Maria: Mario Little Arrested – What a Grinch



Just when the Jayhawks thought that this week would bring good tidings and joy with the arrival of Josh Selby, this happens.


Mario Little was arrested this morning around 3:00 A.M. on charges of battery, criminal damage and criminal trespassing.


The 22-year-old redshirt senior was arrested on the 1200 block of Ohio Street, where police responded to a disturbance call just before his arrest.


So, this is how you fight for playing time, Little? Do you have a functional brain stem? What a deplorable way to spend your Wednesday night. I guess this will serve as an opportunity for players like Travis Releford and Jeff Withey to step up, if it doesn’t throw the team chemistry out of whack.


But then again, when one door closes another opens, right?


Hopefully, the highly anticipated appearance of Selby this Saturday will eclipse this embarrassing incident. Here’s to hoping.
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3 Responses to Maria: Mario Little Arrested – What a Grinch

  1. Cliffy says:

    Since the KU football is so lame …
    I guess the basketball players had to find somebody else to beat up?

  2. FollowKentBabbOnTwitter says:

    head of the class a felony
    Kent Babb’s Chiefs tweets have been arrested for charges of brilliance, criminal awesomeness, and criminal ‘oh no he didn’t’!!!

    Follow @KentBabb on Twitter and never get busted for being a Chiefs ignoramus.

  3. Kerouac says:

    “does anybody really care?” _______ The only first-year Head Coach franchise history to ever lead the Chiefs to the post-season does: Herm Edwards – “Nothing good ever happens after midnight.” _____________________________ “People runnin’ everywhere, don’t know where to go… don’t know where I am. Can’t see past the next step. Don’t have time to think past the last mile, have no time to look around – just run around, run around and think why. _______ Does anybody really know what time it is, does anybody really care, if so I can’t imagine why, we’ve all got time enough to die.” – Robert Lamm

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