OTC: KSU’s Wally Judge Mystery Still Murky


“Wally Judge is suspended now.”
Kevin Kietzman, on his Monday afternoon show, 810 AM
GH: When I heard Kietzman declare that the K-State sophomore had been suspended, I took notice. KK is very well-tuned into the happenings at his alma mater – or so I thought. Turns out KK sometimes says things that just aren’t true. Imagine that. Read on.
“Yesterday it was misreported that (Wally Judge) is suspended. That aggravates me! He’s not suspended. He’s not benched. We carefully worded that (press release).”
Frank Martin, while being interviewed by Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Martin never revealed who reported that Judge was suspended so we cannot be certain his ire was directed solely at Kietzman. But as 810 likes to spout, they are the biggest sports talk radio voice going so I don’t think it’s a stretch to conclude Martin’s aggravation was KK related.
“He’s not benched! I try to do everything I can to be as honest and as clear when it deals with our basketball team. I don’t like it when people misspeak especially about one of our young men.”
Frank Martin, in an interview Tuesday afternoon with Nick Wright, 610 AM
“Wally Judge is not suspended – if I used that term yesterday.”
Kevin Kietzman, retracing his comments from Monday during his Tuesday show, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman often tells his listeners that “words mean something to me.” Suspended is a big word, especially when used to label a college athlete incorrectly. Bill Clinton made the word “is” a big deal. KK might have done the same for the word "if." Kietzman knows damn well he said on his Monday show that Judge was suspended. By his own admission, KK doesn’t just toss around words like that haphazardly. He erred twice here. Once in saying Judge was suspended and again by shrugging off his accountability with the word “if.” He may have also fumbled a third time. Read on.
“It sounds more like an emotional type thing (with Judge) – a Greinke-like thing. We don’t know.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: If I’m KK, I might want to be very sure before I state on the radio that Wally Judge has mental issues similar to the highly publicized social anxiety disorder that removed Zack Greinke from MLB and almost ended his career. I can understand why Frank Martin was not real happy with this K-State alum.
“I’m going to try and be nice today and not get mad at a caller like I did yesterday who tried to tell me I said something I didn’t say. Which is my only pet peeve with this show – when somebody tells me I said something I didn’t say.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I didn’t hear the call Kietzman referred to or what it was that KK is adamant he didn’t say. But maybe Kietzman can now understand why Martin is so upset with him and his erroneous report of Judge’s suspension.
“It’s him. His grades are good. There’s some things he’s got to deal with. When Wally decides to become a professional, then his life will be out there to be told. As long as they’re in college, I am going to protect their privacy. I’m never going to speak about these young men’s personal steps as they go through college. He’s fine. He’s in good spirits. He’s one of our guys. Our players have put their arms around him. He’s gonna be okay.”
Frank Martin, after Nick Wright asked him if Judge’s personal problems were related to school or home, 610 AM
GH: Martin is a head basketball coach first and foremost. The last thing he wants being said about him and the most-highly recruited player on his roster is that he is a coach who cannot handle big-name talent. Is he being protective of Judge? Sure. But don’t think he’s not also being protective of his program and assaults from other recruiters wishing to chip away at his stash.
“When I talked to Frank (Martin) about Wally (Judge), he used the word ‘maturity’ numerous times. My guess would be there are some issues with maturity.”
Doug Gottlieb, 810 AM
GH: My guess would be there are some issues with Wally having enough game to put up with his immaturity. Most college athletes are immature. Most college males are immature. Hell, most males still breathing are immature. It just depends how many wins an immature college athlete can help a coach rack up as to whether they’re worse the hassle. Wally’s problem is he plays too much like the Beav, not that he acts like Eddie Haskell.
“We’ve got to be supportive of (Judge) now, not critical of him as a basketball player. We need to be supportive of him as a person. That’s what we will do.”
Frank Martin, 610 AM
GH: Sure sounds good coach, but I’m not as quick to buy what you’re selling as a lot of the local media who are happy to allow your charm to lead them by the nose. Kietzman had the suspended story wrong and was out-of-line with the Greinke comparison. But I’m not so sure that everyone else in the media who is lapping up everything F-Bomb Frank is laying down is on the right track as well.
“A lot of people want to change me to be somebody else. I don’t get that.”
Frank Martin, 610 AM
GH: Famous last words from a lot of people no one remembers. Being able to adapt is not a bad trait to develop even later in life. Just ask a few ex-coaches, newspaper writers and radio jocks.
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  1. Dan Dangerous says:

    Greinke got game but no head
    If Wally has the same disease as Greinke maybe he gets drafted by the Yankees too?

  2. Bader says:

    Comments errors
    Is anyone else having problems posting a comment? This is my third attempt from a different computer.

  3. FollowKentBabb OnTwitter says:

    Frank Martin Says…

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  4. Kent says:

    In KK’s defense …
    (words I never thought I’d say) It’s pretty easy to misspeak like this. For example, after reading half this column about Judge not being suspended, I read this:

    “Doug Gottlieb, on why Frank Martin HAS SUSPENDED Judge for personal reasons, 810 AM”

    The big difference being that Greg has been quick to accept responsibility for mistakes like this … KK, not so much.

  5. Jack Lukasi says:

    Having trouble posting comments?????
    Really???? On Hearne’s site????? No Way!!!!!

  6. Greg Hall says:

    Good catch
    GH: My bad on not cleaning up the Gottlieb post. I had written it after listening to KK’s show on Monday and hearing that Judge had been suspended. My mistake for thinking KK knew what he was talking about.

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