD is losing. I’ll be there at the Ram Dome Sunday in Chiefs red.

  2. Kerouac says:

    more likely than not. I also think there is a good chance that after / if they lose to STL, they will tank / totally fall apart once eliminated (for all practical reasons) from post season consideration. Upshot: they will drop their last two games to TEN & OAK as well, resulting in an 4-game losing streak to end the season. A must win game? Only if they imagine themselves a playoff team. FINAL: STL 27 – kcindy 10.

  3. FollowKentBabbOnTwitter says:

    must follow on twitter
    Kent Babb will be in St. Louis Tweeting live before the game, in the press box during the game, and from the locker room after the game.

    Find out what the “mood was like in the locker room” before Nick Wright asks him the laziest question in radio as he does every week!!!

    Follow @KentBabb on Twitter. Greg Hall does. Shouldn’t you?

  4. randyraley says:

    jackson or bradford?
    Everyone keeps talking about Steven Jackson, but watch this Bradford kid. He’s about as cool and calm as a rookie can get. He will be one of the greats when it’s over. He just doesn’t get rattled. This is a big game for St. Louis, too. If they defeat the Chiefs, this will skyrocket the Rams into the playoffs. Who would have thunk? This isn’t last year’s Rams. But, most of the starting receivers are hurt. If the Chiefs can get the running game going, this could be a fun, hard nosed contest. I’ll be at the Dome, too, with my red on. How fun!

  5. chuck says:

    Joe Tone is a very sharp local writer who can pen
    a pretty piece. His stuff in the Pitch is always interesting with unusual takes.

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