Glazer: Cops at the Stops End of Days for Crime

I’ve had some interesting response to the article I wrote a couple days ago regarding slowing down the violence in our top entertainment and shopping districts of KCMO.

I wanted to add a couple of concepts to that end.

First off, this is not about race. Its about behavior. If the show fits?

You know the rest. No my solutions will not end the violence, it will keep it away from areas that need to grow and continue to survive for the good of the City. That doesn’t mean we disregard "the hood."  It doesn’t mean we don’t pay any attention to the east side of KCMO either. I’m neither a democrat or republican. I’m a realist. 

We all should be.

Almost all 30 murders in the Westport and Plaza areas where someone shot or stabbed another person were done by people who were not white. No, they were not all African American either. Too many were "gang related." 

It’s not often, if ever, some guy sees his wife or girlfriend out, pulls out a weapon and blasts the person she’s  with.

We did have a couple female incidents in Westport involving a weapon. None of these that resulted in death or were committed by a white female. So it does create a "profile." Sorry. If this offends some people, it’s just the way it is. There are many more good citizens of color than ones who are not. However most of the "gang’ types are of color, that’s just the fact, Jack.

Enough on all that PC crap. 

What can be done to help stop the violence?  There was a time when off-duty police worked the front/door of many nightspots, including Stanford and Sons in Westport. We had "off duties" from 1996- 2004.  It ended when our dance club was closed and we opened Johnny Dare’s.

.unny how that works. When we had REAL police helping watch the traffic, the club had zero major violence. And we had a ‘hip-hop’ dance club that was often packed.  People respect the real POLICE much more than security guards and rent-a-cops. Why? Because real police can and will arrest you and call for back up to take your ass to jail if needed. 


I feel this is a good preventive action to take at this time. The Police officers like it because they get paid extra dough and they seem to enjoy the action. More important it puts Police right in the middle of the action at ‘hot locations.’ 

The other good news is they can leave if needed by a neighbor to assist. Bad Guys know this. 

If you police at have five or six nightspots on The Plaza/Westport/Martini Corner/Power & Light or even the tamer Waldo/Brookside areas, I assure you crime will drop tons overnight.

People will feel safer seeing the police right in front of them. Bad guys will not be so anxious to attend either.

If we added the police on duties in front of the streets during the "witching hours," problem solved. The money not being provided through the city to pay the extra officers would come from the night spots themselves. They do this at Arrowhead and Royals stadium, why not our entertainment districts? Same thing.

These are very strong answers to the recent and continued deaths in midtown. I think they can be employed right away.

There are answers, we just have to use them.
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6 Responses to Glazer: Cops at the Stops End of Days for Crime

  1. FollowKentBabbOnTwitter says:

    While Craig Glazer ‘Final Solution’ on crime does sound appealing, I think everyone, regardless of race, would be better off staying at home following Kent Babb’s KC Chiefs coverage on Twitter.

    Follow @KentBabb on Twitter. Tons of puns = tons of fun.

  2. Kerouac says:

    Your idea is reasonable/probably would reduce crime to whatever extent, but until attempted in kc we might look at another type of venue; baseball stadium, specifically Dodger Stadium in LA. _________________________ Having attended games there from the 1950s into the 21st century, can tell you the presence police (LAPD) as well private security & stadium personnel has ‘not’ alleviated the modern thuggish faction thats taken over, albeit more so cheap seats than the more $’ed ones (look at any of several youtube videos ‘Dodger Stadium fights’ for affirmation. And even if you arrive late & leave early/make it from the 3rd thru 6th inning – a Dodger Stadium tradition – arriving safely your ride the parking lot is also fraught with potential pitfalls (and robbery.) __________________ Me thinks that team’s management is more interested keeping their own wallet happy than the non-thuggish’ well-being, because they keep tolerating it. Seems to run counter to reason, but, it is what it is. It is certainly not the same experience it was earlier years. When was the last time they (or how many have there been) a killing(s) outside Arrowhead or Kaufman Stadium? They’ve had more than 1both Dodger & Angels stadiums over the last few years, though Anaheim has an environment more conducive to family than the Dodgers.

  3. Old Man says:

    I find it confounding
    That you actually have time to sit around thinking about this shit as much as you do. And sir, your constant bloviating about your glory days makes you a bag of douche.

    That’s a fact,Jack.

  4. Kerouac says:

    and being confounded, Confu(sed)cius.

  5. harley says:

    another doozy from glazer….another knucklehead….
    I had hoped you would get back to your expertise in asians/hookers/niteclubs but i never expected this again.
    Armed guards in westport…on the plaza…
    Lets see…we had I think one homicide in westport (maybe wrong) this year and it involved a
    single drunk kid and no video has come up to show any actual incident or perpetrators.
    Plaza…a bunch of black kids gather several times and now we need gestapo tactics to stop this
    horrible “violence”.
    Wrong again. More bloviating bull. You have 80,000 people at a cheifs game….20,000 at royals…all
    in one large location. So you compare those to the plaza.
    Get out glazer. I thought you had the keen eye of hotties in westport and the plaza.
    I thought 2010 was relatively violence free in both areas. so lets use 1000 cops to watch the
    2 blocks of westport along with overhead helicopters…swat teams etc. Thats sure to run the white
    suburban hotties out of there.
    Or the plaza. How about a watch tower next to tivols. encase it in diamonds from harolds private collecton.
    and dont forgetv the k9’s.
    Glazer…you’re too old to be at these places. At 60 come out to joco and get a cougar (oh sorry they like
    men under 40)…..
    Who cares about wstport. the Plaza has secruty to handle the flash mobs….and power and light
    is doing fine.
    Budget cuts are coming. Fewer cops on the street. All this police presence only tends to run off the crowds.
    Put young hot babes…alcohol….young men (men under 30…not 60)…more hot babes…and tons of
    alcohol….along with guys drinking heavy…..and more alcohol and you have an explosive situation .
    And no amount of police presence will reduce the “violence:…
    your idas are outdated…went to lodo in denver. No police around. I’m sure they were watching the area
    closely…but no real outward sign of them……and they have no problems to speak of.
    Where do you come up with this stuff. You’re making it up in make believe land.
    comeon….get real….solve the problem ….don’t continue making these outrageous and outdated
    ideas for basically calm public gathering areas.
    Question: why don’t they have these problems in waldo? Tell me….answwe the question….no
    police…guard dogs…etc…..and they don’t have any problems….tell me.

  6. chuck says:

    Ok, I thought it was a great read, and very logical.
    Harley, what the fuck dude…

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