New Jack City: Chic, New Vegas High-Rise The Cosmopolitan a KC Magnet

Even during this recession Las Vegas ranks right at the top of the favorite getaway destinations for Kansas Citians.

It’s still relatively affordable, features great and ever-changing attractions and it’s easy to get to—even though Southwest‘s non-stop flight frequency has been cut back to just four these days.

And after years of seemingly unstoppable growth, Vegas this week welcomes what may be the last mega resort to open there in the forseeable future, THE COSMOPOLITAN.

Many of the opulent new hotels that have replaced old outdated properties were planned way ahead of the economic freefall that has probably hit Sin City harder than any other market in this country. And so it is with THE COSMOPOLITAN,
which was initially set to open a year ago. But the economic downturn became its ugly fork in the road and it took Deutsche Bank to rescue the property from foreclosure.

The contemporary aesthetic Cosmopolitan adds 3,000 new rooms and suites to the Strip and features a 100,000 sq. ft. casino. It is snuggled directly in-between the huge CityCenter hotel complex and the Bellagio.

As for notable differences from the other Las Vegas palaces, for one The Cosmopolitan is an independent property and not affiliated with the other big players in town including MGM Resorts, Caesars and Wynn. And instead of stretching out like its 75 acre CityCenter neighbor and the 56 acre Bellagio, the Cosmopolitan sits on just 8 acres but makes up for it vertically.

We’re talking two 52 storied towers here!

Rooms at Cosmopolitan are generally larger in size than at competing resort hotels and feature kitchenettes with coffee makers. Of course the nightclubs, restaurants, pools and high end shopping abound.

But something I really like about this hotel is that 70% of its rooms feature walk-out balconies.

Compare that to the other Vegas palaces where you can’t even open the windows to jump out.

And harking back to Vegas’s glory days, the Cosmopolitan’s casino lounge features live entertainment—something not seen in Sin City since the early 80’s.

And pedestrians strolling past the new resort can walk directly into the casino since the building actually fronts the Strip, not sitting way back like its competitors. Cosmopolitan’s room pricing compares to such nearby palaces as Paris, Aria, Mirage and MGM Grand.

Now one last tip!

When looking for a great show to see during your next trip to Vegas, be sure to consider VIVA ELVIS by Cirque De Soleil.

It’s the flashy new production at the Aria resort in CityCenter and is as spectacular and fun as its sister production LOVE playing at the Mirage.

I guarantee it!

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3 Responses to New Jack City: Chic, New Vegas High-Rise The Cosmopolitan a KC Magnet

  1. FollowKentBabbOnTwitter says:

    Always bet on Babb
    Why gamble on your Kansas City Chiefs coverage??? The smart money always bets on Babb.

    Follow @KentBabb on Twitter.

  2. Rick in PV says:

    Saw it last month; very swank
    And closer to the Bellagio fountain than the rooms in the Bellagio itself!

  3. harley says:

    sorry jack with the fake german accent…this reads like you got a free trip rto vegas to write about tis
    deal. Paid advertising. Heres t5he facts
    1. Vegas is the greatest town in america. food/booze/entertainment. bUT YOU MISSED THE BEST SHOW IN ALL OF
    ventrioloquist…….absolutely great show. I’ve seen all the cirque shows and the best one is O.
    2. Leave your money at home. the economy has hit vegas and the machine payouts are terrible on slots/video poker/
    other computer games. they wont even let you chart the wheels at the roulette table anymore.
    3. while everyone thinks vegas is broke…theyre not. The debt is whats killing the big corps. Bought too many
    hotels at the height of the vegas surge and now they can’t make payments. Watch for corp that owns ceasars to
    dec lare bankruptcy in 2011 to clean out old debts.
    4. Still the fun capital of the world. If you like pussy (like glazer) …or just playig the football games….theres nothing
    like vegas. Spent several new years eves with vince vaughn/wayne newton (am I sounding like glazer now?)
    and had a ball.
    5. There are more hookers per square mile now in vegas than anywhere in the world. Theyre coming from
    la.phoenix/unlv/ in greater numbers because business is slow elsewhere. If any of my fans or readers need
    enteertainment concierge contact me on kcc and i’ll hook you upwith vip or other extrras in vegas thru
    my freinds.
    will be there in february for a convention…but its still the greatest town in america……….and still the
    fun capital of the world..
    love to all

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