OTC: Chiefs Get Shamu-Slapped In San Diego


Chargers Malcom Floyd catches a touchdown in the 2nd quarter in front of Chiefs' Javier Arenas.“Bolts were good, but Chiefs should be ashamed”
Headline in Monday’s San Diego Union-Tribune
“The Chiefs should be ashamed of themselves. They didn’t try to fight. They were Spinks and the Chargers were Tyson. Sure, Cassel wasn’t there, and he’s having a fine year, but don’t spend your Sunday afternoon looking for a soft place to nap when daddy isn’t around to make sure you’re doing your chores.”
Nick Canepa, columnist, San Diego Union-Tribune
GH: The one recurring thought I had as I watched what Sam Mellinger referred to as a “curbstomping” was that the Chiefs pretty much never expected or to win this game so they never tried. Read on.
“We got our backsides beat pretty good. … This will be the most devastating loss.”
Todd Haley, in his postgame press conference, after the Chiefs gained 47 yards rushing and 19 passing, while giving up 445 total yards to the Chargers, 810 AM
GH: Let’s hope. I had a longtime Chiefs fan tell me this was the worst he’s seen the Chiefs look in the franchise’s time in Kansas City. Hard to argue that point when you see those numbers.
“Well, Todd, your guys did nothing to prevent it. Just looking at the numbers, it’s hard to remember a division-leading team being so helpless.”
Nick Canepa, columnist, San Diego Union-Tribune
GH: Well, the Chiefs aren’t the only division leaders who looked like elves on Sunday. Da Bears looked like goldfish in the snow against New England. The NFL makes about as much sense each week as a SNL skit. Was it just me or was Paul McCartney’s singing voice on SNL worse than Ringo’s on a good day?
“If I’m San Diego, you’ve got to respect this kid (Croyle) because he’s got some talent and he can make some plays.”
Mitch Holthus, prior to the game, 810 AM
GH: The Chargers gave Croyle about as much respect as an NFL quarterback as they would have given Len Dawson – and Lenny is 75.
“You can’t blame it on Brodie Croyle. That poor guy was running for his life out there!”
Len Dawson, TV 9
“This is not about who played quarterback today. Matt Cassel would have died out there today just as Brodie did.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
“You can’t be 0-11 in third-down situations. That’s ridiculous! … How many yards did Kansas City have (Sunday)? 67? That’s ridiculous!”
Len Dawson, 810 AM
“It all comes down to the big guys up front in the offensive line and the defensive line.”
Len Dawson, 810 AM
GH: Which is why Scott Pioli reached badly in drafting Dexter McCluster in the second round instead of a stud linemen on either side of the ball. Dexter is a thin, sexy and fragile fling that turned Pioli’s head when he should have been hunting for a good sturdy cook and bottle washer.
“The number-one need for this football team is another pass rusher.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Aldon Smith, a pass rushing sophomore extraordinaire at Mizzou, is testing his NFL stock according to Gabe DeArmond at PowerMizzou.com. I have a feeling he’s going to find his value is first-round worthy. His matchup chasing down Iowa’s Ricky Stanzi will be fun to watch in the Insight bowl.
“We weren’t ready. We weren’t from the start.”
Brian Waters, Chiefs All-Pro offensive guard, Kansas City Star
GH: How in the hell can a guy who has been with the Chiefs through all the crap seasons not have his fellow teammates ready to win a division title in 80-degree weather in San Diego? Factory workers at the Chevy plant in Fairfax have to show up for every shift ready to work or else they make crappy cars that don’t sell. Is it too much to ask of the Chiefs players to show up for three hours on game day?
“How does a coach get a player ready to play? What does that mean? It’s kind of left up to you (as a player) to go out there and get ready to play.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Fescoe doesn’t think it’s the coaches’ jobs to get the team ready to play. I am going to guess The Clarks might disagree with that one…as did a few former Chiefs’ players. Read on.
“I don’t know how many different ways I can say lifeless, no energy. No extra effort. You cannot coach effort. You cannot coach intensity. They did not show up today.”
Danan Hughes, NFL analyst, assessing the Chiefs play in San Diego, Metro Sports
“There was too much on the line to come out and give a performance like that if you are who you say you are. I’m not quite sure they can go out and win these next three games.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM
“That looked like a team that swallowed a bunch of Nyquil. They looked lethargic. They looked out of it. They looked effortless. ”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
“It’s a pathetic team on the road. There’s got to be an answer to that. I don’t see that many football teams in the National Football League that when they go on the road they’re this bad!”
Richard Baldinger, Metro Sports
“If you can’t play strongly on the road in December, what do you really deserve?”
Danan Hughes, Metro Sports
“They’re going to have to open it up for Brodie Croyle. Sooner or later you’ve got to throw caution to the wind and let Brodie Croyle air it out.”
Steve Tasker, TV analyst, with the Chiefs down 21-0 in the 3rd Quarter, CBS
GH: I am pretty sure the phrase “throw caution to the wind” has been stricken from the vocabulary of every Chiefs’ employee by mandate from Scott Burgermeister Pioli.
“They played the game (conservatively) and they didn’t want to lose it with Brodie and that’s being smart.”
Herm Edwards, 810 AM
GH: Herm is a wealth of information if you enjoy coachspeak and his undying effort to prop up all coaching decisions – no matter how lame. Please, some team needs to hire this guy so we can stop being subjected to his say-nothing weekly interviews on 810.
“I think it was a great game for Matt Cassel to miss because I think we would have had a situation where Matt Cassel wouldn’t have been very good. Now you can just kind of wash the plate. It is just a loss. It doesn’t matter (any more than any other loss). It’s bad but I will say they still are in first place.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: Clink was one of the few optimistic voices after the game. Steven St. John was another one. Read on.
“If Cassel comes back, I still think Chiefs win the division…Love listening to people overreact…Any doubts now that Cassel is team MVP?”
Steven St. John, Twitter
GH: If Cassel is the Chiefs’ MVP, that might be proof enough we don’t have a playoff team at One Arrowhead Drive.
“All that winning these eight games this year has gotten us a tougher schedule next year.”
Caller, 810 AM
GH: This is an example of a fan overreacting. Winning eight regular seasons games is fun. If the Chiefs don’t make the playoffs or get smoked in the first round, sure we’ll be upset but far from King Carl devastated.
“We’re 0-1. We’ve got to find a way to stick together. … We have to see it for what it is.”
Todd Haley, in postgame press conference, referring to the Chiefs record in the final quarter of the season, 810 AM
GH: I still don’t understand how breaking the season into quarters helps a team’s focus. Is sure didn’t help in San Diego.
“All I can say is, ‘Ouch!’ I never thought I would see happen to the Kansas City Chiefs what I saw happen today.”
Len Dawson, TV 9
“And Jacksonville has won!”
Kevin Harlan, working as the play-by-play voice for the Oakland/Jacksonville game, CBS
GH: Kudos to CBS for hanging with the Raiders/Jags game to the end despite the fact it went until only minutes before the Chiefs/Chargers kickoff in San Diego. Too often we get switched out of a game we’ve invested three hours in only to watch 10-15 minutes of commercials and pregame fluff. CBS handled this one perfectly and I am one NFL fan who noticed.
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9 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Get Shamu-Slapped In San Diego

  1. bschloz says:

    when it rains………….
    Time to put this one in a black box…..I hoped Wiess/Haley would of had a little more panache in the game plan…..Croyde can throw the the ball a mile, should of come out firing and get the butterflies out…..oh well maybe the Edward Jones Dome will cave in this weekend.

  2. Kerouac says:

    aka a rhinestone cowboy, kcinderella’s ‘MIRAGE’ rears it’s ugly head again, 31-0 this time, as Keroauc nails another. ______________
    (2, 3, 4) hit it Francis Albert – “And now kc%u2019s end nears, strange silence ‘fears’ instead ambition, chuckie & bsschnoz have taken pause, this their dead reckoning, mad plans once grand now waned, chiefly dismissed – bared as pedestrian, and more much more than this Bolts will win Western. Regrets surely kc, hyperbole no victory, Rivers he threw & threw no rain today no d

  3. chuck says:

    The Bolts were way better, with superior personell
    and Castle Keep was out. The Chiefs shoulda sent thier wives and girlfriends out there to play. Its ok though. Really. This team is a light year better than last, and closing on the competition. Instead of D Mac, I was screaming for Brandon Spikes. Eh? Whatever.

  4. Kerouac says:

    And a ‘W’ is a ‘w’? Hardly; that hollow sound you hear is kcinderella’s record gasping for relevance. Yesterdays loss to (yet another) .500 team was nigh on preordained. The MIRAGE is now 0-1 v winning teams, 2-3 v .500 teams, 2-1 v sub .500 teams, and – surprise! – 4-0 v winless teams in 2010. ___________________________________ The end will likely come this Sunday in STL… Rams by 17 (27-10) sounds about right.

  5. Rainbow Man says:

    Game Plan… Predictable?
    1. First Down- Hand off to Charles for 3 yards. 2. Second Down- Hand off to Jones for 2 yards. 3. Third Down- Throw the ball 105 mph at Bowe’s facemask on a 7 yard pattern. 4. Fourth Down- Improve Colquitt’s stats.

    Repeat until 4th Quarter

  6. chuck says:

    Rainbow Man-funny stuff–105mph…heh…heh
    Kerowhack, your posts are like the fuckin Rosetta Stone,or some arcane cunniform shit off of the back of busted greek vase. WTF? ————————-Its like the same sasquatch you trained to take your SATs is pounding away on the keyboark for ya. ——————————————-What the Fuck is this–“through it all was ne%u2019er a doubt, Norv ground %u2018em up & aired %u2018em out, Chargers stood tall – watched cinderella fall, and did it t-h-e-i-r waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”————I am not being a smartass, but ya type like that little black guy talks in “The Gods Must Be Crazy”.

  7. Kerouac says:

    website gremlins… how I typed it & how it turned out aft going through the kcconfidential.com ‘Wayback Machine’ blogging meat grinder is a mystery. By the way ‘chuck’, why did your Ma & Pa (Kettle?) force you to go through life with only lower case first letter your name? Is that how the inferiority complex evolved?________________ : ) ________________ I’m just messin’ with ya Sasquatch… or not.

  8. Ernie McCracken says:

    Worst coaching job of Todd Haley’s career
    You have to try really hard to get out-coached by Norv freaking Turner. Against all odds, Todd Haley pulled it off. Lousy game plan, lousy preparation of his team, lousy in-game adjustments and lousy submissive demeanor on the sidelines once the heat was turned up. Javier Arenas, you have now officially been exposed as a wasted 2nd round draft pick. Dexter McCluster, you’re next unless you start making plays again. Romeo Crennel, stop dropping everyone back 15 yards off the line….newsflash…the middle of the field is wide open and they’re making you look stupid. Charlie Weis…where to begin? Run, run, run, run, run, run, doesn’t look like the run is working so I think I’ll mix it up with…….another run. How about a little wildcat, some creativity, something, anything? You had Wed, Thur and Fri to prepare for this game and that’s the best you came up with? Inexcusable. Scott Pioli…you better get a pass rusher and a stop-gap linebacker come draft day like you should have done this past year. All you’ve got waiting for you next year is a schedule 5 times as hard. The good news……next year Larry Fitzgerald will be a Kansas City Chief. Guaranteed lock of the century. Now let’s go kick St. Louis in the balls.

  9. harley says:

    bad week…my predictions…
    1. KC wins out. St. Louis runs the ball. 48% of plays go to jackson. chiefs put 9 guys in the box…stop the run..
    beat up sam and get a close win.
    2. MU loses to Iowa. 4 starters are looking to nfl play and their minds don’t focus on a good iowa team.
    Iowas by 21 points.
    3. Haley: coach of year….but they might keep it from him because of crennel and weiss….
    4. I just bought a new leather full length coat for the kc confidential chirstmas party….$99 at wilsons!
    5. Cold cold weather thru friday..then warms up to 30’s….
    6. happy kwanza to all my fans/disciples and readers.

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