Tony: The Holiday Spirit Via Local Booze

This holiday season is the most socially acceptable time to get completely hammered with a bit of regularity.

Holiday parties are centered around booze and unfortunate hookups.

While police usually try and crack down on drunks behind the wheel over the holidays, they haven’t managed to completely ruin the most irresponsible time of year.

Some of the most contentious people simply try to time their drinking and maybe do a bit of pre-planning in order make sure they have a safe route home. In this quest to keep out of jail, a good bartender is always handy.

Check out a great clip of a rather talented and interesting guy pushing the last legal drug just in time for the holiday season.

Here’s the description of this high end mini-documentary from The Kansas City Bartender Mini-Documentary: "A brief interview with KCBA member Arturo Vera-Felicie. Arturo has been a very active member of the KCBA, and has within the last year and a half acquired multiple accolades on a local and national level including winning the 2009 Greater KC Bartending Competition, and receiving the Grand Prize in the 2010 Gran Gala Shakedown Signature Cocktail Competition." Even better there’s a lot of behind the scenes description of trendy, up & coming Kansas City hangouts like The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange and Westport Cafe & Bar. These new places have great Midtown locations to keep local boozing just a bit more convenient and maybe prevent jail time.

If you live in the right zip code, that is.

A designated driver, cab fare, a pocket full of small bills and a good bartender are always the right combination for a successful night of Holiday drinking. And while my advice might be lost on advanced alcoholics, it’s certainly intended to help folks who are delicately straddling the line.

Most grownups realize that so much holiday debt, overspending, forced smiles and too many opportunities for booze are a part of this "season of hope" and must be endured. While assigning significance to this time of year to any variety of myths is nice, surviving the holiday intact is reward enough. It’s even better to avoid telling small children that Santa is dead after a X-mas party bender.


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