Glazer: Murder in Kansas City’s Party Zones, It’s Killing Us!

Just like you, I read about the homicides each week in mid-town KCMO.

I believe these can be slowed way down with Kansas City Police in their cars and on the street in these hot spots.

As I mentioned in a story about a month ago, I’m friendly with Kansas City Missouri Police Chief, James Corwin. He and I discussed this matter and the Westport problems at length a few years ago when I was still involved with Westport.

As much as I like Jim, there need to be some changes to drop these murder rates down.

The numbers, now near 100 in KC MO, are about the same as last year. Granted just because police are in or near the area will not stop all the crime or killings. What it will do is bring the number down and make the Plaza,Westport area much safer.

While the police do go into these areas, mostly on weekend nights, they tend to leave too early and not have enough cars or officers on the streets during the "danger time." 

Most of these shootings happen after midnight and before 3 AM.  The cry from the police is lack of manpower and money to do the job at the level we all want. However after speaking to club owners in both Westport and Martini Corner, they informed me that there are still plenty of officers in uniform going out on weekends to do "bar raids."  These are groups of ten or more officers with a couple of vice cops going bar to bar checking I.D.’s and Liquor Cards.  I think we can all agree that’s kinda a waste of manpower in the face of whats been going on lately.

Nobody is saying, hey let minors drink. But let’s face it, that has not been a large problem lately.

With the crowds getting smaller and smaller at night spots in mid-town, about the least of our problems would be nineteen year olds getting into Kelly‘s or Power & Light.

What we need are several squad cars placed on the streets in Westport, The Plaza, Power and Light and Martini Corner…TO PROTECT US, NOT ARREST US.

Wouldn’t that be nice.

The Police know where these spots are and now most of us do as well.

I’m pretty sure the young man murdered in Westport near Kelly’s would be alive today had there been a car of cops at each end of those streets.

DUI checkpoints are also a waste of huge manpower.

Those need to be cutback. Again, far less people are drinking and driving because there are not as many people out there.

Today we have more "bad people" out late then we used too.

So profiling is something we actually need to consider.

Who are the folks doing the killings? What type of person or persons fit that profile? Not a hard task. Just boring and not as fun as "bar raids" or "DUI Checkpoints." 

It’s pretty boring just sitting in your squad car watching for problems in the cold on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s got to happen though. We all need that protection. We need to feel safe in those areas to enjoy them.

Seeing police walking the Plaza or Westport from 11 PM til 3 AM would surely cut crime and death.

It’s not a job most cops want to do, cold boring, not many girls to talk to. I get it. But it has to be done. If not, all these murders will continue and business will continue to drop in our better entertainment areas as it already has.

Who cares if someone has their damn liquor card on them or not?

For God’s sake they are meaningless anyway. Kansas doesn’t even have them. Why does Missouri? It is outdated and stupid. These are just ways to make a buck, that’s all. I often think law enforcement has forgotten the golden rule, "To Serve and Protect." 

And that means US.

More cops and cars on the street not looking to just write up tickets but looking for folks with guns and weapons who are looking to hurt someone.

Isn’t that a better idea?
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9 Responses to Glazer: Murder in Kansas City’s Party Zones, It’s Killing Us!

  1. FollowKentBabbOnTwitter says:

    You know whats a great party???
    Following @KentBabb on Twitter!!!

  2. Markus Aurelius says:

    wow, NIMBY post of the year
    So, Glazer, it doesn’t matter if these murders occur so long as they don’t occur around our local “party zones” and, thus, negatively impact the amount of money that our booze peddlers can cull from insecure twenty-somethings. Hmmm, maybe we need to rethink the whole thing and try to figure out why we’ve got kids out gang-banging. Shoo’ing the shooters from one part of town to another doesn’t solve any problems. In fact, in at least one sense it worsens it. If KCPD can keep the shooters in certain parts of town then the movers and shakers in other parts of town can continue to ignore the problem and act like it doesn’t matter. Glazer, you are like the champion NIMBY activist, except instead of being dismissive of corporate development thugs you’re dismissive of kids shooting other kids.

  3. The Log says:

    your right Craig. Political correctness will end up getting us killed. We all know the truth, we’ve just been cowed by the powers that be into living a lie. I don’t think Craig was saying other parts of town are meaningless just that for KC to thrive we need to attract people with money to party, live or shop in KC. If people don’t feel safe they’ll go to elsewhere. I agree that the police are part of the problem. We need to protect the people not harass them. I know i have curtailed my going out to westport or P&L because of DUI checkpoints. Why go out to dinner and drinks knowing the shit you might run into. Don’t even get me going on Missouri’s stupid new titty law. IN THIS ECONOMIC SITUATION that’s what your worried about……BREASTS,…. REALLY! I’m a Missouri boy born and bred but I’m embarrassed. KC gets what it deserves. I can’t wait to get out of KC city limits. KC will go the way of every other Democrat run citys. Shall i list them Detroit, DC, New York, LA etc. And no I’m not a republican they sold us out too.

  4. chuck says:

    I promise to NEVER read Kent Babb again.
    Dead on the money Glaze. I got that tattoo. How long do I have to keep it?

  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Agree with Glazer..keep the savages in their ghetto cages
    Keep all the violent types where they belong…in the ‘hood shooting each other. Let the good money spending citizens of the KC Metro party it up in the gleaming KCP&L. And by good citizens, I mean people of ALL races. As long as you aren’t being an asshole, I have no problem with you. Once you start harassing people, it’s time for your skull to get cracked.

  6. HARLEY says:

    another word of wisdom from glazer
    DUH….DUH….DUH….COME ON ..the republicans cut the cops on the street that was first passed
    in 1999…cutting funds for more cops on the city streets.
    Now with cities in financial disasters they are cutting cops/firefighters/teachers/drs./nurses….because
    the repubs put us in this horrible financial hole.
    what do you expect glazer….cops on ev ery corner of westport and the plaza….wow…
    great iedea….the white people will surely leave the area.’
    why not barbed wire surrounding the areas with towers and k9 dogs patrolling the
    areas for the bad guys.
    My idea is better. We surged troops in iraq and afghanistan….do the same in our
    cities. National guard/fbi/dea/police etc. surge thru the high crime areas in a city’
    to bring down the crime rate. enforce every law…take in every criminal….execute every
    outstanding warrant…and do it daily/weekly or monthly….no more fucking around .
    After the denman funeral drive by shootings we’ve seen what the problem is.
    Until the government takes the right steps we’re all just sitting ducks for these
    violent clowns. why let sex offenders in neighborhoods…put them in controlled surroundings
    …not in neighborhoods with young kids. Known criminals…clean the cities up of these
    worthless animals and put them behind bars. You were once a criminal…would police
    walking around keep youfrom committing a crime or would you just go do it somewhere
    get rid of thse victimless crimes…legalize pot/gambling (why make it illegal when the states
    have lotteries)…prostitution (you knowabout this!) and use that efforrt and money in other
    places where the crimes are much worse.
    and glazer..if the police stand outside a bar waiting for drunks…that won’t stop people from
    driving drunk….doesnt make sense.
    And lets get real glazer….after the florida school board shooting…springfield mayor killed…
    over 100 deaths in kc this year……we need a revolution. A moral/educational/social revolution in this country to
    realize the problems start and end with one place and one factor…the family unit and the environment people
    grow up in.
    And lets be serious about guns….we have millions of guns in the wrong hands. Why would a law abiding citizen
    who uses guns for legal purposes want to limit laws that keep guns out of the hands of criminals.
    Lets enforce the laws on guns we have and put more crooks/thieves/murderers in jail.
    why doesnt europe or canada (with more guns than u.s.) have these same problems? B ecause we
    celebrate violence….its time to crack down…………and until we get people running the government who are
    staunch anti crime advocates will this problem eve4r end……….
    lets get real glazer……this problem won’t go away overnite…and truth is that most people with brains aren;t
    out at 1 or 2 am partying…there home getting laid. so why be out at that time? Its time that people got smart…
    stay away from those violent places…i dont go to westport…seldom downtown….don’t hang in nasty bars…
    when i do go out i stay where upstanding/classy people with brains and class go. If the violence is so
    bad that it needs police to protect people ….WHY WOULD YOU GO THERE? YOU’RE JUST ASKING FOR
    PROBLEMS! stay away from those places…let the riff ragff go there….AND IF THE OWNERS OF THOSE

  7. chuck says:

    Ok, Harley is that u on that last post?

  8. mermaid says:

    So your friendly with Jim Corwin? Where the hell was he when my car got shot out in front of Grand Slam? Why didn’t you help me out then? What is wrong with you?

  9. david rice says:

    worked door in westport glazer is correct, again
    I was a doorman at stanford and sons for years when they had the dance floor. Then I went downtown to temptations. I was again the doorman. Craig and his brother Jeff did an outstanding job dealing with the black crowds that came to the dance club. We had mostly white crowds in comedy and bar and restaurant. We had armed security and off duty cops as well as door staff, it worked. They do this at the new black dance club Zenne on I think Main, used to be the blues club. The owner is a cop so they also have cops at the door, no major problems, nobody shot or stabbed in four or five years. You have to start somewhere and Glazer should be on a group to fix all this, he knows how, like him or not, the guy has proven it before.

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