Tony: Another Season Of Metro Ice And Snow Removal Disparity

I feel compelled to point out another instance of local disparity during this recent cold spell.

Sadly, this cold weather fact check won’t be changed any time soon but it’s important we document reality on streets across this town.

My point is simple and indisputable to anyone who has driven across The State Line of the metro area during a winter snow and/or ice blast:

KCMO streets suck compared to clean, tidy, sweet JoCo roads.

Again,and  because this is a fact of life, I don’t feel like I need many examples to prove my point. However, I know Internet d-bags can be nit-picky so allow me to kick some science.

A simple look at Paseo Boulevard on Monday compared with Shawnee Mission Parkway (even nearing deep West Kansas) proves my assertion is accurate.

Now we’re through the looking glass.

How about the side streets? Accounting for the disparity on this topic is even harder to justify.

Kansas City side streets are still covered with ice and snow after a brief Saturday mini-blizzard. Meanwhile, the driving in JoCo neighborhoods is just as pleasant as ever.

A quick trip to a Mission supermarket to get my favorite kind of pork rinds proves this local icy road theorm.

Again, there’s really no solving this sad state of local affairs but if we don’t even acknowledge the problems then we’ll never make any progress.

Of course there’s all kinds of excuses for this disparity. KCMO is comprised of more square miles than all of these smaller JoCo municipalities. Also, KC has a lot more pressing priorities than merely snow removal while suburban leeches simply enjoy the infrastructure that Kansas City has created while maintaining the ability to focus on their basic services. This kind of complex can lead down a rabbit hole of local government issues that’s even more boring than watching those KCPT civic debate shows.

I simply blame white people for the mess and wait for blonde women to account for their guilt.

Blame bad local streets on whomever, but let’s not pretend the disparity doesn’t exist. And let’s also not remember that the Kansas City E-Tax is a way of charging JoCo D-bags for their life of privilege.
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4 Responses to Tony: Another Season Of Metro Ice And Snow Removal Disparity

  1. Tony Botello's Father says:

    Quit being a pussy
    I know I raised an obnoxious douchebag for a son but don’t act like you have no common sense. Smart people with money live in Johnson County, poor people and rednecks live in Jackson County. Johnson County = nice clean roads. Jackson County = potholes and ice. Johnson County = class and success. Jackson County = trash and crime. By the way, another nice column son, even if you are whining like a little girl. Don’t forget when you get done playing that video game, come upstairs and take out the garbage. Oh yeah put the dishes away and don’t take any more money out of my god damn wallet.

  2. GoJo says:

    You suck on Tony Botello’s balls
    Eat the rich in JoCo. The only solution.

  3. Guest says:

    Jackson County?
    Totally and completely dysfunctional about sums up Jackson County Government. And that’s probably being to kind. I can’t think of any other major city where one can complain constantly and demand results and in return get a shrug or silence in response.

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